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“Excuse me, darling?  Might I speak with you?”

  Mirage smoothed out the corners of her final poster and turned to see who had been talking.  In front of her stood an overly groomed Furfrou with an excessive application of make-up.  The Normal-Type looked slightly annoyed, as though she already disliked the Zoroark she had addressed, despite not even knowing her name.

  “You’re, um… Chantelle, right?  The clothing seller?  What can I do for you?” Mirage asked, surprised to be acknowledged by the classy Poodle Pokémon.

  Chantelle sniffed disdainfully.  “I prefer the term ‘fashion designer’, but yes, that is moi.  If you’re not busy, then come with me for a bit.  There’s something I need you to do.”

  “Actually, I need to meet up with Sundance for someth-”

  “Yes, yes, I’m sure that’s all very nice,” Chantelle interrupted, grabbing the Dark-Type by the arm and trying to lead her away, “but my fashion show is much more important than whatever it is you’re talking about.  Perhaps your little attempt at a fanciful shawl will trick others into adding to the Researchers’ donation pool.”

  Mirage shook off the Furfrou’s paw, irritated by her obvious condescension.  “Okay, three things: first, my shawl is perfectly fine.  Second, it’s lunch time; people want to eat right now, not look at clothing.  Third, I’m with the Hunters, so doing this doesn’t really help me at all!”

  “Look at my face for a moment,” Chantelle snapped, baring a set of surprisingly sharp teeth.  “Does it, in any way, appear to you that I care?  Because I don’t.  My show needs as many participants as possible, and you will be one of them, understand?”

  Mirage tried to think of a proper way to decline, but was too distracted by the glint of the Furfrou’s pointed teeth.  She wondered if the Normal-Type had gotten them filed for some reason, then yelped as Chantelle demanded, in as frightening a way a dog could demand, “I said, did you understand?”

  Several minutes later, Mirage stood in a long, twisting line situated behind a makeshift stage.  The other attendees were quite talkative, filling the space with their mutters and murmurs.  The Zoroark was curious as to how many others here had come unwillingly, but couldn’t bring up the courage to ask.

  I could really go for some lunch right now, or at least a small snack, she thought, flinching as a loud complaint of hunger emanated from her stomach.  I’ve been running around the city all morning; I should be eating, not standing in this stupid line.  Well, at least it’s moving quickly.  This should be over soon.

  As Mirage neared the front of the line, she heard Chantelle hastily giving out instructions to each person as it became their turn.

  “When you go on the catwalk, you have to act like you’re the best-dressed Pokémon in Parai, even though you’re not,” she demanded to the Dark-Type as she approached the stairs leading to the stage.  “Don’t take too long, or everyone will realize how terrible your accessories look.  Now, hurry up and go; the public is impatient.”

  Mirage was ushered up the steps and onto the runway.  While she did her best to appear confident, the Zoroark felt incredibly nervous at the center of attention, regardless of how positive the attention was.  She stopped at the catwalk’s end and, on a whim, decided to wave.  This caused several new cheers, and even a few waves back.  Wondering if she had accidentally used Attract to elicit such a response from the audience, the Dark-Type turned and quickly walked back up the runway.

  “I suppose you were adequate,” Chantelle admitted as Mirage hopped from the stairs.  The Furfrou fished in her coat, and then pulled out a pair of accessories.  “Now, choose one of these as your reward.”

  “Not to be rude, but, uh, I don’t really need glasses or a hairpin,” Mirage replied.  “Feel free to keep them.”

  “Are you joking?  These things are hideous; I can’t get rid of them fast enough.  I insist that you take one,” Chantelle sneered.

  “I’m sure there are others who would like these more-”

  “I got too many of these ridiculous things, alright?” Chantelle sighed.  “Perhaps you’d like the hairpin.  You could obviously use it.”

  Mirage frowned.  “A pin that small will not help with hair this big.”

  “Then take the spectacles!” Chantelle snapped, cream-colored fur bristling.

  “But isn’t wearing fake glasses kinda offensive to the visually impaired?”

  “Stop making up excuses and choose one!”

  “I don't want either of them!”

  “Augh!  Just take the glasses!  They’re the uglier of the two.” Chantelle flung the green-tinted eyewear at Mirage and stalked away.

  The Zoroark caught the eyewear and stared at it, wondering what purpose it could serve in the future.  Then the realization hit her: I’m late!

  The Dark-Type sprinted away, desperately hoping she wouldn't be in trouble with Sundance.
I had absolutely no motivation for this.  I don't like fashion.  That's why it's short, and most likely crappy.  I just wanted the glasses, okay?  Don't even know why...
Reward: Flygoggles Template
Pokemon belongs to Nintendo.
Zoroark la plz Mirage is mine.
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It's not crappy at all! I found it extremely funny, and I liked Mirage's personality. Over all, it was a good job!