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a speed painting.... if it can be called a speed...break too many times before finishing it...
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steffenschneider123|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I think, the oars are very unrealistic. Far to high and to big.
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.. a proficient painting..... a couple more decks than a caring pirate captain would fancy on just a simple vessel getting from a to b... mmh anywyas... the use of thematic decent <.tick.>.... the positing the angle and direction of the subject in relation to focal points groovey..<.tick.>.... so well done... in the event ye are knowing that you complied to some of the criteria to which ye set yourself - do not give to many smes about what the neysayers would attempt to waffle about when their cakeholes open and close in some mysterious manner....
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NerohsGalleryEdited |Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very awesome piece. Hats off!
Keep this work up!
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Ch-Ren|Professional Filmographer
BBBBBBBBBeautiful work!
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This is a real stunner!
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there is not doubt about it, you have skill, and emotional content, in your art, speed painting, i like to think of it, as the richness of expression, feeling and emotional content, i am a looker, at the world you see through you're eyes, in the production what comes from out of you, mixed with experiences, and feeling you feel, whence you are in those moments, of production from that what is pouring out of you, to the production of this, you seem to be filled with passion, your voyage, not to judge what you do, but to feel what you have expressed, do you feel or know, when you are in motion, i think it is the journey for you, if i am wrong, would you indulge me with yourself, to say what you think, but i think you have just began, as long as you remain free
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NerohsGallery|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my,...

Please, do peoples a favour and work at your grammatic.
And it's not " there is not doubt " , it's " there is no doubt ".
It's not "at the world you see through you're eyes", its " at the world you see through your eyes" .  "You're" is the word for YOU ARE and this is not correct in your Text if you suppose to talk about "through her eyes".
Another cancer to my eye is that your whole textblock is full of commas only. No end of sentence, no visible way how to understand your words. It is the same terrible way like someone would write: " hihowareyouletsgotocinema ". The next mistake is to pretent like you are mental manipulated by a religion too much. I can't say if you are on drugs or if you are realy serious about what you write. Atleast I understand that you wanted only to be nice to the Artist. Well, let's atleast pretend you was drunk when you wrote this.

Please, think before you comment at the next time.
From someone who lives in the United Kingdom, I expected something more.

Other than that, welcome to DA Archangelica1.
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GlobalTune|Hobbyist Digital Artist
You say he needs to look at his gramma while you write "do peoples a favour"? 

This site is for art and not the gramma nazi.  
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NerohsGallery's avatar
NerohsGalleryEdited |Hobbyist Digital Artist
It is "grammar" , not gramma. .. - except you mean your " Grandma", do you?

Here is some help for you: www.dict.cc/?s=gramma

Sry, I can't help your ignorance. English is a world language.

You will survive it. ;)

PS: Well, working at my gramma ( grandma ) will be a weird task, you know... The Finishing Touch...  Laughing So Much Hard Emoticon 
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NatureSeeker2016|Hobbyist General Artist
Wow nicely done!!! Amazing!!
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It's amazing!
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KillerRu|Student Photographer
Still hanging on my wall! And still loving it :D
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GarishT|Hobbyist Writer
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DarkAndMysticalLady|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Brilliant strokes, i like the depth you give, TREMENDOUSLY Beautiful.
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hoshimem|Hobbyist Digital Artist
this is magnificent
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Magnificent !
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Muno17|Student Digital Artist
oh my god
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OLIVER-YOUNG|Professional Traditional Artist
You are a great artist ,
your works are dramatic , I could say like a "symphony " of lines and colors 
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jpvrftw|Hobbyist General Artist
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GBAluna|Student Filmographer
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