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Literature Text

Date Joined: 5-3-2014
Current Funds: 12 St

Merits: 2
Strikes: 2


Species: Furfrou
Nature: Serious
-Characteristic: Likes to Relax
Gender: Male                    Age: Young Adult
Ability: Fur Coat- Halves damage from physical attacks

Strength: **                  Agility: *
Intelligence: *****              Charisma: **^^

Total Points Left: 0/10
Type Bonus: [Normal] -> [Charisma]

Move 1: Retaliate- Quincy springs at the opponent, slashing viciously with his claws.  It doubles in power if someone he cares about is hurt.  This doesn't include his partner, if that wasn't obvious.
Move 2: Headbutt- Quincy rams into the foe with his head, forcing them backwards.
Move 3: Sand Attack- Quincy kicks up a small dust cloud and forces it into the enemy's face.
Move 4: Roar- Quincy barks or shouts loudly in an attempt to frighten the opponent into fleeing.  However, he isn't that intimidating in himself, so this usually has less than the desired effect.


-Ripped Sophisticated Vest
----Description:A clean-cut red vest with green trimming.  It has coattails, pockets, and a green ribbon to be used for fastening.  There are circle designs around the arm holes, and a triangle on each pocket.  The left side of the collar is ripped from an attack be Benedict.

-Apricorn Ocarnia
----Description: Obtained during June Tasks.  Allows for the use of Grass Whistle.

-Item 3


Species: Buizel (It might take a second to recognize him as one, though.  That's because he's riddled with scars, one of which has blinded his right eye.  The air sac on his left arm is torn, and there are stitches in the one around his neck.  His left tail has been partially ripped off.)
Nature: Lonely
-Characteristic: Proud of its power
Gender: Male                    Age: Late Teens
Ability: Swift Swim- When it's raining, Benedict's speed is doubled.

Strength: *****                  Agility: **^^
Intelligence: *              Charisma: **

Total Points Left: 0/10
Type Bonus: [Water] -> [Agility]

Move 1: Aqua Tail- Benedict's tails become enveloped in water, and he  swings them at the opponent.
Move 2: Aqua Jet- With great speed, Benedict becomes surrounded by water and hurls himself at the enemy.  He then proceeds to pummel, claw, and bite them.
Move 3: Sonic Boom- Benedict's tails glow white, and he either hits the foe with them or shoots several shock waves at the target.
Move 4: Aqua Ring- Benedict becomes surrounded in a thin veil of water, which heals him periodically.


-Razorblade Gloves
----Description: Black gloves with red stripes.  They have metal claws on their fingertips and blades on the backs of their arms.  On the palms and backs of the gloves' hands are red diamond shapes with circles bordering them.  The gloves have Mystic Waters on the backs of their hands.  There are slits in their wrists and fingers for Benedict's air sacs and claws, respectively.

-Muddy Water
----Description: Obtained during June Tasks.  Cures Poison, causes Spit Up when swallowed, and allows use of Mud Slap and Mud Sport. Can be used once per event.

-Item 3

========== WRITTEN TEST ==========

 The sky was overcast, with only the occasional flecks of blue peeking through the clouds.  Wary vendors parked their carts in areas that seemed the safest from potential rain.  Currently, though, there wasn't a drop to be seen, so the streets were still clogged with pedestrians.

 Not that any of this mattered to Quincy.  The Furfrou had just finished signing himself and his... partner (he disliked using the term to describe Benedict, but there was no use denying it now) into the Explorers Guild and was about to head inside to the dormitories, where rain and crowds would be of little concern.  However, his journey was interrupted by a loud growl.  Turning, he saw that his dunce of a companion was snarling at a Servine near the Guild entrance, who stared calmly back at him from under the brim of her hat.

 "For The Creator's sake, what is it now?!" Quincy barked, stomping back to the Buizel, who turned to glare at him.

 "She was starin' at me!" Benedict snapped, pointing a gloved finger at the Grass-Type.

 "That is no reason to respond aggressively!  She probably wasn't even- oh, forget it."  Quincy walked over to the Servine, who had been watching the confrontation wordlessly.  "Please excuse him," the Furfrou apologized, gesturing his tail towards Benedict.  "He has not even an inkling of proper etiquette."

