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  "Why do we hafta do this again?" Benedict mumbled as he walked up to the theatre's backstage door.  

  "Because we need money, and this job offers some," Quincy replied snarkily.  "empty pockets won't fill empty stomachs, you know."

  "The heck with that; I can steal all the food I want!" the Buizel boasted, brandishing the claws on one paw while opening the door with the other.

  "I'd like to see you try," the Normal-Type muttered sarcastically as they walked inside.

  Benedict was surprised by how crowded the rehearsal hall was.  Surely Quincy was the only one crazy enough to opt for this?  They're probably just not as skilled at swipin' stuff as I am, the Water-Type reasoned.  Sure, he'd gotten busted during most of his heists, but he had always been really close to getting away every time.  A few of those attempts were successful, now that he thought about it.  The Buizel was about to mention this to his partner, but the Furfrou wasn't listening.

  "Tsk, tsk, so many Pokémon," Quincy muttered, taking in the scene.  "I suppose it's to expected, considering our tardiness.  Come; I'll find a place to practice."

  As if I need any more practice!  Benedict had been up all night rehearsing his part of their mock battle routine.  Quincy had seen reason for once and gone along with the Buizel's idea, though the Furfrou had insisted that it had to be a fake fight instead of a real one.  All the same, the Buizel hoped to get some scratches on the snobby Normal-Type's pelt before the show was done.

  While trudging after his partner, the Water-Type glanced about, curious as to what the other Pokémon were doing.  The vast majority seemed to be using their battle moves in ways that pleased the eye instead of to inflict damage as they were meant to do.  It disgusted and annoyed the Buizel that one should think that their abilities are for eye-candy rather than for taking  down opponents as was their true purpose.  Yet everyone else in the large room seemed to take that as true.  So when he saw someone who wasn't partaking in such stupidity, it naturally caught Benedict's eye.

  The Pokémon in question wasn't a species that the Buizel was familiar with; then again, there were a lot of species of Pokémon he wasn't familiar with.  This one was fox-like, with a huge amount of blood-red fur sprouting from her head.  Clasped around her neck was a colorful shawl, and clutched in her crimson claws was a book.

  "What's you act?  Readin'?  Sounds really dumb, if you ask me." Benedict sauntered away from his partner, sneering at the gray-furred fox.  Srtikin' some nerves should be more fun than practice.

  The young Pokémon started, then chuckled softly and replied, "Of course not, silly!  I'm gonna act out a battle from an old legend.  This storybook is just a refresher.  I've got to remember every last detail for the best turnout."

  "How're you gonna do a fight scene with no partner?" Benedict asked, frowning.  "And what's the use of extra detail?"

  The Pokémon stared at him for a moment, then closed her book and asked, "You don't know a lot about Zoroarks, do you?"

  "Er-well, no..."

  "We Zoroarks are master on illusion.  With a mere thought, we can make ourselves or our surroundings look like anything we want them to.  I'm particularly good at it.  For instance..."  The Pokémon stood, set down her book, then looked Benedict up and down, analyzing his appearance.  Then she closed her eyes in concentration, her claws tapping idly against her hip.  As the Buizel watched, the Zoroark's form shifted and stretched, changing until the Water-Type found himself staring, dumbfounded, at his duplicate.  The facade was incredibly exact- from his torn tail to the scars on his chest to the glassy dullness of his dead eye.

  "How do ya like me now?" the illusion challenged, putting up its gloved fists.  While not quite so uncanny as her visual stunt, the Zoroark's impression of Benedict was also quite accurate.

  "That's, uh... kinda disturbin'," the Water-Type remarked, secretly admiring the size of his scars.  "Really disturnin', actually."

  With a laugh, the Zoroark dropped her disguise, eliciting a surprised grunt from Benedict.  Then she concluded, "I'll use my abilities to make it look like there's a battle onstage.  But enough about me; what are you doing here?  For your act, I mean."

