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she pretty much if anakin stay with lightside now, cool sketch
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Nappa (What 9000) [V2] :VEGETA, What does the scouter say about her Mary sue level? 
Vegeta (Over 9000) [V2] :ITS OVER 900!!!
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Rey beating ALL the Sith? Mate she couldn't even beat someone who, mind you isn't even a Sith yet, and he was very injured, REy wont ever be able to stop Darth Vader let alone all of them.
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I'm more surprised General Grievous, Cad Bane and Asajj Ventress aren't in there but Boba Fett is included  
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Be happy they're not! XD
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But I like this piece. It reminds of the cover for Justice League: Tower of Babel
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Except Rey can't even beat an Acolyte with maybe a day of training in an actual fight without P.I.S
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The Light Side Of Force Is Strong With In Her
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she looks very cool here
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Happy Holidays
Wish you a Blessed  New Year
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Guys this sort of haves spoilers so don't look at the pic too much. Fav it though. It's a well drawn picture.
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I reaaaaally hope this isnt spoiler heavy. good job other than that
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amazing pic of Rey cool love it the Stara Wars moviesDeviantArt :) (Smile) :D (Big Grin) =P (Razz) +fav deviantART I think I've fainted. Heart I think I've fainted. Love Meow :3 This probe's for you! 
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I hope this isn't a spoiler. Otherwise, cool.
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