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Black Swan 1


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This is a beautiful piece with great movement! If I could make one suggestion.... The front swan on the left...his head and beak line up exactly with her arm. This makes it look like she is wearing an armlet ornament, when it is really the swan's beak. It sort of flattens out that area of the image and disrupts the illusion of distance that is working perfectly in the rest of the image. If you move the swan's head just a little bit to the right or the left, the head and beak would no longer line up with her arm, and the sense of distance would be restored. Otherwise, another brilliant image!

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I love the book the most and the dress, you make simple brushstrokes look so complex! amazing!

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how bout i peg ur dad instead

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The piece is really gorgeous, but I can't help to think "damn, how can she read, swans must make so much noise and poke her all the time" XD

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Very beautiful 🤩

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This is incredible<3

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Excellent and gorgeous

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There are several faerytales with swans (usually 7), but the books in your image brought that up immediately.

Just love the different movements and the splashes, plus the matery of light and shadow. Bravo.

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Love the fold of clothes...

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absolutely love the lighting in this.

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This is either one incredibly brave human being or a pile of extremely waterproof books. Scares me just to look at.

Yumekpn's avatar

Omg I looooveeee it!

Mahkett's avatar

If it was geese, there'd be no way you could read.

Beautiful work.

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This is just beautiful as always

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There is nothing more corageous than calmly reading while surrounded by angry swans

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i want the think, that she's reading the ugly duckling, and is telling to the swans; "these swans were assholes, don't be like this swans"

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Bruhhh this guy got some diff kind of imagination lmao

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