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What kind of music are U?

"What kind of music are U?"icons.
You may download them in a 256x256,128x128 and 100x100 format as .png(.zip archive).
Hope u like them!
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These are great! Was not aware of Deviant Art until I saw these on a search. Well done - thank you!

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Thanks a lot for your appreciation!

Hi, can I use two or three of these icons in a logo I'm doing for my musician website? Thanks!
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they are so cute. Any version for girl?
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A lovely work and awesome course!!!!
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Very nice icons :)
Can you make ico files from png pls wizzyloveszebras pls pls pls pls
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I'm like the rock-on guy with headphones, glasses and converse lol
Love your work :3
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Many thanks!!
I'm really glad U like my work!
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Country! n____n
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wow~~~Good idea!
great work.
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:excited: These are friggin AWESOME!

Thanks so much!!!

I think seaven7 was asking why you didn't put them in the Dock Icons category. Since they are png files, they are perfectly suited to that group. Not to mention that by putting them in Miscellaneous, they'll be lost among all the crap avatars and fangirl piccies that people always load in here. There's so much junk in this category, that I sometimes can't even be bothered to look. It would have been a shame if I'd missed your outstanding creations.
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Thank a lot for your good comment and to explain this question..
By the way, I'm going to submit a "messenger" set ,using a little baby girl character, do you think I could upload it in the Dock Icons category too?
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If they are going to be in png format, and standard dock sizes - 128x128 or 256x256 pixels - then yes, definitely.

Glad to see you moved these over, BTW. =D
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thanks for your assistance and good comments..
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Wow, Good idea & Good work!!

but why doesn't you upload dock icon group?

I think few people can find your work.
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thanks a lot for your positive comment.
Did you mean I'ld choose "dock icon"categorie?
Cause I'm a animator and a character designer (and a new deviant..),and I'm not sure about the right meanning of your question..
However I'm going to upload a new Chinese Zodiac icon set
Hope you like them!
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yes, I mean dock icon categorie.
sorry, I can't write corretly by english :(
anyway I respect your decision.
your designs are surprising me :)
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Don't worry, your English is really better than mine!
Next time I'll upload my stuff , icon sets, in dock icon categorie,
Thanks for the suggestion and so good comments..
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