Fading Echoes Tasks: Hunters 3

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  Mirage dug her clawed toes into the sidewalk and skidded across the worn-smooth stone.  However, her effort to halt herself was in vain, and the Zoroark crashed clumsily into a very surprised Sundance, who was standing at the end of the street.  The two Dark-Types tumbled about the small area for several seconds before finally managing to separate themselves.

  “Oh my gosh!  I’m so sorry!” Mirage stammered her face hot with embarrassment.  “I didn’t mean to run into you, or to be late getting here.  I was putting up posters around the city all morning, and then I got pulled into Chantelle’s fashion show, and I knew I was late, so I sprinted and-”

  “Hey, it’s fine; don’t worry!” Sundance interrupted as he dusted himself off.  “What’s important is that you’re here.  Now let’s go get those shuttles!” After a pause, he added, “Uh… any ideas on how we should do that?”

  “Well, with mi illusionary abilities and all, I thought I could just make us invisible, so we could slip in unnoticed.  So long as we’re quiet, no one should notice.  Th-that is, if you want to do that,” Mirage added, feeling uncomfortable about ordering around a future Guild Leader.

  Sundance grinned.  “That sounds awesome!  You can really make us invisible?” The Weavile faltered, then replied again, more formally. “Uh, I mean, good plan, we’ll use that.  Let’s go.”

  Looks like I’m not the only unprofessional one around here, Mirage thought as she followed Sundance.  Contrary to the Zoroark beliefs that the heir to the Hunters would be uptight, daring, and dominating, the Ice-Type was on the cheery, childish side, with more interest in having fun than doing work.  Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  I like him more than I’d like some bossy, overpowering person, that’s for sure.

  A loud growl from Mirage’s stomach interrupted her thoughts.  The Zoroark had skipped lunch in her haste to save time, but now it seemed like it might’ve not been the best idea.  Thankfully, Sundance didn’t seem put off.  Instead, he suppressed a giggle and commented, “Looks like someone’s hungry!  We better make this quick, then.”

  And so they did.  After carefully observing the yard they were sneaking into, Mirage made them disappear (eliciting great amounts of excitement from a certain Weavile), and together, they collected all the shuttles in no time at all.  The Zororak’s stomach complained throughout most of the ordeal, but thankfully, no one was around to hear.  Soon enough, the two stood near the edge of a bustling street, ready to part ways.

  “I guess I’ll see you around, then, Sundance!” Mirage chirped, smiling.

  “Sure will!” the Weavile responded.  “And remember, just call me Sunny!”

  “Got it!” With a wave, Mirage turned and walked into the crowd, looking forward to a nice, quiet dinner and a well-earned rest.
but fate had other ideas... BUM BUM BUM BAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reward: Mixed-Berry Ice Cream (I really wanted the drawing for some reason, but nyeeeehhhhhhh.....)
Also, yes, it's short.  I'm having writer's block, sort of.  And I'm short on time.  The next one should be longer.  And not skim over the actual task.  Yeah.
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