The Colonists, Task 1: Explorers B

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  I didn't put claws on my gloves so I could dig, Benedict thought irritably as he scooped up pawful after pawful of moist dirt.  I got 'em so I could fight!

  "Hey!  Watch where yer throwin' that mud, Benedict!" Cassidy snapped from somewhere behind him.  "We need ta keep th' water clean, remember?"

  "Yeah, yeah, whatever," Benedict replied halfheartedly, using his tails to sweep the soil he'd dug up into a pile.

  An accusation popped into the Buizel's mind, like it always did when he heard or saw the First Mate.  He had discounted it multiple times, and yet his subconscious seemed unable to let go of the possibility.  There's no way that guy's my dad.  He's lived in this city all his life (Not the best choice, in my opinion, but meh).  Besides, my dad's supposed ta be a Shiny, from what my mom told me.  And there's no way Cassidy would go crazy and nearly kill a guy who's got nothin' to do with him.  Unlike me.

  The fact that he had nearly murdered the Sceptile he was fighting still greatly disturbed Benedict.  He had nothing personal against the Grass-Type, and yet he'd gone into a rage and made for his opponent's throat without realizing what was happening.  Such crazes had befallen him twice before; the first time got him in deep trouble with his former leader, while the second had led to the death of that leader.  But the Pokémon that had fallen victim to him then had wronged him, had made his entire life miserable.  He didn't even know the Sceptile's name.  Killing was more acceptable if it was justified, he knew; but where was the justification behind murdering someone you didn't know?

  Benedict shook himself.  I've been listenin' to that dumb Furfrou too much.  Who cares if I didn't know the Sceptile?  He did somethin' bad, and he needed to pay for it.  It doesn't matter what type 'a punishment he got, so long as he got it.  That's that.


  So involved in his battle of morals he was that the Buizel barely noticed the dirtiness of his gloves or the aching in his shoulders as he continued to scrape away at the soil.  It was only when Cassidy ordered the diggers to move their loads to a large waste area that he realized how tired he was.  I shouldn't of dug up so much dirt, he thought as he struggled to lift his large pile of mud.  Much more work, and my arms'll fall off!

  The diggers carried their dirt through a shallow pool, walking in single file.  Benedict found the process annoyingly tedious, but couldn't think of a way around it.  Then, just before he arrived at the drop-off, the Pokémon in front of him, for whatever reason, lashed its tail wildly, knocking the Buizel out of the line and tottering about the pool.  As he tried to regain his balance, he stepped on a sharp rock; with a high-pitched whistle, it grew hot, until the pressure within it could be held back no more.  A huge bang! resounded through the caverns, sending water and debris everywhere.


  This Muddy Water is better than the clean stuff, anyway, Benedict thought as he made his way back to his dorm, idly tossing and catching the vial of murky liquid he'd received.  Soak and Water Sport won't help me much, and I already know Aqua Ring.  This, meanwhile, will take care 'a pesky Electric-Types for me.  And it cures poison!  What more could ya ask for?

  The Buizel had been severely scolded by Cassidy for setting off a Bustershoot and dirtying the water with his load of unearthed soil, in spite of Benedict's arguments that it wasn't his fault and that the blast might have killed him.  He had pointed out that his foot had been cut by the rock and slightly mangled by the explosion (it was still stinging now), but the First Mate had refused to listen.  The Floatzel's lecture of 'good behavior' reminded Benedict of his old home all too well, and it took all his willpower not to claw at Cassidy's face.  As 'punishment' for his actions, he'd been given dirty water instead of fresh; but to him, it seemed like a the better reward, so he didn't mind.

  Benedict walked inside his dorm room and set the Muddy Water on the nightstand.  Glancing at Quincy, he noticed that the Furfrou was wrapped up in very fluffy blankets; the Normal-Type looked quite comfy as he dozed away.

  How come he gets the nice covers?  For a moment, the Buizel considered stealing them, but decided that he didn't want to put up with his partner's shed fur.  He climbed into his own bed, then looked out the window  with his good eye as the sunset painted the heavens with shades of pink, orange, purple, and gold.
Tadaaaaa!  Here is my final Explorer task for now!
Alright, so now Benedict earned a Strike for exploding stuff, and we get some more information about him, too!  His violent behavior (specifically the mindless rages) is most likely genetic.  His father is bad.  And also not Cassidy.  Their similar accents are coincidental, trust me.  Benedict's father is an evil Shiny Floatzel, just to clear things up.  Also, Quincy was right; Benedict's mind is a little twisted when it comes to fighting and death and whatnot, though not as much as it may first appear.
Well, I think that's about it!  Next up is Mirage!  (Now to make a catchy slogan supporting Regigigas....)
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