Errand #2: Teams Diamond Dust and Fading Echoes

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  Mrage stared in interest at the huge collection of Eggs awaiting to be painted.  Nearby was a similarly-sized group to be used of cooking, but the Zoroark took little interest in those.  She never learned how to cook, and hated the taste of Eggs, cooked or raw.  She also thought that painting the things was a rather absurd idea, but she had little else to do with her time, and a little bit of extra money wouldn't hurt.

  Taking a paint kit and several Eggs,the Dark-Type retreated to a nice shady spot, sat down, and began painting.  The task was quite frustrating at first, since a curved surface was harder to work with than a flat one, but she soon got the hang of it.  Before too long, the Eggs were attired with spots, swirls, stripes, and even a few simple pictures, though one would have to look very closely to discern what those pictures were.  Mirage discarded her hoes frizzy paintbrush and empty palette into a nearby waste bin.  She then set off to put the Eggs in their designated spot.

  Unfortunately for her, the crowds were thick, and the Zoroark was constantly being jostled or accidentally jostling others.  Several times, she nearly dropped her fragile load; in fact, she thought she might have actually dropped a few Eggs, though she hadn't counted them and thus didn't know for sure.  She also found that the paint on her remaining Eggs had become rather smudged, worsening the quality of her already  mediocre art.  

  If only I could crate illusions on the Eggs and make them stay there, Mirage mused.  Then this would be a whole lot easier.

  As she dropped off her 'peices of art', she decided to take a look at the other submissions.  While most of them were of similar skill to her own, the Zoroark found herself both fascinated by a few particular Eggs that were resting near the edge of the area.  The pictures painted on them seemed to the Dark-Type like they should belong in a frame.

  "You like my work, I presume?" a voice inquired.

  Mirage spun around to see an Aurrorus staring at her warmly, her sails a calm dark blue.

  "O-oh, you did these?  Well, yeah, they're pretty great.  You should be a painter.  I-I mean, you could be, if you really wanted to," the Zoroark replied awkwardly while wondering to herself how the Ice-Type managed to make such art without hands.

  The Aurorus smirked, frills gold with amusement.  "There's no need to be shy.  I won't bite."

  Mirage chuckled slightly.  "Sorry.  I'm kinda like this around new Pokémon, I guess.  Your artwork really is great though."

  The Ice-Type smiled, frills shifting to a content green.  "I am thankful for the compliment.  Would it be so impolite if I asked for you name?"

   "Oh no, of course not!  I'm Mirage," the Dark-Type replied.  "What about you?"

  "My name is Edith," the Aurorus replied with a dip of her head.

  She seems nice enough, Mirage thought.  "So what brings you to the Egg Festival, Edith?"

  "I myself wanted to come and paint, as you can probably tell," the Ice-Type responded.  "My younger partner, on the other hand, was quite exited about the prospect of trying out Eggs for the first time."

  "Hehe, looks like you're here for good reasons.  I'm mainly just here to earn some extra cash.  Painting was fun, though." Suddenly, Mirage thought of something, and began to rummage around in her mane.  "Uh, not to sound awkward or anything like that, but you mentioned a younger partner, right?  You think you could give me some pointers as to taking care of youngsters and whatnot?  'Cause you see, I found this Egg in the fog, and-"

  It wasn't there.

  The Zoroark had dug through every inch of her crimson mane, but the Egg was simply not there.  I must've somehow lost it in the crowd! she thought frantically.  Glancing at Edith, Mirage muttered, "I've--gotta go.  Nice meeting you!"  Then she took off into the crowd, desperately searching for what she had lost.


  Edith stared after the odd Zoroark, wondering what could've driven her off so suddenly.  Just before she ran off, she mentioned an Egg...  Perhaps she has lost it and went to look for it?  Yes, that's probably right.

  The Aurorus decided to find her partner before she over indulged on too much food.  As she wandered through the area designating for dining, however, she couldn't see her anywhere.  Edith searched throughly, but it seemed that Mirage's Egg wasn't the only thing to have gone missing.  "Veronica?  Veronica, where are you?"


