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This was a very pleasant birthday! (not like last year xD)

But I enjoyed it a lot! Thank you, you all keep me going~ your support and love and how you bear with me...I'm so grateful, for all what you've done for me!

Thank you everyone, I love you all a lot! >//v//< *hugs*

you can always have some wizard love :heart:

Thank you again u////u ahhh, Im so glad and grateful for have met such amazing people~

- Wizard
I don't want to abandon it, it brings me a lot of memories.
But sadly, I won't be able much, I'm not so into this website anymore, but I could upload my lastest drawings I've made this year if you like

Anyways, I'll try to reply to the uncomming comments this time.

In other things, I will start collage in August 8th so I have plenty vacation time~

So, I hope you like my new stuff from now~´

- Wizard

First I want to apologize...I been out of DeviantART for a LONG time ;W; and I'm really sorry...maybe some of you were worried, maybe others just forgot about me and kept going (but thats fine) and i'm really sorry...

However I didn't stopped drawing nvn I've got some doodles and stuff to share with you guys these days UvU

I hope you like'em and hope you can forgive me for leaving without warning and not reporting ;W; I'm sorry...

Yours truly sorry
- Marcko~ :heart:



Primero me quiero disculpar...he estado fuera de DeviantART for MUCHO tiempo ;W; y de verdad lo siento...talvez algunos se preocuparon, talvez otros se olvidaron de mi y siguieron adelante (y esta bien) y de verdad lo lamento...

Sin embargo no deje de dibujar nvn y tengo algos garabatos y cosas que les compartire estos dias UvU

Espero les gusten y espero me perdonen por irme sin avisar y no reportarme ;W; lo siento...

Suyo y arrepentido
- Marcko~ :heart:
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OMG you would NOT believe this!

well..a good GOOD friend of mine..wanted to give me a gift, a super gift for my passed birthday, but I told him I was fine, he didnt had to give me nothing...but he insisted U///U

and you wont believe this!


(that was like some days ago when the package arrived)

and Im suuuper happy with my 3ds UvU (even tho I only have pokemon X xD hahaha)
and the tablet..OMG Im getting used to it X//3

Anyways...just wanted to report myself...I been REALLY unactive on DeviantART lately UvU Im more active on facebook xD

Anyways...I missed you guys UvU :heart:

My Friend Code: 4227-4268-9073
My Facebook:

- Marcko
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Sorry for not telling before...but I got surgery u.u

my tonsils/anginas were removed yesterday (saturday) and my throat hurts I can't even talk uwu

but I get to eats lots of jell-o, ice cream and yogurt for a week >W< yaaaay

Im kinda feeling better, but I have to rest a lot ;w; that's why I haven't been here nwn (also that Im not being so active here...I've been more on facebook lately (and furaffinity =w= ))

Im sorry If I worried you guys, but everything is just fine n.n

hope you're having a good day n///n

Love you all <3

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OH gOD! I've been sooooooo busy!! Im finally graduating from high school and preparing stuff for going to the university! x3 yaaaay!

this friday is my interview! *W* wish me luck!~

Also...I've been busy even for drawing or making new stuff on UTAU and so~

However I think I might have month? of vacation to update! x3
BTW, Maruko's model is ALMOST ready for release so, stay tuned! >w<

ALSO! If you haven't know, he's getting a multipitch ''kire'' voicebank! 8D
you can check the demos here!! >w<……

Hope you like

ALSOOOO! Im SOOO addicted to Happy Tree Friends AGAIN! x'DD
so hopefully my OC Sleepy is coming back!! eWe
this guy xD
Happy Tree Friends OC by wizardotaku S is for... by wizardotaku
but probably with a new design xP

Anyways...thanks a lot to those who worried and cared about me ;w;

Love you all sugarbits :heart:

Yours truly, Wizard Marcko~
Herro there cutie pies and sugar cubes!! tha wizah is here...and he feels like shit! :DD

been reaaally down lately =W= and having the family I have (not special, but they have their...''charm'') doesnt help at all :D

I didnt want to end the year like that =w= buth could be worse

aaaanyways, I never do a list for the new year( cuz NOone ever success =w= )
buuut, why I dont give a try and put me some goals? well then...

