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Date Joined: 4/24/14
Current Funds: 13 St

Merits: 1
Strikes: 0


Species: Aurorus
Nature: Calm
-Characteristic: Good Endurance
Gender: Female                     Age: Adult
Ability: Refrigerate- Turns Normal-Type moves into Ice-Type moves.

Strength: ***                   Agility: *
Intelligence: ***               Charisma: ***^^

Total Points Left: 0/10
Type Bonus: Ice -> Charisma

Move 1: Thunder Wave- Edith sends out a shock wave of yellow electricity, paralyzing nearby targets.
Move 2: Freeze-Dry- Edith's eyes glow bright blue, and large chunks of ice emerge from the ground to encase the opponent.
Move 3: Round- Edith sings a song of her choosing, lacing it with infrasound.
Move 4: Nature Power- Depending on her surroundings, Edith uses a certain move.


-Template Arm Band
----Description: A plain gold arm band, worn around her right foreleg.

-Custom Fireworks Recipe
----Description: Instructions for creating fireworks.  Allows two uses of Flash Cannon per event.

-Item 3


Veronica (Ronnie)
Species: Shiny Sneasel
Nature: Hasty
-Characteristic: Thoroughly Cunning
Gender: Female                    Age: Child
Ability: Inner Focus- Ronnie is protected from flinching.

Strength: **                  Agility: ***
Intelligence: ***^^              Charisma: **

Total Points Left: 0/10
Type Bonus: Dark -> Intelligence

Move 1: Icy Wind- Ronnie breathes in deeply, then blows out a burst of cold air, which sometimes contains bits of snow.
Move 2: Fake Out- After rolling up her sleeves, Ronnie slaps her hands together, creating a sound wave that causes the foe to flinch.
Move 3: Feint- Ronnie darts about, throwing several fake punches and kicks.  She she sneaks up on her opponent from behind and slashes at them with her claws.
Move 4: N/A


-Template Coat
----Description: An oversized white coat.  It somewhat hinders Ronnie's movement, but she doesn't really care.

-Hand-Made Kunai
----Description: A kunai dropped by the Iaponese ninja Hikou during the June Tasks.  It appears to have been made by the Riolu himself.  Allows the use of Fling, and can be Recycled.

-Body Paint
----Description: A set of violet markings Ronnie got during the Frosty Festivities.  These include two stripes around each limb, an 'X' on her back that wraps around her arms, two stripes on each cheek, a stripe over each eye, two stripes on her forehead, and a spot on her left ear.

========== WRITTEN TEST ==========

  "Hurry up, Edith!  If you don't, it'll take forever to tour the Guild!" Ronnie chirped, hopping impatiently from foot to clawed foot as she waited for the Aurorus to catch up to her.

  Edith chuckled softly, slightly increasing her pace.  "Remain calm, young one.  We will see all of the halls and rooms in good time."

  "Oh,but I want to see them now!!"  With that, the Sneasel raced to the end of the hall, her oversized coat flapping behind her.  Reaching a fork, she dashed to the left- and rammed herself straight into a small cluster of loitering Pokémon.  As Ronnie staggered back from their seething faces and annoyed remarks, the Dark-Type tripped over the edge of her coat and fell flat on her tail feathers.  This elicited numerous laughs from the group, while the poor Sneasel buried her face in her paws.

  Edith ran up to her partner and began checking her over for injuries.  Once she was sure that the Shiny was physically fine, she turned to the other Pokémon, intending to give them a stern talking to.  However, their attention had already been directed elsewhere.  As Ronnie and Edith watched, a tall Flygon ushered her way through the small crowd, accidentally bashing others with her tail and wings.  Distracted from her embarrassment, Ronnie perked her ears curiously as the Dragon-Type made multiple comments: "Ohhh... Excuse me, pardon me, Leader's Assistant comin' through... C'mon, guys, can't you have your little meeting thing somewhere that isn't blocking a hallway?  'Scuse me, sorry, jeez..."

  It seemed that the cluster had not had enough falling Pokémon that day, for a Bayleef extended a vine across the Flygon's path, sending her and the scrolls she was carrying through the hall.  Leaping to her feet, Ronnie quickly began gathering the parchment.  She attempted to read several of the papers, but Edith quickly caught her and made her hand them to the Flygon instead.  With the help of the two Ice-Types, the Dragon-Type soon had all of her items back in between her bracelet-adorned arms.

  "Oooof, so many papers...  There we go," the Flygon muttered as she managed to balance the impressive pile of scrolls.  She turned to the duo, a grin plastered onto her face.  "Thanks so much for helping me pick all these up.  I swear, that's like the fifth time I've tripped today; I'm such a klutz... Heeeey, wait a minute.  You don't look familiar.  Are you visiting the Guild?"

