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That's just not a fair fight. Goku's just too OP for the Empire.

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Yeah, The Emperor's puny Force Lightning wouldn't even tickle him! :dignity-laugh:

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If it were Saitama, then the beam wouod just bounce off of his four head, and fire rigut back at the deatu star
Eventually, the Death Star will hit the planet despite Goku's best intentions, but it isn't a direct hit. Emperor Palpatine will estimate the planet will self-destruct in 5 parsecs, but instead it will take 19 movies to blow up, giving Goku more than enough time to evacuate the planet and counterattack. :3
Death Star wins by logics.
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Considering the Kamehameha wave can blow up a moon, I wouldn't be so sure.

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This is the version of this image captured with a Hawuei P30 xD…
epic. great job.
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Goku:   I won’t let you destroy my world! KAMEHAMEHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!
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Well, we haven't seen an Ultra Instinct Kahmehameha Wave yet, have we?
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The Day the death Star died.


No I mean Again Again

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!!!!!! MY GOSH.
I actually had a day dream like that back in high school!! WTF😨
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Lol at the concept.
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The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Super Saiyan. 
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Dude... seriously? Wow
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Let's give credit where credit is due - that's gotta be one badass Deathstar to make Goku go Super.
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