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I ship it. At the very least, I see these 2 becoming good friends in the comic. Excited now.
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omg awesome..
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man i love ur art, wish i could chat with u about it in person
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Love the feeling of this one. Feels very intimate.
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so Beautifull
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Shame this comic doesn't get updated :(
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The facial expression conveys so much emotion... Gosh, you're not my favourite artist for nothing. Keep at it.
Aeolian is really the best
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Hello! I hope you see this comment! 

I adore your work a lot and to be honest, other People do too! Some love your characters so much, that they are stealing your art and the design of your characters for their own stories because they are "Fitting" and they "don´t care because it´s only art". I wanted to ask you as an Artist and author of your own stories. Is it okay if People just Claim your work and use them as their oc´s? I do rp sometimes and I use Canon characters such as Maedhros from Tolkien, I don´t use them as ocs and I dont Claim the artwork as my oc. I use them like they are. People don´t understand that and just use other peoples work for their own fun, changing everything About them and steal, just that they can say "this is MY oc, Dont steal her/him!" and i tried to explain, I really did, but Nothing helped. I wanted to hear other peoples opinions (and yours if you ever see this).

Have a great day/night
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I guess as long as they don't make profit off of it, there's really no harm in using someone else's character to use in rp (they're just being dishonest), as long as the artist doesn't mind. After all, rp is just a game.
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Wonderful :3
I can feel the emotion in this!!
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Omgg your artsyle is amazingg!!! The shading, the colorss!! Just everything, youre so talented!
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Beautiful sense of embrace here, the colors are fantastic
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What's Ghost Blade?
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A comic made by Wlop on Tapastic.

Right now, you have circa 2 hours worth of reading, with EVERY panel as gorgeous as this one. Here, you have two of the main protagonists, Yan (white haired) and Aeolian (dark haired).
Read it, PLEASE. Wlop deserves way more recognition.

Here's the link to the first chapter:
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That sounds amazing, I'll be sure to check it out. Thank you for recommending it to me. 
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