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p2u line art pack

please only purchase if your device is able to open .zip files
if your files are not working for whatever reason, NOTE ME (do not comment) with proof of purchase and i will send you separate files through

comes with 4 different lines, with 3 versions of each:
- file with layers (.psd)
- transparent (.png)
- white background (.png)

what you can use it for:
- adoptables both on deviantart and on other art sites, paypal or points, whatever u want (link back to my deviantart if used offsite)
- ref sheets/design commissions
- idk pretty much anything you want. just dont resell the lines or give them to people who havent paid for them please :+(

PLEASE credit me!!!! Heart

heres a better preview of what they look like  jgjhg by wizardcap
© 2016 - 2021 wizardcap
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Moved to @liomera, will be using there

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hi there! is it possible if i can just buy one of the bases? if not thats fine ^^ thanks! <3

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just wanted to let u know that i bought on my lost-vhs-tape and i moved accts ^__^
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Umm, so I just purchased it and none of it is loading or opening. Could I get a link to the stash files for it? if not could I get my points back? ;;o;; 

please note the creator

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I bought this but the psd files wont load; can i get a link to a stash file?
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purchased <3!
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I don't know if I did it the right way, but I just send you 40 points as it is said in the description^^'- so purchased
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u have to hit the widget on the sidebar that says to purchase! it’s only visible on the desktop version so if youre on mobile or tablet try requesting the desktop version of the webpage :-] if u dont know how to do that you can look it up, for now i’ll send your points back over to you!
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Oh hecc, I'm blind, thank you, I'm gonna click it in a second ^^''
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