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  "For the last time, it's not that complicated!" Quincy barked, dull claws scraping the earth in frustration.  "You just dig a hole, put the sapling in, and pack the excess dirt around it!  I'm perfectly aware that you're stupid, but I fail to see how anyone could be so idiotic as to not comprehend such basic instructions!"

  Next to him, Benedict narrowed his eyes, a smirk crawling across his face as he viewed his partner's annoyance.  "I'm not doin' it 'cause I'm dumb- which I'm not- I'm not doin' it 'cause this job is dumb.  You're th' one who decided to go tree-plantin'; you're th' one who's gonna do it."

  The Buizel stuck out his tongue for a moment, then promptly turned away, sat down, and began doodling in the dirt with one of his glove's oversized claws.  Quincy snorted distastefully in response, wondering how such a minuscule brain could be so ingenious at getting on his nerves.  Deciding to focus his attention elsewhere, the Furfrou  observed the efforts of the other Pokémon who had needed money badly enough to take part in some gardening.  He eventually spotted Ronnie, the young Sneasel who had so generously given him research supplies, working alongside an Aurorus, quickly listing out every fact she knew about the small tree they were placing in the ground.  Oddly enough, the two seemed to be enjoying the work, as if the act of muddying their clothes and themselves was of little concern.  The Normal-Type shuddered at the idea of being filthy, and was upset by the fact that he had been unable to trick Benedict into doing the work for him.

  Perhaps I can make him regret not helping me, Quincy thought devilishly as he recognized another face.  It was the Zoroark that had helped them move glass panes for Cassidy, the one who had put on quite the performance at the talent show- and the one who the Furfrou's partner was hopelessly smitten with.  Even now, the Water-Type kept glancing discreetly (as least, he thought it was discreetly) at the Dark-Type every few seconds, implying that the picture he was currently drawing was of her.  By some miracle, she seemed completely oblivious to the Buizel's rather stalker-esque behavior as she dug determinedly into the dirt.   Quincy was no genius with social skills, but he still felt certain that embarrassing his partner in front of the Zoroark would be all too easy.  The Furfrou was about to start formulating a plan when a startlingly familiar voice from the branches of a nearby tree interrupted him.

  "Quite the turn-up for a job that only pays one lousy Starcoin, don't you think?"

  The Normal-Type jerked his head up and blinked in surprise.  "Luzi?  What are you doing here?"

  "Oh y'know, just seeing what your city is up to now," the Ariados answered, settling into a more relaxed position on her perch.  "I caught word about some eco-friendly stuff going on near the edge of the woods and figured it might be entertaining to watch.  Seems like I was wrong, though, by the looks of it.  At least with you here, I've got someone to talk to."

  "Indeed," Quincy muttered, feeling off-put.  He still hadn't determined how he felt about the Bug-Type's company.  Her nearly constant use of sarcasm didn't seem like the best quality of a friend, and he would prefer to associate with those of similar intellect to his.  The fact that she claimed was still hanging around now because of him was also quite unnerving, for reasons he'd rather not get into.  But despite all of this, her presence was surprisingly tolerable, like something he could get used to, given enough time.  Especially if she was willing to offer her assistance...

  Glancing over to the unplanted sapling next to him, he inquired, "Since you're here, perhaps you'd like to help me get this over with?"

  Luzi considered the request, pincers clicking thoughtfully.  After a moment, she descended gracefully from the tree, chose a spot of ground, and and began to work away at the soil.  "Sure, why not?  It beats doing the chores I'm supposed to be doing right now, at least."

  Quincy stared at the Ariados for a moment, then tentatively stepped forward and began to dig alongside her.
Client: Gavina
Errand: #7
Date Issued: July 26, 2014
Date Due: July 30, 2014
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