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Aeolian-Combat-Heel in the Sand by Azuuxia
Hello all and wlop ,  Here I model the combat claw high heels in my favorite model software SimplePlanes, I love Aeolian! I love Yan! may they be together forever!
Oh my, both sets of claws are absolutely gorgeous! You have a talent for this good sir, something I'm sure you've been told many times.
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Those look so painful... wear.
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How to walk in them?
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i would like to wear those Red Link Luv 
HammerinInkminer's avatar
It really is all about those shoes.
Great work all around. You really have a feel for just enough detail, but not too much. Your work would look great with crisp lines, but is just amazing without.
Thanks for the detail on these claws. All my villains will be wearing them. :-)
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wow this looks cool :D interesting shoes :3
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Really creative and well executed.
CheekyMeeks's avatar
omg those must be painful to wear.
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Seriously shiny paintwork! Great job on the sharp metal, it really looks... sharp.
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I wonder, do they help her out in the stealth department? Because the design could probably let her pass off as a wild cat if she does it right.
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I love the claws
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Very interesting and unique shoe design
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Hi!! nice heels, can i make a model whit that desing?
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The shoe design is awesome, not exactly super realistic, but a lovely and intriguing design. I would love to such a piece of footwear in real life!
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