Fading Echoes, M.1, Pt. 1- A Gigantic Problem

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  Staring down a narrow street, Mirage observed a giant, white behemoth swinging its arms about, attempting to crush the small forms of the Explorers darting around it.  With a strange groaning noise, the statue flung a blazing fist to the ground and into several of its attackers.  Hearing their screams, Mirage shuddered.

  "That thing sure looks dangerous," she muttered. "Thankfully I don't have to go anywhere near it!"

  Bounding through the streets and alleyways, Mirage eventually came upon a Weavile standing in a small plaza, watching as other Pokemon scrambled away to fulfill their duties.

  "Excuse me!" Mirage called, catching his attention.  Stopping in front of him, she quipped, "Sorry I'm late.  You're Sundance, right?  I was hoping I could-"

  "Hold it right there," a voice commanded smoothly.  Turning, Mirage saw a Pancham emerge from the shadow of a nearby building.  The leaf in her mouth was smoking, as though it was a cigar. "If I may, Sundance," she continued, "This one's coming with me."

  "What!?" Mirage exclaimed before the Weavile could respond. "But I haven't done anything wrong!"

  "No one said you did, missie," the Pancham replied cooly. "Now come on.  We haven't got much time."

  Reluctantly, Mirage slunk after the small Fighting-Type down an alley.  Glancing back, she saw Sundance staring after them, a slightly confused expression plastered on his face.  Returning her attention to her new guide, she asked, "You're... you're Kara, right?  What do you want with me?"

  Kara stopped and turned sharply to face Mirage.  "You look like the strong, agile type.  I've got a special job for you.  See that mass of leaves on the statue's shoulders?" she pointed towards the distant shape of the behemoth. "Somewhere in there is a little yellow thing, sorta fruit-shaped, with a couple of holes in the side.  I need you to go up there and get it for me.  Oh, and get some leaves, too, while you're at it."

  "Are you kidding me!?" Mirage cried disbelievingly. "You want me to climb onto that thing and risk my life for some mysterious trinket and a couple of leaves for you to smoke!?  Nuh-uh, no way, zero percent chance.  You are not getting me anywhere near that giant statue of doom!"

  "Excuse me," Kara snarled, eyes glinting with hidden rage. "Did I start that with a, 'If it pleases you'?  A Hunter follows orders, missie.  If they don't, they will face rather... severe consequences.  Do I make myself clear?"

  Mirage nodded nervously, unable to take her eyes off Kara's glowing fist.  What attack it may unleash, she couldn't say, but she was in no hurry to find out.

  "Good.  Now get out there and get what I asked for.  And don't let anyone see you!" Kara called as Mirage raced off.

  Slinking towards the living statue, mirage went over the instructions given to her in her head.

  Get onto the statue's shoulders and retrieve a yellow item and some leaves.  Make sure no one sees you.  Sounds kinda shifty- not to mention extremely dangerous and scary- but I have no choice.  If I'm to join the Hunters, I'v gotta do what their leaders say- regardless of if I want to or not...

  Arriving at her destination, Mirage slowed.  Towering above her was the living statue, which was seemingly unaffected by the attacks fired from the Explorers below.  It was standing near several tall buildings, which would allow the Zoroark to access to the giant's shoulders unseen much more easily than scaling the giant itself.  She was about to set out when a realization hit her: the egg!

  She couldn't take the egg with her without a serious risk of it smashing.  But it would be almost as dangerous to just leave it on the ground; a building may fall and crush it, or someone may steal it for some reason.

  Unless no one can get to it... Thinking quickly, Mirage opened the door to the building next to her and ducked inside.  Quickly, she found the stairs to the basement and headed downward.  Once on the bottom floor, she scouted out a niche in the wall, removed the lavender egg from her mane, and stuffed it inside.  Then she concentrated.  Slowly, the crack in the wall appeared to shrink, until it seemed that it wasn't there at all.

  "There." Mirage stepped back and observed her illusionary handiwork. "That should keep it safe for a while."

  Hurrying back outside, Mirage wondered where the building's inhabitants were.  Then she remembered that the all Hunters had been assigned the task of evacuating everyone.  All the Hunters except her.

  I suppose I should be flattered to be chosen for a special mission like this, the Zoroark thought, gazing up at the statue, but I don't.  I just feel really, really nervous...

Cliche title is cliche.  Oh well.

Mission 1, Part 1!  I had to abbreviate the title, but who cares?  I actually submitted something within the time limit!:happybounce:   Once I'm done with this, I'll submit the second chapter of The Quest for Paradise... maybe...Oh Noes! 

Pokemon belongs to Nintendo, Mirage and the character inside the egg belong to me, and Explorers, Hunters, Sundance, Kara, and Andalusst are part of PMDUnity, which you should join.  I'm serious.  Go do it.  Now.

Part 2(waring, it's really short):…
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