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4k/8k wallpaper, original file, brush set and painting process video will be provided to supporters on my Patreon Patreon Logo by

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That dress is amazing!

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Amazing! Thanks for sharing it with us. ✨

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Man, I just found your YT channel and came to this. I literally went through all of your art here. It felt like I was in another dimension, and now I honestly don't wanna go back to reality.

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I fricking love the desert princess!

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Holy cow, my eyes have been blessed o.o this is so cool! :0

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🖤 I Absolutely Love This Artwork !

🖤 Your Artwork Has Been Featured On My YouTube Channel !!

🖤 Check It Out :

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Who is prettier? Princess Aeolian (black) or Yan (white) ?

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I'm personally more into Aeolian, but I love both of them as characters. Also, I totally ship them.

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beautiful as always girl, love ur amazing skills
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I thought Aeolian had a crush on the Burning Rose, but I love this ship so ! :p
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can i use this image to my Light novel ?
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I like the mix of costume genres: with the more late-medieval early Victorian costumes mixed with more middle-eastern belly-dancer costumes. The mix is cool.
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Yes! You very accurately have noticed!!!
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I am a bit curious what the differences in costumes signifies? Members of different cultures? Perhaps the girls in the "belly dancer" outfits are a different social class? I am always curious. :)
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They are both princesses but from different countries. Read GhostBlade, you won't be disappointed! Great story in progress with Wlop's breath-taking art <3
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Oh my god, I love you for this comment, I read 3 chapters while listening to this

and it was one hell of a read

WickedPrince's avatar

Yes after discovering it it is now in my must-read online comics. Every time I go to check if my favorite online comics have updated this is one of the first I check. :) - sorry I'm responding after so long but I never saw your response to Anamajaa until just now.

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Ohhh: I think I found it: ???
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so beautiful
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I so love this image, I would so ship this <3
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I ship them 100% 💖

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Your work is incredible!!!  
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