 "What was that?" the Buizel asked angrily, walking up beside the Normal-Type.  "That was an insult, wasn't it?  You just insulted me!"

 "Perhaps if you knew how to behave, I wouldn't have," Quincy retorted.

 The Water-Type growled, unsheathing his claws. "Why you-"

 "So," the Servine interjected in an attempt to stop the violence before it started.  "New, are you?"

 "Indeed," the Furfrou replied quickly, not wanting Benedict to be the cause of any more embarrassment.

 "Hmm, stupid question," the Grass Snake muttered.  "'Course you are, I saw you sign in.  Admittedly, I'm not great with this meet and greet stuff, so how about we exchange names to start things off?  You first."

 Before Quincy could respond, Benedict yowled, "I told you!  I told you she was watchin' me!  She's probably some sort 'a weird, creepy stalker lady!"

 "Oh please!  Do you honestly think that anyone of a stalkerly nature would risk doing their work right outside of a Guild?  She probably just works here." Turning to the Servine, the Furfrou added, "I am Quincy, and this moron is Benedict."

 "Hey, I can introduce myself, you know!  And stop insultin' me!" the Buizel snarled.

 "Then why didn't you?" Quincy sneered, sticking his snout into the other Pokémon's face.

 "Ahh, that's great," the Servine interrupted again.  "Yeah, when you said your names just then. it had that... that 'zing'.  It means you're serious about this, yeah?"

 "Hardly," the Normal-Type muttered, but the Grass-Type didn't notice.

 "As for me, my name's Teresa," the Servine continued.  "I'm what you'd call a Guild Assistant, which makes me your Serperior."

 The newly formed team stared at her in silence; Benedict with confusion, having not caught the pun, and Quincy with annoyance, since he had no taste for such humor.

 "You know, you don't have to be so polite," the Servine remarked with a small chuckle.  "I don't really care about rank and file, but I do care about honesty.  If I tell a  joke and it sucks, feel free to roll your eyes."

 Benedict cocked his head.  "But I don't get it..."

 "Of course you don't," Quincy snapped.  Returning his attention to Teresa, he questioned, "So, is there any particular reason you asked for introductions?"

 "Well, I actually wanted to ask you some things," the Servine replied.  "For instance, what brings you here?  You from out of town, or...?"

 "I, myself, have lived here in Andalusst all my life," the Furfrou responded.

 "Well, I am from a small town of Water-Types a ways from here," Benedict stated loudly, "and it was a whole lot better than this dump."

 "How dare you insult this place?!" Quincy snarled.  "I'm sure that whatever pitiful excuse for a community you're native to is nothing compared to the sprawling mass of this fair city!"

 "Why don't we have a little duel to see who's right?" the Buizel suggested slyly, baring his fangs and brandishing his claws.  "It'll be nice ta get some blood on my paws again."

 "You could try to, but you won't stand the slightest chance," Quincy replied, tensing his muscles.

 "Hey, hey, hey!" Teresa exclaimed, extending a vine to separate the two Pokémon.  "You're partners, remember?  No fighting.  Or else I'll call Luke, and you'll be in big trouble.  You don't want to get kicked out, now do you?"

 It seemed that something the Servine had said had gotten through to Benedict, for after a moment, the Buizel muttered, "Fine," and sheathed his claws.

 I wonder what made him pass up a chance to shred me, Quincy thought.  He dared not ask, however, lest the Buizel somehow take offense; the Furfrou had no experience with battles, and had simply been bluffing.

 "Now then," Teresa continued, withdrawing her vine.  "You've got a name in mind for your group, right?  I didn't get a chance to check your papers, but I want to get more familiar with our rookie members when I have the time.  I'm kinda new to this whole assistant thing, honestly."

 "Well, since both Benedict and I are named after some of the first great pioneers, I figured it would be fitting that we go by 'The Colonists'," Quincy replied.  Beside him, Benedict mumbled something about his dislike of the name, but the Furfrou paid him no heed.  The delinquent only wants attention, anyway, he thought.

