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Ronnie sighed, the claws of her sleeve-covered hand idly drumming against the wooden counter of the borrowed food stand.  To her left, Edith sat patiently, watching the steady flow of foot traffic.  To her right, a pile of crates holding meat supplements leaked the curious scent of their contents, an odor that the Sneasel thought couldn't possibly be sanitary.

  "Why didn't we try selling to that Chantelle lady?" the Shiny asked.  "It sounded more interesting than this."

  "Believe me, you do not want to waste time bickering over prices," Edith replied, a shimmer of red-orange annoyance flickering through her sails at the thought.  "It's tedious and frustrating, and should only be attempted if absolutely necessary.  Besides, you want to meet new friends, don't you?  This is a much easier way of doing it."

  It would be, if we'd chosen a different place to sell our wares from, Ronnie thought grumpily, though she kept the complaint to herself.

  Indeed, the two Ice-Types were just one of many teams set up in this area.  Almost directly across from them on the opposite side of the street was Mirage, who was currently handing a Meatroot to a large Fletchinder.  Farther down was Quincy and his apparently murderous partner of whom Ronnie couldn't remember the name.  The first was seemingly trying to shoo off an overly chatty Ariados, while the second was either bored or asleep- the distance made it hard to tell.  They were just two of the numerous groups set up nearby, all of which, the Sneasel noticed, seemed to be doing much better with customers than Team Diamond Dust.

  I bet they aren't trying to make friends!  Yet for some reason, they get all the attention and we don't! she thought grumpily.   What are we doing wrong?

  As if on some ironical cue, a Braixen emerged from the crowd and headed towards their stand.  Hurriedly dusting off imaginary dust from her fur and lab coat, Ronnie quickly tried to put on the best 'hello-I'm-your-new-best-friend-nice-to-meet-you' face she could muster.  Standing on tip-toe to seem as impressive as possible, she chirped, "Hello!  How may I help you?"

  "Um… One Fleshcap, please," the Fire-Type replied, perhaps a little off-put by the Sneasel's enthusiasm.

  "Got it!" Quickly opening one of the boxes behind her, the pink Ice-Type promptly handed over the desired food item.  "Here you go!"

  "Thanks," the Braixen responded.  With an awkward half-wave, she disappeared into the crowd.

  "See?  I told you this was a better idea," Edith commented, smiling warmly.

  "Yeah, I guess so," Ronnie replied.  "I just hope I made a good impression."

  "If that was the first meeting I had with someone, I surely wouldn't forget it," the Aurorus answered ambiguously.

  Deciding to take the words as a compliment, the Sneasel joined her partner in watching the pedestrians hurry about their day.
*Slowly introduces potential teams to the public*
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Client: Teresa
Errand: #12
Date Issued: November 13, 2014
Date Due: November 18, 2014
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