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What You Must NOT DO As A Graphic Designer

Fonts by Cyberella (accidentally credited her as Cyberela, please ignore.)
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sadmac356's avatar
I like the rainbow "This" best!
wizfrikiman's avatar
Haha, yeah. I do have a certain soft spot for rainbow designs, even though most look horrible. :D
PhoenixGR's avatar
i love papyrus!
wizfrikiman's avatar
Okay, but it's still a funky, amateurish font that's 100% NOT for serious graphic designs. Unless you're Lamb of God. :D
PhoenixGR's avatar
stamata na kollas stis leptomeries re wiz, xalarwse!
InoriAizawa's avatar
I hate when serious businesses use Papyrus as a font. :icongodwhyplz:
ftourini's avatar
and don't forget kids the awesome WORDART font choices! [link] :rofl:
wizfrikiman's avatar
Exactly, the silver "this" was meant to be a jab at WordArt. The funny thing is, I actually used the WordArt equivalent in OpenOffice to make it!
submicron's avatar
I hope the kiddies do take notice of this. xD
OliveAndrews's avatar
Kinda thought the lens flare 'this' was alright.
wizfrikiman's avatar
It can look good when used in a smart way, but, then again, the standard lens flare Photoshop provides is a definite example of designer laziness.
zanate-pirata's avatar
Agree in all, but, you forgot comic sans.
wizfrikiman's avatar
I didn't. Read the very last sentence.
zanate-pirata's avatar
My apologies, you are right, I didn't saw it. Great work.
Cirque-D-Husky's avatar
all of those fonts literally made my eyes hurt. >.<
why oh why would people use such painful looking fonts.
wizfrikiman's avatar
Probably due to laziness, lack of knowledge and/or taste. Thanks for the comment!
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