1.- get a job
2.- shut my negative emotions as much as I can =w= (shut my mouth)
3.- get a 3ds (but Im sure I wont)
4.- make multipitch voicebanks for both Ayume Maruko(UTAUloid/DREAMloid) and Heiwane(FURloid/ANIMAloid)
5.- be more ''femboi-ish''

and thats all =w= hope I can make them all this new 2015~

also, Im not that bitter, I know 2015 wont be a worse year =w= but also not the best...but I wish you, that YOU all have your best times, cuz if you're happy...thats enough for me to live for~ <3

-Wizard that haves you all inside his heart <3
just kidding, MERRY XMAS BABES!! QWQ <3 the fggt Wiz here! ;W; wishing and hoping you had SUCH a night! full of cheer and FOOD!! >W<

I...well, I had better xmas before xD but this one was not the worse either xP however I love food! x3 and this xmas we had a LOT and we still have LOTS of letfover xDD

so much, we had meat, mashed potatoes, BBQ ribs, pasta, chicken (yeah =W= no turkey!) and for DESSERT! *3* chocolate cakes, cheesecake, pineapple jello and cookies!! uughhh Im so full!! >w< so much food~

and and I do had presents! :DD yaaay, my grandma sended me 200 pesos xD (thats like 20 or 18 dllrs I think o3o I dunno xD) and and my best friend gave me a drawing pack! *W* so nice <3
and my mom gave a boot of candy and a scrabble game x3

well, it was a nice and fuuull of food and rest xmas >w<

I hope you had an amazing day! x3 and hoep you still have great days! and I wish you an even BETTER new year 2015! >w< <3

-Wizard <3 who luvs ya all <3
Hello everybody!~ Wizard here and I wanna ask something ~

Who wants his/her UTAU is a HUGE chorus with ALSO a MMD PV video??
I'm sure YOU want >W<

The chorus its actually a surprise so I won't tell what is it about until I finish it >w< and I'm almost done, but I need your help.

The chorus it's gonna be a 50 UTAU chorus, but I only have 41 done, and I don't have more, so here's where YOU enter! >w<
I need 9 more people with their UTAUs to enter this fantastic chorus, I promise I'm working hard, cuz I'm also TUNNING this ust for each UTAU.
I also gonna edit the dance of the PV to make it fun and cute.

So, here are the rules to enter >w<
1.- Only ONE UTAU per person
2.- I have lots of some people UTAU here actually, if you comment and I have your UTAU already in my first list I'll make you know
3.- The VB must be the most recent one (and released obviously)
4.- The UTAU MUST have a MMD model that represents him/her exactly with his/her actual desing (please no Chibis or Fanmades, just the UTAU at itself)
5.- I WON'T accept MMD Ilegall models (models made with forbbiden or from ''non-allowed to edit model's'' parts)

6.- I also may need a full body pic of the UTAU, his/her name in Romaji and Kana aaand your contry (this will help me with some things specials in the cover)

I just need this 9 UTAU more to I can finish the cover, once finished, I'll start with the MMD PV >w<

EDIT: ALL SLOTS TAKED! thanks a lot who fill their info correctly and soon!, I will post the link here in deviantART when the video is ready tagging ALL the creators of the UTAU used (of they are Deivants)

1.- :iconultimate-kai:'s Kai
2.- :iconlameasssoap:'s Maya
3.- :iconsasuke-kiseki:'s Kawasumi Mai
4.- :iconmikumikucheetah:'s Tesune Rizu
5.- :iconflamingo-sama:'s Re
6.- :iconyoichi-masaki:'s Trei
7.- :iconsonictheunknown:'s Kame Beach
8.- :iconladyogien:'s ATLAS
9.- :iconhella-k:'s Kuroi Hana
EXTRA: 10.- :iconpastelli-kiwi:'s Roosaamu

Thanks for your anttention, hope you join >w< :heart:

-Wizard :heart:
Not the best, Ive had worse days....

Im really gratefull and happy for all your congrats n.n and Im so happy to get my laptop back....but...that's all....

