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My OC BASH! (part 1) by wizardotaku My OC BASH! (part 1) by wizardotaku
Well, I decided to draw ALL my OC I have made so far when I start posting my drawings in internet~

Top(from left to right)
Centella, Sophie, Chipp, Charlie and Huge
Botom(left to right)
Hana, Kiyoshi, Samantha and Kyle

The first 5 are my characters of an original serie I created when I was 12~ called Magicland, is like an anime/manga about magic, wizards, animals and fantastic creatures~

Age: 15
She's the princess of Magicland, but she hates princess jobs, she's tomboy-ish sometimes, but she's very femenine all the time, so kind and sweet. She and Marcko(yes I'm the hero of my own story =w= ) were a couple before, but they broke up.
She's a powerful witch too, and knows a lot of spells, she's Sophie's best friend and partner. Likes purple.

Specie: Bunny-wolf
Age: 16
She's a pretty girl, she has a powerful intelligence, so smart, when she's at here max power she can use PSI powers~
She's straigh, but she doesn't care for be a boyfriend, she thinks men only are for yaoi~, yes, she's CRAZY for yaoi.

Specie: Bunny-wolf
Age: 17
He's a pretty calm guy, he can be very rude, likes to workout but he can't get stronger cuz he has super-strength power.
Likes sports, he's in love with Sophie, and hates when she uses him for yaoi.
Likes to make bad jokes, maybe he's pretty rude and straight, but he loves to hug and be with Marcko(me) maybe cuz he's his only friend (Awww). Chipp is Marcko's partner.

Age: 15
Charlie is the last of the Ninfs with his brother Huge, he has like moon powers of something, that increases in full moon.
He's pretty shy and weak, so kind and blushes a lot.
He hates when his brothers teases him.

Age: 21
Huge is the last of the Ninf with his brother Charlie, he doesn't have powers like his brother, but he's pretty strong, likes to work out~
He has a relation with Ryuga (Brother of mine in DA). He's so friendly, sweet and gentle, loves his little brother a lot.

NOTE: Chipp and Sophie are partners of Marcko and Centella, they are fantastic creatures with powers (super stregth, super brain) like other species.

Age: 14
She's a pretty ninja girl, she's pretty smart and knows a lot about weapons.
She's in love with Kiyoshi. She likes sweets and weapons.
She's a decendent from the Haruno family.

Age: 15
He's a very rough guy, but friendly. He's from the Inuzuka clan.
He's in love with Hana. He has a very powerful taijutsu.
When he's angy he uses his beast mode.

NOTE: These were characters made by me for a group called NNG (Naruto New Generation)

Age: 17
She's a pretty panda, a bit chubby, but she's proud of it~ cuz she says ''Pleople likes meat to grab >:3''. She likes fluffy things and hates Macros.
He hates bullies and hates, she works at a chinnese restaurant owned by her parents, she haves a homo big brother and a straight lil sis(that hates that she and his big bro are gay XD). She has a little secret: she likes futanari.

Age: 16
He's a pretty homo foxxy fox~ ang he's a sex addict, he loves to have sex with any male~
He's Marcko's(Fursona) roommate, and he's always telling him to be more bitchy and lie about his age to get some big guys, but Marcko doesn't listen to him. He works at a table dance when he has a good friend named Jayson.

All characters by me~
Next bash: All my sonas, alters and Maruko Ayume X3
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yunuen-i Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
me encanta como se ven la Centella (tiene una carita kawaii), Charlie (su cabello es naranja *o* amo el naranja XD) y Huge (se ve guay) bueno me gusta como se ven todos pero esos tres me agradan mas XD
wizardotaku Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2013  Student General Artist
gracias x3 
ryugaxryoga Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Cute ^_^ ...and yay Huge!
wizardotaku Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2013  Student General Artist
you missed him, right? X3

Huge: Hi darling~ *hugs and kisses*
ryugaxryoga Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ofcourse ^_^

TianaKoopa1 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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