  "Actually, we just finished registering to be a team," Edith responded, her sails a content shade of green.
  "Well no wonder I don't remember you, you're new!" The Flygon attempted to bow, but realized that her papers were teetering and quickly stopped.  "Welcome to the Researcher's Guild!  I'm Kali, one of the Guild Leaders' assistants here.  Pleased to meet you!  And you are...?"

  "Edith," the Aurorus responded with a tip of her head.

  "My name's Veronica, but I go by Ronnie," the Sneasel added.  She held out her sleeve-covered hand, but then remembered that Kali was in no position for that sort of greeting and put it down.

  The Flygon smiled.  "Nice names!  You don't hear many names like that around here, but then again Andalusst is kind of a  mish-mash of a whole bunch of different kinds of names.  It's always nice to hear 'em since Pokémon do tend to come in from all over the place, after all.  Speaking of which, did you guys get here from the fog or something?"

  Ronnie glanced at Edith, wondering how she would respond.  The Aurorus's past was a touchy subject which she refused to discuss with her younger partner.  However, she also held social standards in high regards; she wasn't one to blatantly deny an answer to any questions thrown at her.  So how would she respond?

  "I lived in a small cottage quite a ways from here," Edith began, with a sidelong look at Ronnie.  "Due to... personal reasons, I eventually left to wander the world.  I met many new Pokémon, discovered many new things, saw many new places, the like.   When I got around to the outskirts of Andalusst, I found Veronica, who, at the time, was just out of the Egg.  I waited for her parents or guardians to return, but they never did.  It would've been wrong to simply leave her there, so I decided to take her with me instead.  At first, I only intended to stay for a few months at the most, just until Veronica was ready for travel.  But then she decided that she wanted to join the Researchers and, well, here we are."

  Ronnie's ears twitched thoughtfully.  I suppose a vague answer was to be expected, but it's still something to work with.  Maybe, with a few more hints, I can figure it out for myself.

  Kali nodded, oblivious to the Sneasel's thoughts.  "Really?  Hmm, yeah, that's how it is for a few people round here.  I'm not an Andalusst native myself, but I figured I'd stick around.  Anyway, now that you're here and you've registered as a team, what name did you pick?"

  "Team Diamond Dust!" Ronnie exclaimed proudly before Edith could answer.  "I came up with it.  Sounds pretty cool, don't you think?  And since we're both Ice-Types, it makes sense, too."

  "Hah, that's so much better than the name I used when I signed up, wow.  I was kind of, uh, young and silly back then, I guess you could say, so the name I used was... yeeeeaaaaah, pretty bad."

  Ronnie opened her mouth to sake what name the Flygon had chosen, but a glare from Edith quickly made her think otherwise.  I suppose if she didn't tell us voluntarily, then actually asking her would be both rude and embarrassing for her...

  The Sneasel realized that Kali was talking again.  "So, what's your reason for joining the Guild, anyway?  There are three Guilds here in Andalusst, and even if I like it here with the Researchers, I know it's not the best fit for everyone, since we're kinda knowledge-oriented; you could've just as easily registered with the Hunters, or the Explorers.  So why here?"

  "For the precise reason you mentioned," Ronnie stared in a matter-of-fact tone.  "I've always loved science and anything related to it.  In an attempt to quench my thirst for information, I visited the small library near our house daily, but most of the books there were icky fiction stuff; who'd want to read garbage like that?  Anyway, I complained to the librarian, and she said to look at the the library here.  So I went on a sort of tour and it was awesome!!!. I still can't wrap my head around how big it is- and all of it's filled with science texts!  When I found out that I was only looking at the public part of the library, well, I nearly fainted!"

  "Quite the opposite, actually," Edith remarked with a smirk.  "You were up all night, chattering away.  You would've talked my ear off, if I had one."

  Ronnie glared momentarily at the Aurorus, but felt too rushed to finish her explanation to make a comeback.  "As I was saying, I learned that the entire library was open to all Researcher teams.  In addition, the Researchers also have a variety of labs in which you can perform a whole bunch of experiments.  Not to mention the fact that they often go on crusades for knowledge!  So you see, I just had to join!  And now I have, and I'll get to do all of that cool stuff and it's just so... so.... eeeeeeeeeeeee!"

  "Wow, that's quite a tale!  Not many Pokémon come through here with a story like that!  Seems like everyone in the Guilds has a driving force behind what they do, and some reasons are... well, better than others."  Kali sounded genuine, but Ronnie couldn't help but feel that such a statement made little sense in this context.  Surely many had been drawn here in search of science?  And what did she mean about some reasons being better?

