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ok deep stuff so, be warned. Looking at her bow, it’s a string of DNA. Then, looking at her violin, it has a clock, gears, and a model of our solar system. This is either a metaphor or it’s supposed to represent a character, forced to play the strings of fate all her life, bound and chained to the lives and future of the universe she controls. She cries because she wishes to be free of the eternal torment she has been cursed with and her songs depict what happens in a world. The sadder it is, the more devastating the tragedy is. The more angry the song is, the more collateral damage is caused. She plays the strings of fate, and is eternally bound to the black void where the only sound is her and her music.

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ALL WRONG ! : the score is clearly marked 'downstroke' here .......

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everyones robbing this creator out of his images on youtube
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It's a beautiful image. Are you aware it is being used in a YouTube video?

I hope they're paying you for it's use.

I assume they are, as they're credited for it.

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It's so cool..Is that a mechanical violin? A transparent one?♥️
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Fantastic Sight....XD:10!!
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Holy... this is so incredible!

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Very magical and charming artwork. Great art as always!
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actually amazing

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Some people seem to look sad when concentrated.

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Well, yeah but she clearly has a tear on her cheek ^^
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Maybe she just doesn't blink often enough.

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It looks soo AMAZING. I love it <3

Is there a tear on her face?

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That violin is just AMAZING, I love it !
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I just love the violin.

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