No friends came to see gifts or money...neither cake =W=

*sigh* anyways thanks a LOT everyone for...uuh...supporting me I guess?...I know I havent been really active here..but Oh well...

I have my laptop back so Im back to MMD and better videos, also Maruko's New Voicebanks! n_n (like someone cares...

Thats all from now I guess...thanks
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Tagged by: :iconmario810: =W=

1. You must post the rules.
2. Each person must post 5 things about themselves in their journal.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and create five new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them.
6. No tag backs.
7. No stuff in the tagging section about "you're tagged if you're reading this" You legitimately have to tag 10 people (Fuck that =W= )


1- I hate any kind of violence, so I dont like/HATE drawing/art of fighting, fighters, macro, giant destroying cities, godzilla, people who abuse of their strengh for fun =W= makes me wanna kill them all <3
2- My favorite dessert are ice cream sandwiches! *3* I want tons of it!
3- I love creepy things, but NO gore owo
5- Fuck exercise, I like beeing chubby =W= stupid people talking about ''health'' =3= I dont have problems you know? just a cute huggable belly x//3 anyways I say ''People like meat to grab'' XD lol

Do you love ice cream?

What is your age?
im 16 but im going to have 17 on July 12th >W< sooon!!!

Where do you live?
In Mexico .w.

You'll be my friend?
Sure X3 <3

Who is your fav vocaloid, utauloid or fanloid?
Vocaloid: Kokone, Kagamine Rin and SFA2 Miki
UTAU: Mine of course, Amane Luna, Yokune Ruko
Fanloid: Akita Neru, Yowane Haku and Akine Haru! X3


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Please go here and SHARE!:…

I-Its really important!! it might help people...and my little sis Yen!! QAQ
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Me taggio mi querido :iconyunuen-i: =W= graaaacias~

1.- Debes publicar estas reglas.
2.- Cada persona debe compartir 10 cosas acerca de ellos mismos.
3.- Contesta las 10 preguntas, luego, inventa otras 10 preguntas para la gente que será taggeada.
4.- Escoge a 10 personas y coloca sus iconos.
5.- Informarles que fueron taggeados.
6.- Nada de "¡Ay!, si tu leíste esto, quedas maldito de por vida con este tagg".
7.- Definitivamente debes taggear a 10 personas. =n= meeeeehhh
8.- No se puede devolver el tagg.
9.- No puedes decir "yo no haré este tagg". >IC
10.- El tagg se hace en journal, no en comentarios, solo en journal.

10 cosas de mi~
1- Soy gay :V
2- Por estar clavado en UTAU/Vocaloid no he visto nuevos animes =w=
3- No tengo pensado desclavarme XD
4- Odio lo macro/gigante/ se .3. me entra una rabia cuando veo esas cosas...en pelis o series etc....
5- Odio la critica :D jodanse todos =W= sus opiniones me las paso por el ****~ :33 Soy un artista libre y nadie puede valorar mi trabajo mas que yo =w=
6- Odio los tagg =3=
7- Me gusta el azul~
8- Estoy metido en el fandom Furry son un conejito y me gusta el Yiff :V mucho~
9- Mi UTAU Maruko tmb es gay :V
10- No vere Shingeki no Kyojin hasta el 2015 :33 cuando todos se hayan olvidado de eso, excepto los que realmente les encanto y jamas lo olvidaran(??) :V ..o talves no lo vea jamas....

Ahora las praguntas que me hicieron =W=
01.- ¿Se te figura que mis personajes se vean simplones?
No o3o a mi me gustan~

02.- ¿Te casarías conmigo? (?)
No, no eres tu, soy yo...bueno si eres tu, no eres mi tipo :33

03.- ¿Como te gusta mas que te digan?
Por el momento esta bien Marco o Marcko, pero por UTAU y Vocaloid Wizard, WIZAAAARD!! W-I-Z-A-R-D!!~ (no Wizart ni cosas raras =w= )

