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Bride of death

Serve in heaven, or reign in hell?

The original file and painting process video will be provided to supporters on my Patreon Patreon Logo by

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Will you put this one up for sale on a print ? 
Id love to buy a canvas of this piece or magnificence 
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Why would you wanna reign in hell if you got the choice? The place is probably disgusting, dark, and scary. I'd much rather Serve a loving God in a wonderful place than reign in a dark and scary place.
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Or in ruling in hell, to exert your own will and perchance make it a nicer place, if you must. Assuming it's a dark and scary place at all, a little personalized decoration could go a long way! I for one would not opt to serve; that alone suffices to sway my choice. Unless god were a woman. *wink wink*
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That is assuming you *could* decorate. Then again, we may never actually know for certain until we die whether or not a god or other omnipotent entity/ies exist.

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Why not both?

Good job with the veil(?), it's a really nice effect. Her left arm is drawn really well too, you're pretty good at anatomy! I think!
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All of the color choices could not have been picked better. The subtle warm tones in the skin and that extra highlighting light refracting onto and from her chest.
The extra sharp sheen of the metal make the image pop, especially from afar - even within the thumbnail, and the details here and the tinier details here and there, such as the skeletal forearm and hand, the cutout in her top, the tiny but contrasting hairpiece, the subtle but popping symbol on her forehead. And the extra detail of the broken halo is a nice added touch for the theme of the drawing.

Overall, simplistic but really gets the point across, and oh m a n do I love the vibe I draw from this painting. I could stare at it for ages, honestly  too.

Just spectacular creation!
I look forward to browsing the other many amazing pieces of your gallery - Although I have a feeling this one might remain one of my favorites.
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I love this so much wow
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all your paintings are AMAZING
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She looks really beautiful. I especially love the choice of colors.
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ohh, she looks great
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I want this in a print sooooooooooooo bad.....
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Amazing job ◠‿◠
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You are an amazing artist !!!
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so this is where the pic came from it looks great!
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I was looking at this and thinking "Wow I really want to save this to my computer so I can use it as a wallpaper- but its got a big watermark across the hips that might look tacky D:" and then I realized it was just your signature and saved it because when people ask me where I get pictures its nice to have an answer. I adore your works and I love to see more. Saving only for personal use of course. 
-shakes you- make more in this shape so they fit my laptop screen xD
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This is quite beautiful - and somewhat manages to transport some atmosphere. It looks so simple, but yet everything you need is there without a lot being left to imagination.
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