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  "Doesn't this seem like a bad idea to you guys?" T.J. inquired as he, Mirage, Edith, and Ronnie headed towards the slowly crumbling mass of Honehenge.  Teams Fading Echoes and Diamond Dust had grouped together for the Errand, and the Mienfoo had decided to tag along.  At first, it had seemed exiting, but now, looking at the eroding ruins and catching glimpses of the spirits that haunted them, he wasn't so sure.

  "What, do you actually think all those ghost stories told at the bonfire were true?" Ronnie replied, mocking in words but friendly in tone.  "They're just nonsense meant to scare you.  None of it's even remotely realistic.  Trust me, we've got nothing to worry about!"

  "And even if there is, we'll be able to handle it, I'm sure," Edith added, the calm green of her sails enforcing her words.

  "If you say so," T.J. responded, still feeling uncertain.  He might have said more, but any interest in the conversation was quickly dispelled as the group stared in awe at their now-reached destination.

  Huge obsidian monoliths protruded from the ground, like the blackened bones of some long-lost behemoth.  Carved into these dark pillars were countless designs and encryptions, their meaning forever forgotten.  The setting had an overall ambiguous feeling to it, as though it was important in some mysterious, unknown way.  T.J. found it to be both unnerving and amazing.

  "This place looks a lot cooler than its name would suggest," Mirage commented idly as the group passed under an arch.  "'Honehenge'.  It sounds like a parody of something."

  "I wonder what all of these symbols mean," Ronnie mused, closely inspecting a nearby spire.  Continuing her investigation, the Sneasel disappeared around its base for a moment, only to jump back with a yelp of alarm as her feet barely avoided a jolt of neon-blue lightning.  Following the Ice-Type around the corner was a rather upset Rotom, with a Misdreavus right behind it.

  "Leave this place!" the small Electric-Type barked, the electric sparks on its body sparking threateningly.  "I don't know what all of you living Pokémon are doing here, but this is our home!  You have no right to be here!"

  With a start, T.J. realized that the entirety of the ruins was practically swarming with Ghost-Types.  They clustered behind the stone towers, hid in the bushes, and even floated in the night sky.  While a few dared to converse with other teams walking among the strange structures, most simply observed, and thanks to the Rotom's outburst, quite a few were now observing his group.

  "Hey, hey, there's no need for all that!" Mirage spluttered, palms spread in self-defense, in case it became necessary.  "We only want to talk to you."

  "About what?" the Misdreavus demanded, pushing in front of her companion.  "What could you possibly have to say that we want to hear?  Because unless it involves getting our memories back, I'm not interested."

  "Well, maybe it could involve that!" Ronnie piped up, the look on her face one that T.J. was beginning to think always proceeded a scientific lecture.  "See, there's a group of Pokémon in Andalusst known as the Researchers.  They have access to nearly endless amounts of information, some of which could possibly jog memories of your past life!  I could help you with that, if you want."

  "You could?" The Misdreavus's eyes glittered with attentiveness.  "Really?"

  "Sure!" Ronnie replied, grinning.  "All you have to do is..."

  The Shiny continued talking, the Rotom and Misdreavus continued listening, and T.J. and his friends added a word or two when it helped.  The other ghosts, losing interest in the conversation, went back to other things.  All except one, that was.

  He looks so familiar, she thought, staring at the Mienfoo as he listened attentively to his pink friend.  I've seen him before, many times, maybe.  If only I could remember where.

  "Excuse me?" called a voice from below.  "You there, the Shuppet?  Might I speak with you for a moment?"

  Reluctantly, the Shuppet turned away from the strangely familiar Fighting-Type and stared down from her vantage point at the voice's originator, a fluffy white Pokémon in a red and green vest.  While she wasn't sure why, she inherently knew that he was a Furfou, and that his presumable partner standing a few paces back was a Buizel.  Oddly enough, the second one also seemed somewhat interested in the Mienfoo's group, though his gaze focused towards the Zoroark and not the Fighting-Type himself.  Floating cautiously down to the duo, the Shuppet asked, "What is it?"

  "The Guilds of Andalusst have sent us, among numerous other teams, to retrieve newly formed Ghost-Types that have wandered here.  They offer food, shelter, and potential employment.  If you wish to look up on their offers, we will escort you to them," the Furfrou replied in a monotone voice suggesting that his speech was recited.

  The Shuppet thought for a moment, tilting her head in consideration.  It sounds better than just hanging around here for eternity.  Maybe they can help me get my memories back, like the Sneasel was saying.  And the Mienfoo might be there...

  She nodded.  "Alright, I'll come."

  "Excellent," the Normal-Type responded in a tone suggesting that he couldn't care less.  He turned to exit the ruins, his partner silently following.  "Come with me."

  And so, the Shuppet did.
All of the ghosts mentioned in this Errand will be important later on.  As in I want to upload the rest of my teams at some point and will hopefully do that.  Yep.  Now to homework.
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