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"Ciri, you've put on some weight since Kaer Morhen."

Great story, great characters, great game. I just love them two, Geralt and Ciri!

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This art gives me all of the feels. Is there a chance of ordering it as a print? Thanks!

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Really loved this <3

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Toss a coin to your Witcher, oh valley of plenty.

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This is the cutest :squee: Beautiful work!

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im kinda late but your art is so heart warming i love it
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This is just fantastic!
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I love the witcher!
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Wow, this is so beautiful! The different tones of white in their hair and the snow, the warmth of these two within the cold environment, the lightness of the moment underlined by the nice lighting - perfect.
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is this character from the hunter?
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These characters are from The Witcher series. c:
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Your art is incredible. Keep up the great work. 
Nice, love it, thanks!
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this is so lovely and stunning at the same time! i'd love to see more the witcher arts, do you take comissions?
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Seeing Geralt smile and showing emotions around Ciri when witchers are supposed to not have any is awesome, this piece just makes me happy.
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Cry runThis is so beautiful! I'm crying omg!  
I loved the relationship these two had in the game, it really made you care about her character and that one moment, with the dwarves ... well, it was touching. 
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<3 <3 <3 I loved seeing the fatherly pride in his eyes every time he looked at her.
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Are those heels?
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This is amazing! 
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While I don't know the story of these two, you certainly manage to bring across a very heartwarming feeling with these two.
It's amazingly drawn as usual, of course. All the details, the snow, the outfit - especially Geralt's shoulder-armor - is drawn very well.

One thing I'm noticing is that Ciri's heels seem rather short. Maybe that's just me, though.
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I was thinking to myself- I would really love if WLOP did some Witcher 3 art....this is absolutely beautiful. 
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Great art AND the Witcher 3?? AMAZING!
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