04.- ¿Que series me recomiendas ver?
No se =w=

05.- ¿Que te gustaría ver que dibujase?
Haz lo que ti quieras eres libre =w=

06.- ¿Sabias que los ángeles son criaturas malvadas e hipócritas que planean destruir el mundo porque nos ven como una amenaza? (?)
Yo siempre he pensado lo mismo pero de los humanos hacia las demas criaturas~

07.- ¿Cual de mis personajes te agrada mas?
Tus UTAUs semi-muertos ;3; no he vuelto a saber de ellos T3T

08.- ¿Cual de tus personajes te agrada mas?
Centella :3 (sip, no la he olvidado TwT )

09.- ¿Si tuvieras que asignar un elemento (entre fuego, agua, tierra, aire, luz y obscuridad) a tu OC favorito cual seria?
MAGIA :V (porque es una bruja/hechizera)

10.- ¿Sabias que te aprecio mucho n_n?
Awww~ yo tmb te aprecio XD <3

Mis preguntas:
N/A :D

Taggeo a:
NADIE porque #YOLO Odio los tagg =w=
Im tired...Im really tired and sick!.....

this ain't worth doesn't worth it....Im tired....

why? Im always f*cuking caring about others and stuff....they said ''do to others what you want other to do to you'' but its all bullshit!....Im sick and mad at everyone and everything...

I always wanted everyone to be happy and smile...even if it cost my own happiness but ENOUGH! I want my own happiness...but it seems that I dont deserve it...I dont deserve nothing...Im a horrible selfish brat and that WILL NEVER change.....

you people will just say stupid things and advices and I DONT WANT THEM!!....all I wanted was someone at my side and just a hug....but how could someone do that for someone like me?....Im dumb and I dont deserve ANYTHING in this world...Im really...REALLY serious about this

Maybe you have noticed that maybe I always want to be the main character or you may call me an attention whore....and maybe you're right or I dunno!....Im just tired and sad I want to cry again...maybe If my characters are always based on me or look like me its MAYBE cuz I want to live like that...maybe you think that is bad to escape reality but WHO CARES! I DONT!....

I just wanted someone to love me like matter if I were selfish and stuff...but WHO could ever do that? no one!....Im alone!...and I will be forever if I dont ''change my attitude'' but WHY DO I HAVE TO CHANGE??! Why is ME that it has to change?! why Im always wrong??

Nobody can just say Im nice....or smart....or pretty.....or at least that Im right in anything?? I guess not....cuz Im an error in this world....Im some of those people who born like an wasn't supposed to be the sperm who wins in the uterus or something!

Im just tired...I just want to hit my head against the wall or bite my arms until I bleed...

I hate how I draw...Im lazy, im selfish, im drama queen WHO COULD EVER LOVE SOMEONE LIKE THAT??!

Im despicable....

Also in makes me down that I always worked hard on it and I dont get any know or anything....Maruko is know by no one...and that hurts me too....

I want to give up FOREVER in this life....I want to DIE....I want to kill myself! and im serious....but I cant....Im afraid of the physical pain before I leave this world....Yes you read right, I havent commit suicide cuz I think it will hurt!.

Im tired...and I want to cry....and NOBODY can say anything to make me feel better...cuz words are words and I dont want your FUCKING advices! one understand....and no one FUCK YOU ALL! I know you're gonna hate me or forget about me soon....
Im so sorry but I cant do the commissions I I 'll return every points from the commission I havent made yet...Im sorry

...Im doing this cuz Im feeling real dumb and sad, so please dont be mad at me...but if you are....its ok, anyways Im too sad already

Points are being returned now

-Wizard out maybe for a long while (Im not feeling like using dA too like never more...)
Well...let me explain myself~
Since this PC is shit I can't do anything like Videos or MMD models etc. I just can draw and make covers in UTAU and Vocaloid

So this is the case...I want a Ginjishi edited model for Maruko, really badly~

''but Ginjishi models are uneditable!'' you may say, but I have read the Rin and Len models by him and there's NOTHING about changing the character~

The rules about Editing Ginjishi's models are:

