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Lady Tremaine Untooned - alone

Don't be distracted by the original, have a look at this one! xDD
(look at me desperately trying to make my gallery look bigger, lol :D)
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The Scary Stare, it's cinema history! o_O
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That grim face could scare a baby.
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All of these are phenomenal holy crap
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Quit starin at me!
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Oh god she is horrifying! I commend Cinderella for being able to put up with her step mother's death stare that would even make the devil himself shiver.

Good job.
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Hahahah, yeah, she is! :) Thanks!
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Np, I'm still confused to what Cinderella's father saw in her.
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Surely he couldn't be blind to his new wife, he wanted Cinderella to have a mother figure but come one one look at lady Tremaine and I know to stay away from her and her Hell spawns, well Anastaisa is better now.
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Perhaps she was one of those women who played all nice while her husband was around, and was a good actress in hiding how she truly was till he had passed on?
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hmm good point, she seems to be very good at lying and knows how to present herself. She is a master of deception so it wouldn't really be  a shock if Cinderella's dad fell for her from her lies and acting.
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I mean, take how she was able to speak around the prince initially before Cinderella actually popped in and burst her bubble. Smooth talking, able to be polite when the right eyes are watching and she knows the walls have ears.
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I had this tattooed on my arm yesterday to go with Malificent and the Evil Queen. It came out really well and was so much better than any "toon" version I could find. Thank you for your beautiful art!
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Well, glad you liked it :D Have a photo of the tattoo?
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Whoa, pretty creepy but amazing - wonderful job!
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Shes Creeping me out!!
I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Wow, you made the unsettling even more so.

I wonder though, what it would look like if someone untooned an entire animated film.
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