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Me encantaría tener un cuadro así en la casa. Impresionante!!!!

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Woah, this is absolutely Amazing!

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Or Alucard defeated his father and continued where his father started
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lovely piece. the texture used on the armor- is it done manually, or do you have a custom brush for it?
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This is amazing! Kinda looks like some scary alternate Castlevania universe where Alucard, rather than rebel against his father, stayed on his side and became a terrifying dhampir prince of evil alongside his vampire king father Dracula.
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Very, very nice!

Check my page. I think you will be just a liiiittle interested in what I am working on. :)
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Amazing and great Alucard art work, congratulations! Clap :D (Big Grin) 
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Look at Alucard. Chillin' in that awesome chair. *.*
Cool! Cryptid Alucard? :D
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Such incredible work! I love it ^^
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excellent work, there's no doubt however, is there a way to view this artworks in hd ? thanks in advance.
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This makes me imagine if Alucard decided to take his father's place. That's a scary thought. But this also gave me an idea for you to draw (if given the chance or interest): Richter Belmont from SOTN, while possessed and ruler of Dracula's Castle, sitting in his chair/throne.
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Whau so cool Alucard from CastlevaniaRabbit hole :) (Smile) :D (Big Grin) Clap Heart +fav 
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The tone has a true luster to it. 
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This is amazing work. I just love this, great job! :clap: 
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That's splendid! :heart:
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