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In the shadows of Rivendell


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In the shadows of Rivendell


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Love's Completion

Misty kisses, made of a gentle moist rapture's desire, wherein is a fantasy's erotica found Caresses of touch sought, their rhythm an eternal echo of angels' whispered sighing A gentle accented song softly mixed with a rebounding beat of my hidden soul, A symphony choreographed by the night's mistress's conducting, Gentle moonlit rays entice the tides of desire, beckoning, releasing, a passion longed for, A passion almost found, yet never touched, never brought to completion A heart yearns for the touch of a lover dreamed of in the shadowed realms of my spirit Oh that he would come. Then, as a cottony night's breeze comes over me in a slumb

Writing's of Katti

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A Winter Royalty Stroll

Manips of Lacolombededeui

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Bleeding In a Flame

Bleeding out in rivers Tears from my soul Tearing from my spirit Wings that make it whole Taking from me all that I am Leaving me with the inability Passion, desire, completeness to feel again A heart lays quiet in its beating Smothered under snow of love's winter Afraid to start once more its pleading Hearing only the minor chords of sorrow Drifting in on chilled breath of winds Bound is the whole of my being Ropes of a loneness knotted tight And yet a small thought, a tiny flame Holds on through all in a fight In a fight to keep me believing That life and love are truly real Oh sweet dream of an oasis Is what it enlightens in my heart so st


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Photos by Katti

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Digital Art of ImaginedMoments

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Creations of Foxfires

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Creations of AutumnGoddess

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I Pray Higgs boson my Soul to Keep

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, I Pray Higgs boson my Soul to Keep "If I were to live my life thinking matter matters, I'd waste my soul with care. It's better to hold fast to dreams…do you have one to spare?" ~princesszyrtec You show up at night, inspired and drunk; I come as a stranger. You come four times by morning; as a stranger now I'm leaving. I long to be lost as a howl in a hurricane.  The art of loss isn't a science to master, despite the degree. You give all you have been, or could be for a breath of ecstasy. You implant your cochlear to my concha   and sing what you hear. I romp with joy in the bars and notes. Y

Writing's of princesszyrtec

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Rising moon

Buble's Paintings etc.

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Old Days

Manip your music

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In the shadows of Rivendell

Drawings and Manips

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spaces inbetween

i've got sulfur burning in my veins i've got oceans waves crashing with the beating of my heart                                    d                                  r                        

Written from Movement-and-space

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On Golden Pond...

Art Photos Movement-and-Space

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spring is coming


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There is thunder in your eyes, lighting strikes each time you smile. Furious angel wrath is fearsome , kissing souls with reaper's fire. Oh love divine, I pray you now, take mercy on my soul. Destroy me not. Instead extend your stormy hand and make me once more whole.

Written works

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Loc - prompt - runaway pt.3

Well beyond the dungeons they found themselves at another flight of stairs. This time though they had to climb rather than descend. There was a long silence as the entire group stood and gazed at the steps as they vanished into the dark beyond. The silence was nearly tangible. It was almost like an entity in itself. Only the sound of breathing or the occasional shuffle of shifting feet drove it back. "Is there no other way, Tiyanna?" she asked. She could only think of the smaller children and their small legs and the blind ones who would find it a struggle. It looked like a long climb and she feared that it would be hard on many of them. Tiy


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Awake ye Dragons


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Pretentious Interlude

~Pretentious Interlude~ So what is it you want from me?     an opinion?     my perception?     of what?     your never ending question? I do not have an answer     for you     intercept the demise of your own rhetoric     it's prehistoric     this progression of thoughts     an indirect master of the obvious --     or is it oblivious -- To everyone     and everything around -Except- Yourself

art of paintedpoet

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Moon angel


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Sultry Evening

Four Seasons

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Glove Side

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Argentum Caeli 059

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Rain today

Christmas Winter

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Mad Witch


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