  Ronnie sat at the edge of the festivities, a purplish-pink Egg between her sleeve-covered paws.  The Sneasel had found the item on the ground away from the rest, and was now trying to figure out the best way to eat it.  While several kind Pokémon had given her samples of their dishes, all of which she found delicious, she couldn't help but wonder what her opinion would be on the taste of raw Eggs.  According to a research paper she had found in the library, they were a favorite among her kind, and possibly more nutritious as well.  She had just been walking over to the pile of Eggs when she had stumbled into this one.

  As she scanned the Egg's surface, she found a shallow crack.  It wasn't much, but Ronnie decided to go for it.  She had rolled up her sleeves and was about to jab her claws in when a shout caught her attention.  Looking up, she saw a Zoroark with one of the fluffiest manes she'd ever seen marching up to her, and angry look on its foxlike face.  She pointed a ruby-red claw towards the Sneasel and demanded, "That's my Egg!  Give it back!"

  Ronnie frowned.  "Now way!  I found it fair and square, and I fully intend to eat it!  Go get your own; there's plenty enough for everyone."

  The Zoroark rolled her sky-blue eyes, exasperated.  "Not like that!  I found that Egg in the fog on my way to Andalusst.  It lost track of it in the crowd.  Now please hand it over."

  Ronnie stared at the Zoroark, wondering how in the world she expected the Sneasel to buy her story.  "I may be young, but I'm no fool!  All the Eggs here have been certified safe to eat, including this one!  You're just lying to try and get it because this type probably tastes better.  Which means I'm going to have all the more fun eating it."

  "What?!  No!  I'm not lying!  I don't even like the taste of Eggs!  That one is mine, so return it to me or else."

  Ronnie gulped.  The Zoroark was a lot bigger than her, and probably stronger, too.  But she didn't want to succumb to this liar.  So she fluffed up her fur, desperately hoped she was calling a bluff, and retorted, "Or else what?"

  As it turned out, Ronnie would never find out what that 'what' was, for right at that moment, Edith pushed her way through crowd, her sails bright red.  "Veronica!  There you are!  How many times have I told you not to wander off like that!?"

  "S-sorry," the Sneasel mumbled, pulling the Egg up against her chest.  She stared at it, toning out Edith's ranting in her concentration.   Idly, she tapped it with her claw-- and flung it up into the air in surprise when whatever was inside the Egg did the same.

  The Zoroark leaped up with an odd bit of grace and caught the Egg in midair.  She then began frantically checking over it, and Ronnie felt a stab of guilt at realizing that the Pokémon had been telling the truth.  The Sneasel tried to hide in her coat, wishing that she would just disappear.

  Edith, who was glancing back and forth between the Egg, the Zoroark, and Ronnie, asked, "Might someone fill me in on what just happened?"

  The Zoroark opened her mouth to respond, but for a reason she wasn't sure of (guilt, perhaps?), Ronnie burst out, "I found that Egg on the ground and came over here to eat it but then she showed up and said it was hers but I didn't believe her and I acted all snobby and rude and then you showed up and started yelling at me and then the Egg started making weird noises and it scared me so I threw it and I'm sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!"

  The Sneasel  pulled the back of her coat over her head and buried her face in her sleeve-covered paws, resisting the urge to bawl hysterically.  Gently, Edith picked Ronnie up by the the scruff of the neck and set her down on the Aurorus's back.  The Zoroark stared at the scene in confusion, looking like she wanted to help but wasn't sure how.

  "Don't worry," Edith told the Zoroark.  "She does this sometimes, when she's overworked or stressed; children often do."

  "I-I see.  I'm sorry for making her freak out like that.  I didn't mean to, honest," the Zoroark replied.

  They shared a few more words, but Ronnie wasn't really listening.  As Edith began to walk home, she commented,"That Zoroark was admiring my painted Eggs earlier.  She seems quite kind; perhaps, under better circumstances, you'd get along well."

  "Hmm," Ronnie responded, feeling drowsy.  "What's her name?"

  "Mirage," the Aurorus replied.

  What an odd name, the Sneasel thought as she drifted off to sleep.  I kind of like it.
Client: Sundance
Errand no: #2
Date Issued: 23rd April 2014
Date Due: 27th April 2014
Team Fading Echoes:…
Team Diamond Dust:…

This is very different from the original piece.  Probably because I wrote the original piece at 11:00 PM.  Yeah.....
So here's an interaction between my two teams during the Egg Festival. +1 Starcoin for both!  As always, inform me on any errors.
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