 "There's that 'zing' again," Teresa remarked, smirking.  "Feels good to know we've got Pokémon like you joining our Guild.  I guess Cassidy wasn't exaggerating when he said the standouts just keep pouring in.  Just don't get cocky- confidence is good, but overconfidence in a dungeon is a quick way to get yourself in trouble, along with everyone else in your party."  She gave them both very serious looks as she told them this, and Quincy realized that she thought that they would likely cause trouble rather often.

 Before the Furfrou could speak a defense, however, the Servine snapped her fingers and asked, "Oh right, this is very important- why did you want to become an Explorer, hm?  Just curious..."

 "To be honest, it wasn't actually my- er, our choice," Quincy responded, frowning.  "I spend most of my time with books, you see, and my parents were worried that I would be a recluse for the rest of my life.  Not really sure what's wrong with that, exactly- not that I am a recluse, mind you- but that's beside the point.  So one day, my parents walk up to me and demand that I join a Guild.  At first, I had no major problems with the order; I planned to join the Researchers, whose science orientation was perfect for me.  But then my parents said that I had to have a partner.   I objected strongly, not wanting some weak-minded buffoon disturbing my work.

 "When I told my parents this, they went out as soon as they could, saying that they'd find 'the perfect partner'.  But it seems that I thought I wanted someone who wasn't weak, not weak-minded.  Meaning that they started searching for the strongest-looking Pokémon they could find, which turned out to be Benedict.  They practically kidnapped him off the streets-"

 "Practically!?" Benedict interjected, glaring at the Furfrou.

 "-introduced him to me, and forced us to make a team," Quincy continued, ignoring the Buizel.  "But then it turned out that Benedict didn't want to join the Researchers, for whatever odd reason."

 "The real odd-ness is why anyone'd wanna go with those soft-hearted snobs!" Benedict snapped.  "They think they're all fancy with their science an' stuff, but when it comes to fightin', they've got no clue!  You know who does?  The Hunters!  They can handle anything thrown at 'em!  An' they're street smart, too- the best kind 'a smart!"

 "The Hunters are a horde of ruffians who don't know right from wrong.  The Researchers, on the other hand, are educated, well-respected scientists who-" Quincy stopped, realizing that he and Benedict arguing was most likely a waste of Teresa's time.  "Anyway, we bickered over this, and when we couldn't work it out, my parents told us to join the Explorers as a compromise.  That should just about answer your question, I believe."

 "...Huh." Teresa stared at the duo for several long seconds.  "That's... not what I was expecting, to say the least.  Well, just in case you're unfamiliar with our way of work, the Explorers always make sure that the good of the people comes first.  There's lots of food  in the dungeons, and materials for clothing and medicine!  When we go out and find that stuff, it means that everyone here gets to have dinner.  Don't forget it!"

 The Servine went quiet for a second, as if lost in their own thoughts.  Then she suddenly snapped back to attention and gazed intently at the team before her.  "N-not to sound standoffish, but what exactly do you do, anyway?  What skills or talents do you have to offer to the Guild?  Everyone's good at something, I think."

 "Well, to give Quincy's weirdo parents some credit, I am pretty powerful.  I didn't get these scars for nothin', ya hear?  I'm dangerous!" To prove his point, Benedict punched the air several times, tails lashing.

 "I, on the other hand, am of an extremely high intellect.  I can solve complex problems with ease, and pay close attention to details." Quincy turned to his partner.  "Speaking of which, my parents are not 'weirdos'.  They are merely a bit... eccentric, is all."

 "Weirdos, ecce... exem... egg... Oh, whatever.  Same difference," the Buizel replied.

 "No, it's not.  The term 'wierd' and all things similar tend to carry a negative connotation, whereas-"

 Teresa grunted, halting the argument.  The Servine then continued as if it had never happened, fingers clicking against the wall.  "I can just feel it, you do what you do and you do it with everything you've got.  'Cause in this Guild, when a giver gives, then the giver gets... gotten... gets give-- eh, well, you get what you give, or something.  Whatever, it's written down on that big plaque in the hall.  Just do your best and come see me if you need help."

 With a wave, the Grass-Type ducked into the crowd near the main entrance and was soon lost to its masses.  Benedict and Quincy stared after her for a moment.

