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WJones215verse Sentai 2 - Go-Sabers

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Published: December 23, 2018
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Note: Full title of this Ranger team will be in the description down below and I added a ranger-like ally with the group.

Heavenly-Elemental Taskforce Saber Rangers
Amastsubutai Sentai Go-Sabers
Power Rangers Sky Blades

Japanese/English Ranger names - Gender - Civilian names - Nationality - Zord - Part of Megazord - Ranger Weapon

Each saber controls their elemental power.

Core Team - Right gold shoulderplate armor

RedSaber/Wind Blade Ranger - Male - Wind - Guarda

BlackSaber/Steel Blade Ranger - Male - Metal - Bull

BlueSaber/Water Blade Ranger - Female - Water - Dolphin

YellowSaber/Earth Blade Ranger - Male - Earth - Ram

PinkSaber/Arbol Blade Ranger - Female - Flora - Deer

6th Ranger - Right silver shoulderplate armor

SaberFire/Pryo Blade Ranger (White w/Navy Blue aceent) - Male - Fire - Griffin

Ranger-like Allies

LightningStriker/Thunder Blade Warrior (Indigo w/Black accent) - Female - Thunder - Unicorn

IceSaber/Ice Blade Ranger is the purified version of this evil ranger, the powers were given to someone else besides the original barer.

Saberon/The Saber Knight (Gold) - He is the Go-Sabers' mentor and creator of their ranger powers. He's human and he comes from a long line of warrior protectors. His elemental power is Light.

Known Villians

Evil Ranger

FreezeSaber/Dark Freeze Ranger (Teal w/White accent & Cyan armor) - Male - Ice - Snow Leopard - He is a cold-hearted killer with a criminal record as long as his arm and with ice in his veins. He never wished to be a hero like the other Go-Sabers thus making him evil to the core.


- Black & BlueSabers are siblings, Blue is the elder of the pair.

- YellowSaber is the youngest member of the team by 5 yrs

- LightningStriker was a lone warrior campaigning a solo fight. As time went by she relucantly came to terms on the benefits of working together with the other Go-Sabers as a team. Plus, she develope a crush on YellowSaber whom convinced her to ally with them in the first place.

Gokaiger Ranger key lines

GokaiRed - RedSaber
GokaiBlue - BlueSbaer
GokaiGreen - BlackSaber
GokaiYellow - YellowSaber
GokaiPink - PinkSaber
GokaiSilver - SaberFire
GokaiBlack - LightningStriker & IceSaber (Purified version of FreezeSaber) & Saberon
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