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I'll provide full size 4k image without watermark and normal speed video process on my

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..Never noticed the tattoo before! :wow: Very nice touch!

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You are A MASTER
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What kind of brush do you use? 
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heavenly sword swinging a comb
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This is so, so so damn gorgeous, the way you draw your girls enchants me. But my favorite thing about this one? I look at it and literally get tingles in my scalp...
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Very happy to meet your art ... so beautyful
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I like this.Heart loved 
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love love love
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Is this the moment when Jade has her hair cut short by Nan? OvO
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omg who is that combing her hair? is it her sister? or could it be... Nan??? (squealing fan girl right here...)
eek! I hope it is!
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You art is excellent but this is particularly good. You can feel the tenderness.
Beautiful girl.
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i like how it looks like a blurry photo
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Aside from the whole beauty and emotion in this, I really love the realistic amount of hair she has.
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i love your sltyle Drooling Tard Ika Musume (Sparkle Eyes) [V1] 
This strangely reminds me of Mulan.
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Gorgeous work! Heart Love 
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