  Benedict proudly puffed out his chest.  "I'm doin' a mock battle with my partner.  I was practicin' all night, but Quincy, wherever he went, still thinks we need to go over it again.  It's cause he was too lazy to do it sooner, that's why!"

  "Benedict!" Quincy emerged from the crowd and angrily stalked up to his partner.  "We're supposed to be rehearsing, not gossiping!  And for the record, it was your tiredness this morning that made us late to get here.   Now come on; there's work to be done."

  With an annoyed sigh, Benedict trailed behind the Furfrou.  As he idly glanced back, the Buizel was fairly sure he glimpsed the Zoroark waving at him before she was blocked by the crowd.

  She's one of the nicest Pokémon I've met, and her act is a lot better than the rest here.  Very pretty, too- The Water-Type stopped himself.  If he got attached to anyone- especially in... that way- it would only hurt him later.   I trusted my mother, and look what happened there!

  "You must learn to not get so distracted," Quincy scolded, breaking into Benedict's thoughts.

  A growl formed in the Buizel's throat.  "Why do you talk to me like I'm a child?  I'm nearly as old as you!"

  "With the way you act, it certainly doesn't seem that way," the Normal-Type scoffed.

  Benedict grumbled angrily to himself, fiddling with his gloves.  After a minute or two, Quincy stopped abruptly, causing a mild collision.  Following the Furfrou's gaze, the Water-Type saw that his partner was staring at a couple of Pokémon arranging a bunch of vials.  One of them looked like a giant blue lizard with huge frills, while the other seemed like the child of a golden bird and a pink rat.  After taking in their odd appearances, Benedict realized that Quincy seemed intent on talking with them.  He pulled sharply on the Normal-Type's tail and grunted, "Look who's distracted now, you dumb dog."

  "I was merely going to quickly inspect their selection of chemicals; you, on the other hand, looked like you were going to chat the day away with that Zoroark."  Quincy quickly walked to a currently vacant spot, then turned to face his partner and crouched in his starting position. "Now let's begin."

  Benedict was about to fire back a retort when a light green bipedal lizard holding an incredibly long scroll stepped in between the two Pokémon.

  "Excuse me?  You are, ah, Benedict and Quincy, yes yes?" the Pokémon questioned, glancing back and forth between the two of them.

  "Indeed," Quincy replied, straightening.

  "Ah, yes yes.  Good.  You go on now.  Come, and hurry, please!"  The lizard turned a pleased shade of yellow, then promptly walked away.

  Sighing, Quincy began to follow her.  "Let's just get this over with."


  The act was a success, if you could call a fight where no one won a success.  For someone so desperate for practice, Quincy wasn't too bad.  Benedict, meanwhile, felt at he had performed every lunge, swipe, and kick to perfection.  Unfortunately, the Furfrou was too quick for his partner to do any real damage to him, but the wild applause from the ambassador and other spectators pretty much made up for it.

Of course, then Quincy ruined Benedict's big moment by forcing him to stay for the rest of the show.  For the most part, it was all just fancy fireworks and other boring eye candy.  It turned out that the duo the Furfrou had been so very curious about was doing that too, only they used a bunch of weird potions and made it sound all dignified by making up some stupid name for it.  Quincy tried to convince him it was real, but the Buizel refused to fall for it.  'Chemistry' sounded far too ridiculous to be an actual word!

  The only act worth watching (apart from Benedict's own, of course) was that of the Zoroark he had talked to earlier.  The battle she showed took place in a cave that looked so real, the Buizel could almost taste the damp air.  While he recognized neither of the Pokémon battling, they were both clearly very strong, for their fit was long and bloody.  The Zoroark's astoundingly realistic presentation was met with oohs, ahs, and a standing ovation.  The Water-Type joined in, ignoring Quincy's confused look.

  Pretty, nice, and talented, he mused.  Surely... Surely just having her as a friend wouldn't be such a bad thing, would it?
Client: Rowanhardt
Errand no: #4
Date Issued: 12th May 2014
Date Due: 16th May 2014

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