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  "What do you mean, we aren't doing the Main Task!?" Ronnie exclaimed, her voice echoing down the currently empty street.

  "It's not safe," Edith explained calmly.  "The criminals in question have been trained for combat, and are willing to hurt or even kill others to accomplish their goals.  It would involve far too much risk, for you and me both."

  "We can handle dangerous stuff!  I dealt with the Snorlax just fine, didn't I?" the Sneasel protested.

  "Not without getting scared out of your wits," her partner responded, causing the small Ice-Type to blush.  "If you're terrified of a slumbering sleepwalker, then you most certainly can't handle a well-trained battler.  Besides, I think we've had enough peril for a while."

  "Oh, but the rewards are really worth it!" Ronnie chirped.  "A kunai is good for short, medium, and long ranges-"

  "Our moves work just as well for that."

  "Well, with the Customization Vouchers, we can make our clothes look really cool-"

  "Interesting, but unnecessary.  There will be easier ways to obtain fancier accessories later."

  "What about the Evolution Permit?  I could evolve, Edith!  Evolve!"

  "You're too young for that."

  "What!?  No I'm not!"

  Edith abruptly flared her sailed, which had turned a bright cherry red.  "Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should, Veronica.  Those Pokémon are none of are business; we will not go after them, no matter what you say.  It's simply too hazardous.  Do you understand?"

  Subdued by her partner's dominating anger, Ronnie lowered her gaze and nodded.  The crimson in the Aurorus's frills faded, giving way to a calm aquamarine.  "Good.  Now let's hurry home; it's already after dark, and I don't want you exhausted come morning."


  Ronnie stared out at the vacant street that bordered her and Edith's rental house, feeling not tired, but bored.  The Sneasel hadn't been able to sleep; her mind was too busy fuming over not being able to complete the Main Task.  A bunch of others are doing it; why can't I?  I could've met ninjas!  Actual, real-life ninjas!  Granted, it wouldn't be a very friendly encounter, but still!  She sighed.  Now I'm never going to see them.

  A petering above the Ice-Type's head jerked her out of her disappointed thoughts.  The noise stopped for a second, then began again, this time more slowly.  Ronnie's ears twitched, eyes sparking with curiosity.  Something's on the roof!  I wonder what it-

  With a small thud, a figure landed on the windowsill, causing the Sneasel to yelp in surprise.  The figure yelped back and, with no warning, launched a high-speed kick straight into Ronnie's face.  A loud snap resounded through the room, and as the Ice-Type crashed to the floor, blood spurted everywhere, spattering the carpet.  The Sneasel whimpered quietly, clutching her broken nose as tears formed in her eyes.  Not gonna cry, not gonna cry, not gonna cry...

  The Pokémon at the window seemed just as startled as she was.  "G-gomen!  Urk, I mean, sorry!  I must go now.  Very important things to attend to.  B-bye!"

  "Oh no you don't!" Leaping up, Ronnie caught hold of the stranger's foot as he tried to bound away.  The figure yelped again as gravity smashed him into the side of the building.

  "What's your problem, huh?  Kicking innocent children in the face!  You should be ashamed of yourself!" the Sneasel scolded, gritting her teeth as she struggled to hold her attacker's weight.

  Under the light of the waxing moon, Ronnie could see that the mysterious Pokémon was a Riolu, wrapped tightly in a long, raggedy scarf.  As he dangled, several weapons fell from his attire, including ninja stars, a kunai, and even a pair of nun chucks.  The Fighting-Type swiped desperately at the falling objects, but failed to catch any of them.  Ronnie found herself smiling, first at the semi-comical scene before her, and then at what it must mean.

  "You're that Riolu ninja the authorities are after, right?" she asked.  "The fake ambassador's assistant?"

  The stranger stared at her nervously, but before he could stammer a reply, the door to the bedroom burst open, and Edith stormed inside.

  "What's going on here!?  Veronica, why are you-" The Aurorus stopped mid-word, sails turning white as she took in the blood on the floor.  Then she surged forward and quickly dragged Ronnie away from the window, taking the Riolu with her.

  "What- what happened to face?" Edith murmured softly, gently stroking her partner's cheek with her tail.

  "It doesn't hurt that much, really," Ronnie lied.  Her nose felt like it was on fire, but the Aurorus was already borderline hysterical; she didn't want to make it any worse.

  Edith seemed about to reply, but then took notice of the Riolu, who had managed to escape the Sneasel's grasp and was now trying to reach the window.  Eyes narrowed, the Aurorus rapidly ensnared the ninja's legs and hoisted him into the air, where he swung helplessly.  Ronnie watched fearfully, waiting for her partner to act, to attack; but the older Ice-Type simply sat there, staring at the terrified Fighting-Type.  For once, her frills gave nothing away.

  After what seemed like and eternity, Edith straightened and stated flatly, "Come, Veronica.  We're going straight to the hospital to get your nose treated.  Then this little guy is going to prison, where he belongs."

  The Riolu whimpered, but made no attempt to struggle.  As Ronnie climbed onto the Aurorus's back, she wondered if Edith would flip their captive right-side-up; however, her partner seemed perfectly content to let the Fighting-Type hang upside-down as she walked to their destination.


  The kunai's still down there, Ronnie realized as she stared down at the street.

  After dropping off the Sneasel at the hospital, Edith had, rather rudely, gone by herself to turn in the Riolu, then returned without picking up a reward.  The Shiny Ice-Type had tried to be furious, but was simply too exhausted.  She'd fallen asleep on the way home, and now felt quite a bit better, especially since she might have just found a reward for herself.

  Ears pricked and alert for signs of Edith waking, Ronnie crept downstairs and out the door, where she bent down and carefully picked up the hand-crafted kunai.  It fight quite nicely in her hands, though it could use some sharpening.  That could wait, though.  Right now, the Sneasel simply felt exited.  I have a ninja weapon!  An actual, real-life ninja weapon!

  Grinning, she stowed her new item in the pocket of her lab coat and hurried back inside.
Phew, this is finally done!  Now I can sleep.  And then draw.  A lot.
So ta-da!  Here's the final task!  Just so you know, Ronnie will have a nose cast for a while.  Yep.  I'll put up all the links tomorrow.
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