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   “There we go…” Mirage murmured as she smoothed out the edges of the poster.

  The picture she (and T.J.  And maybe some others, too) had made depicted Regigigas in as friendly a form as a giant, faceless automaton could look, with a caption naming it, ‘The Gentle Giant’.  In the top left corner was a box filled with bullet points, reminding those who read it that the former statue had helped rebuild the city, was the center point for the Andalusst Atlas, and had recently revealed a new dungeon for exploration.  While Mirage was no artist, and the poster no masterpiece, she still felt that her work was something to be proud of.  The Dark-Type smiled.

  “Alright, that’s one down, 299 to go!


  “This is gonna take a while.”
Yes, I realize it's very short.  No, I do not care.  This gets the job done.
Reward: *Flips a coin*  *Still can't decide*  Ummmmmmm... Hunter Access Permissive.  It's shiny.Meow :3 
Fading Echoes:
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