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  Edith sighed wistfully as she made her way through the bustling streets of Andalusst City.  Tied awkwardly to her back was one end of a giant pane of glass.  On the other end of her load, he Aurorus could hear Mirage the Zoroark struggling to get a good grip on the smooth surface.  In between them, under their 'package' was Veronica, who currently acted as a safeguard if any difficulties should arise.  To Edith's left waked a Furfrou; at her right, a Buizel.  The pair had introduced themselves earlier and offered to ward off curious or ignorant pedestrians.  The others had obliged, and now Quincy was gently shooing others away, while Benedict snarled at anyone who came near.

  Quite the odd pair they are, the large Ice-Type mused, her frills a curious shade of emerald.  'The Colonists', as they called themselves, we're constantly at odds with one another, and didn't seem to have any common ground.  That they had formed a team together seemed very odd, and the Arourus found it amusing to come up with scenarios by which they could've been brought together.

  "So, what's it like, being in the Explorers' Guild?" Ronnie chirped, interrupting Edith's thoughts.  Twisting her head, she saw that the Shiny Sneasel was directing the question towards Quincy.

   "Oh, it's absolutely awful," the Furfrou.  "They're very thickheaded, the Explorers, including my partner.  I'd much rather be among Reseearchers.  Then I could get my paws on all sorts of interesting things."

  "Actually, just being with the Researchers isn't enough," Ronnie replied.  "You have to be a respected, well-known member.  Since I've only just joined, I hardly have access to anything."

  "Wait, you're a Researcher?" Quincy's crimson eyes glinted hopefully.  "Could you, at some point, lend my some things?  I don't mean to be a bother, and if you can't, that's fine, but there are a few tests I've really wanted to run."

  "Of course, no problem!  Just say what you want, and I'll look into getting it." Ronnie's pearly teeth flashed as she broke into a wide grin.

  "Wonderful!  Well, first I wanted to..."

  Edith tuned out the Furfrou's confusing scientific terms and instead decided to wander about among her thoughts.  She would've been perfectly content to keep doing that had another conversation not broken into her senses.

  "Hey, Mirage- uh, it is Mirage, right?"  This time it was Benedict speaking, and, oddly enough, he sounded somewhat nervous.

  "Yeah, yeah.  What is it?" the Zoroak muttered absently as she attempted to keep her load steady.

  "Well, I wanted to congratulate ya on your act a few days ago," the Buizel muttered awkwardly.  "It was pretty much the only thing worth seein' in the whole show."

  "Your performance was cool, too," Mirage offered.  "You and Quincy are both very nimble."

  "Yeah, but you could tell it was fake," Benedict countered.  "What you pulled off looked so real!  It's been a while since I've seen that much blood.  It was awesome."

  "Thank yo- wait, are you saying you've actually seen fights like that?"  Mirage questioned.

  With a sly chuckle, Benedict responded, "Better yet, I've been in one."

  "... Oh.  That, uh, explains the scars, I guess."

  As the other Pokémon in Edith's group chatted away- Quincy listing off assorted things to Veronica, Benedict boasting his might to Mirage- the Aurorus was overcome with a wave of loneliness.  Oh, I do hate being lonely.  It carries to many memories...

  For several seconds, the Ice-Type was unaware of her surroundings.  Instead, she saw her parents' friendly faces and her brother's gleeful grin.  She heard them say, over and over again, that everything would be fine, that it would all turn out alright.

  But it didn't turn out alright, the Aurorus thought crossly, eyes wet with potential tears.  My brother is dead, my parents missing.  How is that alright?

  "Edith, are you okay?"

  The Ice-Type whipped her head around to see Ronnie staring at her though the glass, a concerned look on her face.

  "When your frills change color like that, it means something's wrong," the Sneasel continued.  "What's the matter?"

  "Nothing's the matter, dear; I was just lost in my thoughts," Edith lied, faking a smile.

  You are so innocent, Veronica.  It is not yet time to reveal the world's cruelty.  You cannot know my pain.  Not yet.
EDIT: Yay, full version!
Client: Cassidy
Errand no: 5
Date Issued: 20th May 2014
Date Due: 24th May 2014
+1 Starcoin for all teams!  And I passed all of the finals I talked about earlier!  Yay!
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Gaaaahhhh, these things are so hard to come up with!  I need to make artist apps!  Well, at least there's character development!  You finally get Edith's PoV for a full piece, and you see more about her past!  As you can tell, it involves death.  Yay!  (Sorry, I am really happy for some reason.  Death in real life isn't good, but it's fun to use in stories!)

Alright, so between finals, studying for finals, and procrastinating for studying for finals, I haven't been able to actually write up anything extensive for this.  Hopefully a better-written, more engaging version of this will be uploaded soon.  But for now, this gets the job done.  Zoroark la plz Aurorus Icon Free Sneasel Icon Furfrou Icon transformers-fan123.icon Characters are mine.  Pokémon belongs to Nintendo.  :iconpmdunity:
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Wow, I was incredibly late here. This was entirely my bad and I'm really sorry. Anyway, you'll want to add a link to your team's official application to the description, as well as the bolded errand information from the group's page. As I'm not sure how much longer said information is going to be there, here you go:

Client: Cassidy
Errand no: 5
Date Issued: 20th May 2014
Date Due: 24th May 2014