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  And I thought I had a lot of fur before, Mirage thought as she struggled to escape the mass of her mane, which, due to some sort of chemical, had grown to immense proportions and was now almost entirely covering the Zoroark.  The beaker in which the catalyst had been kept was also tangled somewhere amongst all the red fluff, and the Dark-Type had no clue where it was.  She continued to fidget, but the knotted fur held her fast.

  Sighing, Mirage took a break in her attempt and instead observed the other activity taking place in the town square.  All throughout the area, Pokémon were ingesting a variety of substances that the Researchers had given them, some hesitantly, others with eagerness.  Those who had already taken their swigs were now either colorful mishaps, Type-Changers, or giant fluffballs.  The Dark-Type fell into that third category.

  A shout caught the Zoroark's attention.  Through a web of hair strands, she saw a Shint Sneasel bounding towards her.  Mirage recognized her as Edith's partner from the Egg Festival, though the small Ice-Type now had purple stripes and wings for arms.  

  "You're Mirage, correct?" the Shiny asked, skidding to a halt.  "It's rather hard to tell under all that fur."

  "Right you are," the Zoroark replied.  "And if memory serves, your companion called you...  Veronica?"

  "I usually go by Ronnie, but yeah, that's me."  The Sneasel glanced at her white-clawed feet.  "Anyway...  I wanted to say that I'm sorry about stealing your Egg.  I mean, I told you before, but it was rather... informal, to say the least.  So...  I'm really sorry.  Do you forgive me?"

  "Of course!  It was just a misunderstanding, anyway.  I'm the one who was stupid enough to bring an Egg to a festival where they're eaten.  Silly me..." Mirage paused to spit several strands of hair out of her mouth.  Once she had finished that and recomposed herself, she asked, "On another note, how are you liking this taste test stuff?"

  "It's amazing!"  Ronnie hopped excitedly, flapping her out-of-place wings.  "My first real experiment, and I get these cool purple stripes and turn into a Flying-Type!  I might not know how to use these wings, but just having them is awesome!  Edith wasn't so lucky, though.  Her catalyst just made her queasy.  In terms of results, you don't seem so fortunate, yourself!  No offense intended, of course."

  "Hehe, yeah, a fur-growing drink and a species with a giant mane don't really go together all that well.  It'll take me forever to-"

  Suddenly, the duo was nearly run over by a Shiny Furfrou with an oddly dull pelt.  A fire-breathing Buizel was right on his heels.  They continued their chase about the square for several seconds, interrupting the lives of several other Pokémon.  When the Buizel stopped for breath, his victim wheeled around and barked, "What in Parai is the matter with you!?  I stop you from drinking a potentially lethal catalyst, and you get and at me?!"

  The Buizel angrily stomped his feet, a puff of smoke escaping his lips.  "You can't prove that potion was poison, an' you know it!"

  "On the contrary, I very clearly scented arsenic, which- yow!!" The Furfrou yelped in shock as the Buizel singed his tail.  The chase began again, with the pursuer spewing globules of flame everywhere and the Normal-Type complaining quite loudly that he should get a mere Shiny-inducing substance while his maniac of a partner got his paws on fire breath.

  "Should we... do something?" Ronnie wondered, ears twitching thoughtfully.

  Beside her, Mirage replied, "Well I would, bit I'm kind of immobile right now.  Besides, this is really funny."

  The Shiny Sneasel giggled.  "You've got that right!"
Client: Chelle
Errand no: #3
Date Issued: 3rd May 2014
Date Due: 7th May 2014
Fading Echoes:…
Diamond Dust:…
   Now that that's out of the way...  Looks like my teams get some money after all!  +1 Starcoin, to be exact.  I actually tried to make art applications with these teams to verify my first submission, but my computer was being difficult.  Then this popped into my head.  Yay for last minute ideas!
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