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  It was rather nostalgic, digging through the small box of his old mementos.  Many items were stowed there: a perfectly smooth pebble form the creek where he used to play; the remains of a once beautiful flower he’d managed to find in the barren land he’d once called home; the fang of the first beast he had bested once he had learned how to fight; a badly drawn picture of him as the ‘the best explorer ever’, according to the caption; a badge he’d received upon pursuing that title.

  A lock of ruby-red hair, reminding him of who had come up with it in the first place.

  He missed her.
Blegh, I need to read more books.  I feel like I might slip into writer's block otherwise.  If only I had the books I wanted, instead of them being at the bookstore or library.  Anyway, the people who are interested in me for my PMDU stuff can be exited about this!  I mean, we've been promised new stuff soon, so you should be exited regardless, but early updates are fun, right?  Right?  *Glances towards FNaF* Well...
Who is the narrator?  How do they relate to the rest of the 'mons in this group?  The answer is: Figure it out!  Okay, okay, I'll give a hint.  The original title for this piece was "Devil's Advocate", but I changed it in case that title can ever be used more literally.  This is someone that, up to this point, has been considered an antagonist.  Also, I'll be nice and say that he's only been mentioned, never actually present.  That should narrow it down for you.
I technically began forming this on the basis of the prompt "He tore up the tickets", but at this point, you'd never be able to tell.
For safety reasons, even though no franchise-related jargon was used to spare the non-Pokenerds: Pokemon belongs to Nintendo.
Complementary Art of August:
Word Count: 110.
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Beautifully done. :heart: