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DeviantArtist Questionnaire
How long have you been on DeviantArt?
Nine whole years now!
What does your username mean?
It is a combination of my first and last names. ALIstair STUart. It was given to me as a nickname in school.
Describe yourself in three words.
Creative. Pessimistic. Weird.
Are you left or right handed?
What was your first deviation?

My copy (not a tracing) of some MarioKart boxart.
What is your favourite type of art to create?
Cartoon styled. Either drawn or sculpted.
If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
Realism so that I had a better ability at rendering things realistically
What was your first favourite?
It would appear that it was this;

What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
Generally I favourite bright, colourful peices that make me smile or laugh.
Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
I wouldn't say I have one. I tend to follow a lot of different pe
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Sup guys.

It goes without saying that deviantART certainly isn't what it used to be. The community I loved and cared about has gone and the more people we've lost, the more I've lost interest in deviantART.

I started off my life on deviantART with so many huge visions- so many projects, creative explosions and great expectations - all of which have slowly bubbled down to nothing. But I am still happy.

The Wizzo, Door to Door, The Party, Minestaches - I had so many ideas, BIG IDEAS. But sadly life got in the way and after an awful two years of Graphics in GCSE, I soon lost interest in the hobby which I fell in love with. The final blow was when the Dandy ended. By this point, my heart was at an all-time low and due to that, I didn't make myself very heard on the internet about the matter. My passion and interest in both comics and drawing died with the Dandy on that one fateful day and even though it was just a silly little comic, it was thanks to that comic that I decided to embark on improving my graphic design and make the Wizzo more than just a photocopied and stapled A4 comic sold at our school.

I still miss it all, I really do. I miss my friends I made on here, I miss drawing, but most of all I miss that passion, energy and triumph. 

I bought a Beano comic the other day from where I work. I've been at Morrisons for eight months now and it's clichéd, but it really has been a rollercoaster - met some wonderful people there, but as with every job, it certainly isn't all sunshine and lollipops. Anyway, I was tidying up the magazine aisle and grabbed one of the Beanos, read through it briefly and then bought the darn thing. Needless to say, the love and inspiration has gone for me. The artwork is still just as wonderful as always, but suddenly the stories feel childish - alien almost. The Beano I read is a thing of the past - this Beano, despite being enjoyable, just wasn't made for me and therefore I couldn't enjoy it.

I stopped buying comics ages ago. I've had a bigger interest in music albums and Nintendo amiibo recently - meanwhile, all my comics are just shoved under my bed. Stashed away for safety - that is until we move. 

My parents recently decided it was time to break up. It's been rough, I'm not going to lie. I can sit here and say everything is okay, but it simply isn't. It isn't bad at home, but the thought of my family breaking apart and losing the house I grew up in just breaks my heart more than ever. 

Oh, I still haven't had a girlfriend yet by the way. Still just as pure as before - been told I should be proud that I carry no taints, which I am. I've fallen for a girl at work as well - too bad she's in a relationship. Never felt so much passion towards a single girl in all my life since the girl I could have had back in GCSE. I still kick myself over how much of a coward I was.

But enough with all the crap! I've finished school! After so many years of drowning in education, I am finally free of its bounds - until September, well, kinda. 

My A-levels are finally a thing of the past and I'm hopeful I did alright. The next step is Graphics at Northbrook College - got accepted a place the other day, the woman interviewing me said she'd be 'mad not to accept me'. Can't put into words both how lovely, yet how saddening that was. I think I want to go back into Graphics, but I still don't know - I feel everybody assumes I'm still the comic-loving artist I used to be those few years back - but things happens, people change. Everybody is telling me it's the right direction for me - but they don't know that inside, I'm scared that I'm wasting away my life and trying to follow the life I wanted three years ago. Trying not to be a pessimist though, no point in that rubbish - I have a life to live, g'damn it! 

So if I haven't been doing comics and drawing, what have I been doing with my spare time I hear you ask (you're probably not thinking this but shh, it's all part of the structure!)? Music.

Music? Yes, music. In life, you pick up friends along the way and those friends bring out new things about you - a few months ago, I discovered I could actually sing a little. Became friends with an electronic music master known as GiMMiX across the internet, but known better to me as Michael Yelland (or Mike as everyone calls him). 

Mike was working on an album earlier this year and by sheer chance, I ended up sending him a short recording of myself singing a song I heard in a dream once. Anyway, long story short, that dream soon became a reality and before I knew it, Mike pulled me completely out of my artsy comfort zone and shoved me straight into his album. The song in question is called Raleigh and has honestly exploded on SoundCloud amongst Mike's listeners, boasting an incredible 500+ plays in a few months of upload. Since then, after such wonderful feedback from others, I decided to finally expose myself as a musician and now I'm in the VERY early stages of making up an EP and have been writing and singing songs since then. The album is out now by the way and it is honestly one of the greatest things I have ever heard:

As well as that, I've also been (kinda) focusing on YouTube. Been rather busy currently but slowly making videos and they seem to be getting enough attention for me to be able to only promote them a little. YouTube has been a lot of fun but my channel has gone from a gaming channel to a gaming/vlogging/music hybrid channel and now I'm getting a little lost with the direction I want to take with it. I've been doing music reviews and they've been great fun - but YouTube is difficult to stick with! I have big respect for those who can upload regularly, it's been a huge challenge for me to sit down and record!

Crikey, I sure have written a ton of words here. I feel like a tl;dr would be suitable, but I don't know if I can cram my whole life into a few words so please try and read through it all if you can!

Before I finish off, just want to say a huge thank you to the following people who have helped me over the years with all my personal issues and generally supported me, you guys have been bloody fantastic and I love you all so much. In no particular order: WizzJet, QUICKSTUFF, DR-WATCHAMACALLIT, Alistu, bromley001, Jsb97, Pinkinfrench, , Old-Freddy, Young-FreddyJayextee, HaylieNowak, thecarrottykid, Steve3po, ChloEcREm, cartoonwarstudios, Georgeshiers, daveiscoolyeah, Louistrations, mikedaws, spoonbard, RDComics, D-M-W, Simon-Williams-Art, mooneyman2007, PenguinGuy-I, BlueGoop, munchai, bluekitti, lewstringer, stu-toons, vioem, WizzWolf, Liddy44, LeightonNoyes, zak29swirlythingy, Toonart11, EtheringtonBrothers, icanseeyourmonkey, creativekenny, feishiro and ThatOtherCartoonist. 

Anyway, there you have it - that's my life currently and I'm pretty darn happy with it on a personal level, I have rubbish going on around me but I am really happy as a person and I feel like I'm finally being who I am - no longer restricted by school and people, now I can be who I really am and that feeling truly is something magical.

For the final time deviantART, 

- Harry Rickard

Thank you for the memories <3
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