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  The Greninja perched on a rooftop, surveying the surrounding buildings.  Below, several Pokémon yelled and frantically scurried about, trying to think of a way to corner the Water-Type.  This particular group was annoyingly persistent, but, like the others, they would fail.  He was faster, cleverer, and more agile than all of them; there was no chance of his apprehension.  He would most certainly be free at the day's end.

  At least, that's what the Ninja Pokémon kept telling himself.  In all honesty, the constant fleeing and fighting of pursuers  had been exhausting.  Each jump took more effort than the last, and each landing was more unsteadily made.  If he couldn't find a proper hiding place soon, he may very well fall into his captors' hands- literally.  So now he sat, eyes searching desperately for the right spot.

  There.  A nearby alleyway, cut off from the nearby streets where the other Pokémon lurked.  Perfect.

  With a few powerful bounds, the Greninja dropped into the small space and collapsed, panting.  As he took in his new surroundings, the Water-Type realized that his 'perfect' hiding place was not so perfect after all.  So close to the main street...  But few are out this late, and I'm only taking a short rest.  I'm sure it will be fine...


  It's him, Mirage thought in astonishment as she stared at the hooded Greninja crouching at the back of the alley.  It's really him.  What do I do?

  While she had been putting up posters earlier, the Zoroark had heard the ruckus caused by numerous teams as they tried to capture the Water-Type.  Not wanting to get involved, she had stayed as far away from the commotion as possible.  That way, she reasoned, she need not take responsibility for the Greninja's capture or escape.  But now, the criminal had practically been laid at her feet.  She had to do something, but what?

  I can't directly attack him, the Dark-Type thought.  I'd get creamed!  Better to just disguise myself, and try scaring him into submission.  Yeah, I'll do that.  Let's see, he's a Water and Dark-Type, so...

  As Mirage wracked her brain for ideas, an image repeatedly returned to her mind.  At first, she shoved it away, despising the thought of changing into something similar to one of them.  But it eventually dawned on her that it was, regrettably, the best option she had.  With a submissive sigh, the Dark-Type concentrated in the picture in her head: the tall, pointed ears, the long, leafy tail, the ridiculously short arms, and the sharp amber eyes, supposedly able to petrify all within their gaze.  When she was done, she no longer looked like a Zoroark, but instead appeared to be a sleek, powerful Serperior.

  After making sure that her target was still there, Mirage decided to add something to her ruse.  With an extra bit of  effort, the Zoroark made thick, bulky vines emerge from the walls and ensnare the Greninja, who jerked in surprise.  The plants were insubstantial, but so long as their strength went untested, they would feel real enough.  Hiding her nervousness as best she could, the Dark-Type made her way down the alley.  I hope this works.

  "You, sir, are coming with me at once.  No resistance, or else, got it?" Mirage demanded, raising her tail threateningly.  She decided to use a male voice; the Zoroark had no idea if the species had any gender differences, but since the model she used was male, she decided it would be best to play it safe.

  Rather than fighting back, as the Dark-Type fully expected he would, the Greninja simply stared at her for a few seconds, then silently nodded.  While this pricked her curiosity, Mirage knew better than to question.  She extended a vine- which was really just her arm- and began to drag the still-wrapped-up Water-Type towards the prison.

  It was dark by the time they arrived, and Mirage was exhausted from all of the day's walking.  Feeling irritable, she roughly handed the Greninja over to Donovan, the warden, who put him in a nearby cell.  The Heliolisk left for a few seconds, then returned with several papers and a shabby kunai.

  "Take whichever one you like," he offered with an overly pleasant grin.

  Mirage was unnerved by Donovan's uncalled for enthusiasm, but decided to focus on the reward selection instead.  None of the options were too terribly useful to her, but she knew she had to pick something.

  "The Accessory Vouchers," she replied after a moment.  That way, I can at least make those glasses a bit more appealing to me.

 "Of course, of course!" Donovan chirped, handing over the slips of paper.  "Good work, by the way.  Nice to know we've got nice people like you helpin' out."

  How odd, Mirage thought as she watched the warden walk away.  All I did was capture a criminal, and against my will, no less!  He might not know that last part, but that still doesn't explain why Donovan gave me such praise.  Maybe it's because I forgot to drop my disguise.  I should probably do that, actually.

  Smirking at her humorous, nonsensical conclusion, the Zoroark ended her facade.  Then, ignoring several gasps from numerous prisoners, she headed for the door, looking forward to finally going home.

  "That was quite the trick you pulled, there."

  Mirage spun around to face the Greninja, surprised that he'd finally spoken up after not saying a word to her the entire way to the prison.  "What do you mean?  I'm a Zoroark; making illusions is kinda what I do."

  "Yes, but to impersonate someone with such accuracy..." The Water-Type chuckled wryly.  "I've never seen anything like it.  You must be quite the fan of Yang to capture his essence so perfectly."

  Mirage tensed, fur bristling.  I went too far.  I didn't just use him as a loose model; I downright duplicated him.  I actually fooled someone into thinking I was Yang, that terrible, terrible-

  "No?  Perhaps you prefer Blood instead," the Greninja commented, apparently misreading Mirage's reaction.  "You know, you almost seem to bear a resemblance to him-"

  "Stop it!" Mirage snapped, flexing her claws.  "Do not associate me with them!  Ever!!" Ignoring the Greninja's surprise, she stomped out of the prison.

  They're terrible.  Absolutely terrible.  I don't care if they help society.  I don't care if others love and adore them.  I hate them.  They ruined my life.  They gave him that idea.  The idea to betray me.  He might have been horrible enough to go with it, but they still helped.

  They will pay.  Each and every one of them.
Ta-daaa!  This is finally done!  Only three more to go!  Hopefully they'll be easier to make than the more recent ones... I've been in some sort of slump lately... *sigh*
Anyway, here's more info on Mirage's backstory, sorta!  At least, you know another person on her hit list. And if they're known in Iapon, they must be pretty good at their job, yes?  So yay!  New info and plot development!  That's basically why I did this at all, actually.
Reward: 2 Accessory Customization Vouchers 
+1 Merit for peacefully bringing in the criminal.
Pokémon belongs to Nintendo
Zoroark la plz Mirage is mine.
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