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Hey guys! I know I'm a bit quiet on DeviantArt, but I figured I'd let people here know that I wasn't hit too hard with Hurricane Sandy. I was out of power for several days but it just came back today. Pretty fortunate to have that be my only issue. Been trying to check up on most of my friends and family and grateful that they did the same for me. Although it might also be because I'm home alone and guarding my parents' house while they're on vacation in China. No biggie. 8)

Other than that, the lines for gas are the craziest I've ever seen. Multiple mile long lines for every gas station that has power. Hoping normalcy will hit sometime next week.
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Hey guys! Just a quick heads up that I'll be tabling at Table V07 with nargyle and wilmuck this year! We'll be under the name "Kandid" in the artist alley listings. So excited to spend the weekend meeting all these amazing artists and selling for the first time at Otakon.… Here's a useful/silly map you can use to find us! We're on the way to the bathrooms, so it's hard to miss!

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I figured I'd give a quick update. I'll be attending AnimeNEXT for funsies on Saturday. Not quite sure what my entire plan is, but I know I'll be stopping by a bunch of friends' artist alley tables making sure they stay alive. I'll be wandering around with a blue badger shirt, so if you find me, don't be shy to chat!

I'm also tabling at Otakon this year, but I don't have any details down yet. When I know, I'll post them up here. :)

Other than that, chugging along on Kandid! Started a new arc on Espresso's tormented love life, so I hope you guys enjoy! If you want to see more art updates, I tend to post more on Tumblr, so go ahead and follow me there.
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ashwara was kind enough to give nargyle and I some of his table space so we could have some awesome times at Anime Boston this year! So find us at table 54 where we'll be rockin out with our super cool neighbors: rockaaar, cryptosilver, and ync (who I haven't met yet, but uh...hi!!! :D )
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Just cleaning up the dA gallery a bit. I'm getting rid of old art and uploading batches of art. I'll try not to spam everyone too much.

I'm still updating Kandid every Sunday and I'll just upload them to dA in arcs.

For sketches and epic art challenges with friends, there's my tumblr.

Stay warm everyone! 8)
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First of all, a super belated thanks to everyone who stopped by my AA table at AnimeNEXT. Had a blast with new and old art friends! A little scarred by screaming fangirls from the main exhibit room but they made great sound effects for pretending to be in a roller coaster!!!

But anyway, I wanted to let everyone know that I'm going to Otakon this year as nargyle's gopher minion. The only thing I'll have are the nuclear fusion-ha! t-shirts that Aru has graciously let me have a small amount of space for and MAYBE an art piece in the art show granted I magically find some time this week. I'll mostly be wandering around the con, stalking famous people and dA artists in a blue badger shirt and a large capchalogue card.

See you all at Otakon! :D
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Hey everyone! Just letting you all know that I'll be at AnimeNEXT this year sitting next to HeyLookASign who was kind enough to offer me two feet of space! I'll be at table 49, which is near the entrance so come by and say hi! :D

Yeah, I didn't even know I was going to sell at this con until a week ago. Ahahaha...CRAMMING IN ONE NEW PRINT AND BUTTON!
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Anime Boston was, in a nutshell, freaking awesome. Thanks to everyone who stopped by our table and made it super happy awesome (especially you kyubei button trollers. you guys are infamous at our table XD). Glad to see old friends like SHADOBOXXER (although technically not at the con), ohmonah,GreenWiggly, HeyLookASign and whoever else I might of forgotten. Also made some new friends with ashwara who floored me with his awesome watercolors and comic, briefly with milkaru and our epic prof layton print trade and our neighbors (who I kind of forgot to ask for their DA names D: ).

:star::star::star:POST-CON SALE:star::star::star:

So as some of you may know, I decided to try printing t-shirts this year for Anime Boston. I only printed 25 of the "Nuclear Fusion-HA!!!" shirts and it left an awesome gaping hole in my wallet after the con since I barely sold enough of them to cover the cost of producing them. So if you ever wanted one of these shirts, send me a note ASAP since I'm never ever ever ever printing these again.

And just to entice you guys further in buying these shirts, I'm also throwing in a sticker set of the Muffin Lord, Ensign Espresso and Sgt. Sausage from my comic Kandid.

PRICE: $15 + Shipping ($5 if you're in the US, we'll can work out international shipping on case-by-case basis)

S- 1
M- 7
L- 4
XL- 3


1. Draegos (PAID + Received)
2. WoWandWaS (Reserved)
3. Allie (PAID + Received)
4. Joyce (Reserved)
5. Cola (Reserved)
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nargyle and I will be at Anime Boston 2011's Artist Alley posing under the studio name of "Shiny Maggyo". It was the best name we could come up at the time of registration. 8C

:star: :star:

SAY HI TO US. IT'LL BE FUN. Seriously!

