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  The assistant librarian gawked in surprise at the tall stack of books piled on their desk.  Slowly, they peered around it to stare at the small child standing there, winded but smiling.  “Uh… you’re checking out… all of these?”

  “Yep!” the girl replied, pulling something out of her lab coat pocket and placing it on the counter.  “Here’s my badge!”

  The assistant librarian stared at the Guild badge for a moment, then sighed and took the check-out register from a desk drawer.  They glanced at the title of the first book on the pile, then did a double take.  “Miss, you picked out a college textbook on quantum physics.”

  “Yeah, along with some stuff on geology, chemistry, and genetic manipulation,” the girl added with unnerving nonchalance.  “Why?  There’s no problem with that, is there?”

  The assistant librarian frowned.  “It seems a bit… advanced for someone your age, don’t you think?”

  The kid frowned back.  “I’m a Researcher, aren’t I?”

  “I suppose so, but that doesn’t mean you’ll just be able to magically understand all of this stuff.”

  The frown turned into a scowl.  “I am really starting to get tired of people telling me what I can and can’t understand.  My age means nothing when it comes to this!”


  “Is there some sort of problem here?” came the voice of the head librarian as he came to stand beside the person at the counter.  Upon seeing the girl, his face broke into a warm smile.  “Good to see you again, Ronnie!  Taking an ambitious amount of reading material again, I see.”

  “I would be, if your little friend here would stop criticizing my intelligence,” Ronnie answered, jabbing a finger at the now incredibly confused assistant librarian.

  “Ah, cut them some slack, if you would; they’re new.” Leaning closer to his employee, the head librarian whispered, “I probably should have told you this earlier, but this particular Guild brings in geniuses of all sorts.  Just because someone might be young or eccentric or anything else, doesn’t mean they aren’t of high intellect.  Mark my words, she’ll be done with over half of those by next Monday.”

  “…But today’s Thursday.”

Ah, science.  I love science.  I probably don't understand it nearly as well as Ronnie can, but I love it, anyways.  I've kept PMDU jargon to a minimum for those not Pokemon-inclined; for those that are, the assistant is a Metang and the head librarian is a Gothitelle, until any actual librarians are announced.  Enjoy!
For copyright's sake, Pokemon belongs to Nintendo.
Also, I'm not sure if linking back to the group is necessary, but just in case: :iconpmdunity:
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