-Not replace any important part with other(s) model(s) parts
-Redistributions is not allowed
-Ginjishi Style must prevail (such as textures style and the special Ginjishi's transparent hair)

but making another character seems to be allowed~

So...Im asking....there's somone who could made a Maruko Ginjishi edit model for me? Please?
the only thing I can do for you for helping me is a drawing, or a cover of your UTAU or Vocaloid or whatever!, also I could give balance now its 310 points

NOTE: Of course I will continue the commissions I owe

So please if someone can help me! ;3; note me please and I'll give you details ;3;

-Wizard~ <3
Well~ I just had a fight with my mom early today sooo...Im grounded~ (Im writing this cuz my mom is out)

That woman I call mom (also that man I call dad) is a bitch~

Fuck them~ fuck them both~ They're terrible parents n_n

For the commissions Im so sorry but It  take time to finish them...QAQ sorry...

Well~ see you soon maybe~ <3
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thanks to Oniisama :iconryudrakita: =W= LOL XD

1. What is your youtube/nicovideo/soundcloud acc name?
Youtube: Wizardotaku13 Nicovideo: Wizard Soundcloud: wizardotaku

2. What is your favorite genre(s) to work with?
Meh...If I like the rythm or the lyrics maybe =w=

3. Japanese or Overseas FURLOIDs?
both but not all of them :3

4. What are your top 6 favorite banks to use?
My two babies Maruko and Heiwane, Ami Ichigawa, Hoshi Miyo, MAKO, Ryu Drakita, and others xP

5. Who are your top 6 favorite UTAU/FURLOID users?
There's a lot I love and like~
my UTAU bros~ :iconmildron::iconryudrakita: my Oneechan :iconreiitan: and a LOT more! x3

6. Do you have any FURLOIDs of your own?
Nope!! :D

7. What program do you use to mix?
FL Studio

8. What program do you use for videos?
I dont have anything in this f*cking PC...

9. Do you have dreams of becoming a producer?
meh ;w; I just want to see that people likes my work TTwTT

10. What is your favorite non-furry UTAU?
Yokune Ruko! O3O She/He has a vagines(???)

11. What is your least favorite non-furry UTAU?
Matsudapoid =w= f*ck that guy!~

12. Least favorite FURLOID?
hm~ *raises my shoulders*

13. How often do you use UTAU/FURLOIDs?
everyday :D

14. CV, VCV or CVVC?
CV and VCV~....CVCV sucks balls! :D

15. What got you into using FURLOIDs?

I dunno o3o...the only Furloids I will only use will be Drakita and MAKO =w=

16. First ever FURLOID you heard?
Darepoid owned by my sis :icondaregindemone04: but she is no more furry~ now shes a human named Maria ;w;

17. Did you hear of VOCALOID or UTAU first?
Vocaloid was first ;w; my first song was Fear Garden but it was on a SSBB Anime video XD I have NOT even know the word Vocaloid ;W; so In the comments I wanted to see who was singing and I found that someone said ''Its fear garden by Rin Kagamine'' when I read Kagamine I tough of Kagami Hiiragi from Lucky Star XD so I searched for her and I discover Vocaloid from Rin QWQ

18. If you could meet any producer, who would it be?

19. What do you think of Row Kemonone?
Meh =w=

20. Which is the most famous cover with one of your FURLOIDs?
I dont have one =w=...but the most famous cover of my dear Ayume Maruko was Popipo Hentai Ver. XD LOL OMG I just saw that on my channel xD that cover is from 2 years ago XD AHAHA~

21. Dare FURLOID using friends to do this! spread the fun |3
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Please go here~

  • Listening to: kokone's voice

Thanks a lot to :iconmildron: for giving her to me ;w; I love you lil bro :heart:

I just want to cry TTwTT I love her sooo much! ;w;

Im gonna spam you with covers and art of her! >: D (??) XD

and Im getting better at vocaloid too! ;W; I learned how to tune and do stuff! by myself x3 (like always)

anyways im soooo fucking happy that I dont know what am I even saying!! :D

This is my first cover with her x3 (not much edit but for now on I will try to make my own tunning for her too >:'3 )… (also with cover art, gonna submit it later x3 )

-a very super happy Wizard x'3 <3 and its late and I have to sleep now =w= *yawns* bye nii