  Unfortunately for her, the small Ice-Type had little time to ponder her question before the Dragon-Type started speaking again.  "So that's the 'why' and the 'how'; what about the 'what'?  What do you think made the Guild accept you into the ranks?"

  "Well, there are many who would call me charismatic," Edith replied, seeming happy to finally get back to answering questions.  "I'm good at talking things out and persuading others, though that doesn't mean I won't fight if it come down to it.  Meanwhile, Veronica here has a an above average intelligence for one of her age, which will most certainly be helpful in this sort of atmosphere.  She is also quite fast, if I do say so myself."

  "Oh wow, that's pretty cool!" Kali chirped, tail waving idly.  "You guys are lucky.  Y'know, sometimes I wish I had a better skill set like that; then maybe I'd be more help to the Guild.  Pretty much the only things I do around here are draw and deliver papers everywhere and get stuck helping Archie."

  Ronnie blinked in surprise.  "Archie?  You mean Archimedes, the Guild Leader?  What's so bad about him?"

  "Well, yeah, he's one of the Guild Leaders, but he's just so...  so...  annoying, always bossing people around and taking credit for everything and acting like he's so much smarter than everyone else.  And I'm always the one having to put up with him because someone has to help him but everyone else always runs off before they can get stuck with him instead!"

  "Hmph.  You're right.  He sounds like a nasty guy," Ronnie commented before getting angrily whacked by Edith's tail.

  At the sound of the Sneasel's comment, Kali started, as if just realizing that she had said all those things aloud to an audience.  In an attempt to make up for her negative rant, she added, "And oh gosh, there I go running my mouth, ahaha!  Sorry, I'm not talking too much or anything, am I?  I kinda have a tendency to ramble on sometimes...And I probably really shouldn't be bad-mouthing Archimedes..."

  There was an awkward silence, which Ronnie used to adjust the overly long sleeves of her coat.  Then Kali glanced at her large stack of papers and abruptly shouted, "And OH MY GOSH I still need to take care of these!"

  The Flygon half-ran, half-flew over to the other corridor.  Glancing back, she called, "Uh, it was nice meeting you!  I'll, er, see you later, I hope?"

  Kali tried to wave, nearly dropped all of her scrolls, and then proceeded down the hallway in a clumsy fashion, hitting a few other Pokémon with her tail as she went.  When she was gone, Ronnie looked up at Edith.  "She was nice, huh?  Very talkative."

  "Indeed," the older Ice-Type replied.  "Now if I recall, you were giving yourself some sort of self-guided tour..."

  "Oh yeah!"  The Shiny Sneasel raced down the hallway, her partner trailing behind.
This is me reporting to you at 12:27 in the morning.  Yes, that is how badly I wanted to get this done.

As a warning, DeviantArt on an iPad is EXTREMELY finicky.  Just so you know.

Now that that's out of the way, meet my (first) Researchers team!  I feel like this application is kinda bland, but oh well.  If you see any mistakes or want to comment on my writing, please let me know!
Aurorus Icon  Edith is a calm, friendly, highly sophisticated Aurorus.  She has a past that she doesn't like to speak about, partially due to her dislike of it, and partly because she feels that it is too morbid to talk about in front of Veronica.  She found the Shiny Sneasel in the woods and has since grown rather attached to her.  The two share a bond similar to mother and daughter.

Free Sneasel Icon  (OH MY ARCEUS THE EMOTICON YES) Ronnie is a young and hyperactive Shiny Sneasel with a passion for science.  If she was an main game Pokémon NPC, she'd be the guy at the beginning of every game who jabbers on about how amazing science is.  She gets very exited when talking about it, too, and will often use a more educated style of speech while on the subject.  Despite being a fictional character herself, Ronnie hates fiction more than just about anything else.  She also secretly yearns to find out who her real parents are, and why they abandoned her as an Egg.
Pokémon belongs to Nintendo.

+4 Starcoins for Errands 2-5
+1 Starcoin for registering in the Atlas
Gained Hand-made Kunai, Globular Compound X, and Custom Fireworks Recipe from June Tasks. ( )
+3 Starcoins for Errands 6, 7, and 9
Got Body Paint (used on Ronnie) for Frosty Festivities: Frosty Festivities: Team Diamond Dust
+2 Starcoin for Errands 11-12
+3 Starcoins for Basalt Halls:
+1 Merit, Recruitment Slip, and Pollen Sample for Cactus Fields Tasks: and

-Body Paint
-Custom Fireworks Recipe
-Globular Compound X
-Hand-Made Kunai
-Template Armband
-Template Coat
-Pollen Sample
-Recruitment Slip
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