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i want this as mi background T-T

a masterpiece

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I love this so much
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Why is this one not available as a print?
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Your art is a masterpiece man! Damn I'm getting a crush on her. The way she bites her lip and looks at something with that look!!
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Bruh how tf am I getting a crush on a work of art woah
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This might sound corny, but when I saw her, I might've shed a few at how beautiful she is.
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Freckles and mouth expression ... make her incredibly cute !!!
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Song "Restless" by Within Temptation comes to mind when I look in her emerald eyes!  
I looked this song up upon reading your comment out of boredom and it's really beautiful. Thanks for suggesting it!
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i know i'm a faillure, but, i have to share my mistakes.
i am so sorry to have butchered your work though, i'm so bad at drawing xD
I'm so bad !
i know, i know, i wanna kill myself too Q_Q
my intention were to redraw it well, but it didn't tunr out like that because i don't know how to draw xD
i'm sorry u_u
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Keep it up! Sometimes I have the same feelings about painting.
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And Im pretty sure wlop have also
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I really like how you can draw her as a rough and tough unkempt savage then clean her up to be a woman of poise and grace.  The look in her green eyes is quite intense while her freckles give her a deceptive cuteness.  Love the metallic reflections of her hair adornment.

Thanks for sharing!
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You have proved to be a real masterpiece maker:)
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18,811 favs today. Why am I not surprized ?
Good for Epic Music..........
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