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  Mirage let out a painful yelp as, for the third time in the past fifteen minutes, her hammer struck her thumb instead of the nail she was aiming for.  She glanced across the ramshackle excuse for a cart to Ronnie and Edith, who had joined the Zoroark in rebuilding the wagon she'd found, and had also, so far, not suffered even a single injury.  Somewhat jealously, the Dark-Type muttered, "How come you two are so good at this?"

  "The pursuit of science requires a mindset that allows no room for error," Ronnie answered matter-of-factly, while Edith merely shrugged and continued working.

  With a sigh, Mirage went back to her labor.  Before too long, however, she was interrupted once again- though this time, it was significantly less painful.

  "Hey, Mirage!" called a familiar voice from the not-so-crowded gathering of Guild members.  Turning, the Dark-Type saw the Buizel she'd met a few Errands ago, looking uncharacteristically gleeful as he made his way towards her.

  "Oh, hi!  It's nice to see you again, uh..." The Zoroark dug through her memories in search of the Water-Type's name. "Ben... e... dict.  Benedict, right?"

  He blinked, looking as though he wasn't sure why she sounded so uncertain.  "Uh, yeah... So, what're you doin' here?"

  "Well, my friends and I decided to join up for the Errand," Mirage replied, gesturing idly to the two Pokémon behind her.  "Right now, we're fixing up an old cart we found."

  Benedict stared at their handiwork in disbelief.  "That's a cart?"

  "It... will be," Mirage responded with an awkward chuckle.  "So, I guess you're doing this sort of stuff, too, then?"

  The Buizel grinned.  "Heh, yeah, I decided t' get some wagons from a bunch'a creeps before they tried ta do anythin' stupid with 'em.  Those idiots took quite the poundin' from me!  After I was through, they went runnin' for th' hills!"

  As he spoke boastfully, Benedict was blissfully unaware of the Furfrou walking up beside him (Quincy, Mirage believed, was his name; he was the Water-Type's partner, if memory served), and thus was rather startled when the Normal-Type spoke up.

  "Benedict, those 'creeps' you spoke of were just travelling merchants who happened to have a few spare rickshaws handy," Quincy interjected, a sly smirk sneaking onto his face.  "While you pestered them endlessly with your paranoid questions, there was no fighting.  Even if there had been any, going off bragging about it probably won't get you very far in impressing this girl."

  Impress me? Mirage thought, blinking in baffled surprise.  Why would he want to do that?

  "Wh-why you-" Benedict abruptly unsheathed his claws and swerved to face his partner, whose bemused grin quickly fell from his face.  "I'm gonna rip your tail off for that, you stinky mutt!"

  At this, the Furfrou promptly dashed away, the Water-Type hot on his heels.  As they disappeared around a corner, Ronnie, who had paused in her work to watch, curiously asked, "What just happened?"

  "I-I'm not really sure," the Zoroark mumbled, feeling lost.

  Behind her, Edith chuckled, a knowing look in her eye and golden amusement rippling through her sails.  "Ah the pursuits of youth; they never fail to amuse me."

  Becoming even more confused by the Aurorus's comment, Mirage slowly turned back to the nail she'd been hammering and continued her work.

  "Ah!  I hit my thumb again!"
Ta-daa!  I didn't miss the deadline this time!  
Client: Solstice
Errand: #9
Date Issued: August 15, 2014
Date Due: August 20, 2014
So here, Mirage fixes some carts, Benedict tries to be impressive, Quincy falls to temptation and teases Benedict about said act (and pays the price), and Edith finds it all very amusing.  Soooo... voila.
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