Also. AATR 2????? :iconartists-at-the-ready:
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Hope you all have a great holiday. Mine will be a simple holiday spent with the parents and not too many presents. ( 'u');;

Thank you Secret Santas!!!
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Heeeeeeeeey Santa (in feudal Japan. not you other Santa who got requests of silly food fun). You know that (not so)awesome dueler you got in your inbox? A drawing of him would be preeetttyyy swell. Color it if you're even more inclined I'd give you new reference art but the holiday season is ridiculously busy. I'll try hard to get something done within the next week. T_T Hope you don't mind!
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Yup. I had my birthday the same day as Thanksgiving. Happens once every so many years so all I have to dread is the plausibility of having a Turkey Cake. Good thing that didn't happen, although it kind of sucked that we couldn't get the usual ice cream cake since everyone's closed on Thanksgiving (for good reason!)

ANYWAY! If any of you have ever wanted a commission from me, you can check out my super nifty commission page here:

:star:… :star:

It's pretty cheap and super personal for the wonderful holiday season. I prefer if people order commissions by Dec 15th so I have 10 days to finish and send the commission in case the postal service hates everyone. If you're more of a last minute person, I'll see what I can do to accommodate you but keep in mind I'm only human! Just fill out the form if you want one and I'll do my best!
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Back from MangaNext Artist Alley! Had a great time doing a ridiculous amount of commissions and talking to so many people. Thank you to everyone who stopped by to chat with us and extra love to those who commissioned me! I'll give a better update once I get some rest.

:star:Kandid comics are still going strong! Updates every Sunday and sometimes ThursdaysSEE IT HERE!!:star:
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NYCC/NYAF (Oct 8-10)- DONE! Had an amazing time seeing people and seeing so many artists in one area! I saw :icondel-borovic: who recognized me from Otakon 2009. I wasn't expecting her to, so I'm sorry for being so confused! D: Then after trekking across most of the artist alley with my friends, I found :iconrufftoon: who was sweet enough to give me a booth hug the instant I introduced myself and I'm loving the Avatar swag I bought from her! I'm also giddy from trying out the new Okami and Ghost Trick game and getting Chibiterasu silly bands (which is the only reason I would give into this fad).

MangaNext (Oct 29-31)- I'll be tabling with the lovely cafe-lalonde in their Artist Alley. So stop by if you're attending this con instead of some awesome Rally to Restore Sanity. Also be sure to check out the awesome Skwinky and missypena who will also be there!

Kiriban- I see I'm getting pretty close to 15,000, so anyone who notes me a screenshot of it gets a free sketch! Huzzah! It's been caught by Selecthumor! I'll need to come up with a cooler number for the next kiriban. Suggestions of 16,000 + will be appreciated. 8)

:star:I started a new web comic. SEE IT HERE!!:star:

I apologize for the terrible puns in advance. It comes with my name. u_u

Aaannd that's it.
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Just letting you guys know that I'm not really dead. I graduated college about a month ago and have been laying low for a little while. Just job hunting and doing some art work on the side. Seriously considering some options. But for now, I think I'm going to at least do shirt.woot design derbys. They're kind of fun and exciting to watch now that I've submitted one to them.…

Also, totally watch this video:… to get the joke behind the shirt.
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Small break from thesis crunch finals! Time for a double meme tagged by :iconalamus:!


1) Post the rules

2) Each tagged person tells 8 things about themselves

3) At the end, tag 8 people and put their icon in your journal

4) Then go to their page and leave a comment saying you tagged them

5) No tag back

(ONE) I have a fear of small heights. I'm cool with sky scrappers.

(TWO) I like to sing when there's no one around. In my room...In the public but with no one in sight... >____>

(THREE) I love practicing and watching martial arts. There's just something so cool about how the body works and the awesome pictures you can take. 8)

(FOUR) My favorite llama is the gentleman llama. ;D

(FIVE) Despite trying to be so "manry", I have a huge soft spot for cute things like beady eyed animals.

(SIX) I snap my fingers backwards. My thumb goes into my hand instead of outwards.

(SEVEN) I love giving random voices for people I'm giving impressions of. My current favorites are my "big dad" voice and "Chinese salse(wo)man" voice.

(EIGHT) I just learned how to install temporary walls with spackle and power tools this past weekend. o_o


And now for 10 things about ENSIGN ESPRESSO! (beware, bad puns to be had)

1) "Every morning, I go for a run. Got to start my day off right with a coffee run!"

2) In the summer, I like to sit in a bucket of ice to cool off from the heat.

3) I can program in java!

4) I wish I could stop burning people when I spill. ._.

5) I can't stand those frappe boys. I mean, they're not really coffee, right?

6) I have a sister named Latte. She has a cute little kid named Mocha. She's really sweet.

7) People say I looked cuter as a coffee bean before I was brewed into a coffee beverage.

8) I don't know how I feel about latte art. I know it's not permanent, but it's almost like a tattoo! D:

9) T-T-This is s-s-starting to g-g-get embarrassing s-s-saying all these things about m-m-mys-s-self.

10) W-W-Wait. T-T-There is a s-s-such t-t-thing as n-n-n-n-n-n-naked coffee??

All done. I tag... :iconnargyle::iconcafe-lalonde::iconskwinky: aanndd anyone else who feels like doing it. u3u
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Sorry for such a delay in my recap report of Anime Boston! When I got back, I immediately had to go straight into "Thesis Crunch Mode" for yesterday's critique. Now, I'm playing catch up on all of my other classes, but I can take a break for this. 8D

The drive up to Boston was probably traffic hell. What was suppose to be a 5 hour drive turned into an 8 hour one. But I still had fun in the car singing Captain Hammer's part in my terrible off key man-voice and finally making the cosy for my ipod in traffic. That's pretty weird for me since I can never do -anything- in cars due to car sickness.

The hotel was a lot of fun with nargyle, Skwinky, pockyaddict23, xDJAJNosillAx, and missypena! It was a pretty darn epic girl party both at artist alley and and back in our room. Extra props to pockyaddict23 and xDJAJNosillAx for helping out at our tables when they really could of went and enjoyed the rest of the con. I really miss it and hope to do another con with all of you. 8)

Also thanks to everyone who stopped by the table! We forgot to bring Sir Applegate (plush mustachioed wolf) but we ended up having a cute bunny and bidoof sitting by our commission sign. We met a lot of cool people, seen a lot of weird things, and had some interesting conversations! Props to Ian Chase for being our neighbor and Garth www.finderskeepers.gcgstudios.… for having to see me in person again (ahahaha... 8| ). I also managed to find some time on Sunday to run around and talk to artists at their tables. Unfortunately, all the cards that I got don't have dA accounts on them (funny that). I did say hi to chirart while buying her art book and return-visited lushan's table since she stopped by our table so much!

If there was something that I really like about Artist Alley, it was doing commissions. I need to get faster at pumping out more quality work, but the ones I was proud of made me happy when the commissioners' faces lit up. I plan to have another go at it some day in the far future, seeing how I'm not doing any other artist alley tables until I find out my future after graduation.

ALSO! Someone from FUNimation came up to our table and asked to take a video of our prints for their blog. Lo and behold, we did make it in the cut! Skwinky's print made it in for a few short seconds! Check it out!

:spotlight-left:… :spotlight-right:

Lastly, I have a lot of leftover merchandise, so if anyone's interested in them, let me know through a note. I'll be uploading low res versions to my dA account soon so you know what exactly is in stock.


To Do:
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So if you couldn't tell from nargyle's journal, I'll be selling art at Anime Boston this year!

:iconnargyle::iconskwinky::iconpockyaddict23: AND NOW :iconxdjajnosillax: are all hoping in a car and driving all the way up to Anime Boston to have an awesome time! nargyle and Skwinky and I will be tabling it up in Artist Alley selling our sw33t swag and drawing commissions live until we pass out. It'll be loads of fun despite my utter fear of not having enough (good) things to sell. I'll just have to bank on my terrible sense of humor. >_>;;

:spotlight-left: OUR TABLE IS HERE :spotlight-right:

:star::star::star:… :star::star::star:

It's not hard to find two Chinese girls and a short Italian girl sitting together with a mustachioed plush wolf. But what do I know about finding people? D:

Things not con-related, I'm still busy chugging away on my senior thesis work. So obviously, if I'm not around much, it's because it decided to eat me whole while I learn how to become a hermit.

Oh yeah, I also got a lot of snow from all those snow storms you've been hearing about. I'd say we got 2 feet at most, which is pretty ridiculous for Jersey. I also had a pleasant experience with food poisoning. Let's not try to do that again.



To Do List:
-Anime Boston l00t!
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:iconimseriousplz::iconsaysplz: DO THE IMPOSSIBLE, SEE THE INVISIBLE!

...I mean, draw more/better, cook better, and graduate college!

Happy new decade. (so what if I'm a day late?)

(also, where the heck are you SDL secret santa? D: I know I haven't been that bad of a girl to deserve nothing. ;_; )


To Do List:
-Prints and other general l00t
-Kiriban Sketches (...Right! Those things D: )
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I always liked that term better than "Happy Holidays" just because it's so quirky and funny. ;D I'll be hiding inside where it's warm and dry from whatever impending weather of doom heading over to the east coast. Then I'm finishing up unfinished business(kiribans) and crazy graduate school applications for an MFA in animation/digital arts (depending on the school).

Happy Christmahanakwanzika!!!!!


To Do List:
-Prints and other general l00t
-Kiriban Sketches (...Right! Those things D: )
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  • Reading: knitting patterns
  • Watching: FMA / Kimi Ni Todoke <3
  • Playing: KH 358/2
  • Eating: Home Cooked Meals!