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Desire is pointless. Only duty. Forgo what she yearns for and must embrace what she is appointed. Nation, honor, family before all else - even at the expense of her own freedom to follow her pursuits, to answer her own call. Put away your selfishness and enter now into what you are demanded of. Make no mistake, the world is not here to please you, you are here to please the world. Such is your doom.

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I think this should actually be ceremonial5, but it's still lovely. :)

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Aspire to be this creative

Bow down to the QUEEN! 👑.

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Wow! Stunning eyecandy!!!

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Great waistline!

Amazing artwork! :love:

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The kingdom it coming.

Are we going to see displate versions of your paintings?

Absolutly stunning!

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stunning artwork

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I swear every piece, no matter how new from this artist is considered a classic, just for the sake of an art-style and skills.

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...Absolutely Enchanting! :love:

...An instant favorite! Keep up the good work. :)

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Lovely outfit!

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Wow! She's absolutely beautiful.

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Another classic!

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