 "I still think she was a stalker."
And team #3!  This round up my first set of teams.  There are more, though!  Too many more.... I think I've fainted.   Welp, no use complaining.  After all, I made all of them.  Hehe.
Anywho, meet the Colonists!  I bet you'll be happy to know that not many secrets are held with these two, so you get full backstories!  Yay for you!  Also, these guys are fun to use.  Yay for me!  Though with how much they talk,and the fact that they're both male, pronouns are kind of tricky.  Oh well.  Tell me if you see errors!
Also, Xerneas is 'The Creator', according to the FAQ.
Up next are T.J.'s NPC form, potentially art applications, the new Errand, and COLLAB TEAMS!  They've been organized outside of here, but hopefully they'll be up soon!  In the mean time, fear the egg roll and eat molten rocks! :happybounce: 
Furfrou Icon Quincy is a smart, home-schooled Furfrou who likes books more than people.  A lot more.  Seriously, he has no friends.  Which is why his parents made him join a team.  You heard the majority of it from him in the application, so I won't repeat stuff you already know.  He is currently plotting a way out of his predicament without getting metaphorically killed by his parents.

transformers-fan123.icon  Benedict is a condescending Buizel who may need help with aggression.  As he stated, he grew up in a small town of Water-Types, though you could hardly call it that.  It was basically just a collection of dens.  The Pokémon there were governed be a Golduck.  But those are just minor details.  Now to get into the real meat of the story.

   Before Benedict's Egg was even laid, the Buizel's father did something terrible, and was banished because of it.  Fearful of history repeating itself, the citizens never gave Benedict any specifics on his father's acts and treated him like some sort of special case child; never letting him do anything of his own will, talking to him like you would an unintelligent animal, etc.  Unfortunately, this simply angered Benedict, and he began acting out in defiance to their coddling.  The things he did grew worse, causing the other Pokémon to constantly watch over them, which, of course, only annoyed him further.

   This dreadful cycle peaked when several townsfolk caught him stealing.  They scolded him endlessly, telling him that he'd end up like his father.  Eventually the Buizel blew a fuse, and the next thing he knew, his accusers lay dead before him, the blood on his paws.  When the others found out what he had done, they showed him to the Golduck leader, who decided to exact the death penalty with his own claws.  What he did not account for was that Benedict would break his bonds and fight back.  Which is exactly what happened.

   The fight was long and bloody, and it gave Benedict almost all the scars he now wears.  Towards the end, the Golduck pinned the Buizel on a rock, telling him that he would pay for what he and his family had done.  So busy bragging was he that he had not the time to defend himself when Benedict slashed at his throat.  Upon realizing that their leader was dead, the other Pokéman attacked him and chased him away.  It was his own mother that blinded his right eye.  

   Benedict then says that he wandered into Andalusst, but Quincy doesn't find that plausible, considering the enormity of his scars.  The Furfrou thinks his partner may have gotten help, but is to self-conscious to admit it.  While the Buizel acts like his banishment was nothing, he secretly loathes the feeling of rejection, which is probably why he submitted to Teresa when she told him to stop fighting.  His current objective is to find his father and find out what he did.  And maybe have revenge for how it ruined his life.
émon belongs to Nintendo
Characters are mine

 +3 Starcoins for Errands 3-5
+1 Starcoin for registering this team in the Atlas
Accessories: and
+2 Merits and +1 Strike for June Tasks (,, and )
Gained Apricorn Ocarnia and Muddy Water.  
+3 Starcoins for Errands 6, 7, and 9
Got Body Paint (That will probably be sold) and an Iaponese Mask (That probably won't) from Frosty Festivities contest: Frosty Festivities: The Colonists
+2 Starcoins for Errands 11-12
+3 Starcoins for Basalt Halls:
+1 Strike, Recruitment Slip, and Expedition Hat from Cactus Fields Tasks: and

-Apricorn Ocarnia
-Body Paint
-Bottle of Muddy Water
-Iaponese Mask
-Razorblade Gloves:
-Sophisticated Vest:
-Recruitment Slip
-Expedition Hat
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OMAGOD, this rules! This is the first time I read an Explorer's app, because the writing stood out to me.

This'll sound weird when I say it, but I actually relate to Ben quite a bit.
(Let me rephrase. Ben is an exaggeration of my own self from five years ago.)
That actually helps a lot.

Out of all of those several teams you have, this is the one I'll be keeping an eye on! ;)