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Published: January 12, 2017
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As usual I'll provide full size 4k image without watermark and normal speed video process on my patreon:www.patreon.com/wlop

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izKAIderStudent Digital Artist
cutesy cute
draco-9212's avatar
draco-9212Hobbyist Digital Artist
the weapons for the girl on top... jesus those are a type that are so underutilized...  clawed gloves and shoes (heels in this case) give off such a wild girl vibe
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AkiyamaMio-chanHobbyist Digital Artist
ODastein's avatar
Extremely well conceived. Thanks.
Ciasiuuu's avatar
If i will help by you using patronite , will i get access to full size of this image? Really good works here to be honest , make my heart race <3
gIassed's avatar
i love her heels! get me a pair
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YovsartsStudent Digital Artist
ong this is lovely!!
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First time i saw this one was just now as a thumbnail on youtube and immediately thought: Hey . . . i know that artist!
There is something unique about your style. :)
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Lulu-DoomHobbyist Digital Artist
Just saying, I'd wear those heels every day if I had a pair...
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suzukishinjiHobbyist Digital Artist
Fantastic piece of art. :)
water-bug-62208's avatar
This makes a nice follow-up to, "Duel(Aeolian vs. Lenia)."  At first, it looked like Aeolian had the upper hand, but I just noticed that Lenia has her sword to Aeolian's throat...  appears this match is a draw.  I do like Aeolian's wild, savage looks and unkemptness, her athletic physique, and her sexy, impressive legs.  Lenia's legs are equally impressive and sexy.  Aeolian also has some very formidable heels and claws...  she is quite the wildcat.

Beautiful piece with realistic action poses and positions amongst the vastness of the arena background.  The lighting adds a mystical feel to the overall presentation.

Thanks for sharing!
MandyNyam's avatar
Just beautiful 
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KimiFurHobbyist Digital Artist
Firstly I would like to say that I adore the art style, and the skill involved in this artwork is undoubtedly incredible.
However, this sort of thing really irks me. Why would two gladiators be wearing so little? The only reason as far as I can tell is for the benefit of the viewer. I mean, the woman on top is wearing basically underwear and claws. There is no bodily protection from anything the other woman might throw at her. And heels? Please. Have you ever tried walking in heels, let alone fighting in them? Completely impractical.
You don't see male gladiators wearing heels and underwear and little else, so why the women?
Of course, if there's a reason I've missed for them to be wearing so little armour, then fair enough. In that instance, I would happily take my words and eat them. I just see this sort of thing... All. The. Time. It's an old trope that deserves to die.
Aganzel's avatar
If you read the artist's comic "Ghostblade" you will see that those two are not gladiators.
KimiFur's avatar
KimiFurHobbyist Digital Artist
They're in combat in an arena. Pretty gladiatorial, isn't it? Even if they aren't *actually* gladiators, although in any case that's not really the point I was trying to make.
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zenar56Student Digital Artist
I get what you are trying to say and i agree with you in some points but in ancient rome for example was it usual for a male gladiator to wear only a minimal amount of clothing and always with a bare chest. This is because the romans saw it as a masculine virility. I do not think that the same logic can be aplied to women but men did fight in underwear or aprons and this only because of modesty which could be the case in this comic
KimiFur's avatar
KimiFurHobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, I know they sometimes fought it little, but not *heels*, and nothing that was designed to enhance their physique attractiveness-wise. That's the difference. I definitely concede the point that they fought in little clothing sometimes, but the reasoning/purpose was not for "eye candy". It sounds like you agree with that, anyway. :)

As I said, it's entirely possible that there's a reason (other than fan-service) that these women are fighting wearing so little. It clearly is some kind of entertainment spectacle, but then why would a princess be baring her body for the commoners? It doesn't seem to fit. It sort of pulled me out of the realism and drama of the scene which, artistically, felt like a bit of a shame.
TheRPST's avatar
I am a tad late to the conversation, but the princess's foot decorations were described in the comic as advantageous due to the fact they are sharp metal claws that make movement easier as well as making kicks that much deadlier. As to Miss Assassin...yeah I can't think of anything logical for that. Best I have is that she just didn't have a change of shoes when she was going to fight!

As to the lack of clothing- well they are in a desert and under bright spotlights no less. The top is what the princess always wears and logically speaking, it would put her at a great disadvantage to have some long skirt or even baggy pants in terms of quick movement. It'd be the same idea behind why gymnasts or dancers wear only leotards or a bra/shorts combo when practicing or even preforming. Ease of movement.
KimiFur's avatar
KimiFurHobbyist Digital Artist
I appreciate the clarification on some of those things! As I said before, if there's a reason - cool! Thank you. :)
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HonouNoKageHobbyist General Artist
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Nocturnal-ENStudent Filmographer
Butttt - media.web.britannica.com/eb-me…

Jkjk i'll go now haha.
KimiFur's avatar
KimiFurHobbyist Digital Artist
LOL! It's a fair point though. But they still weren't wearing heels! :P
Nocturnal-EN's avatar
Nocturnal-ENStudent Filmographer
Haha true true, i get the idea though :D
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