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  Quincy sighed disdainfully, tapping an idle forepaw against the counter of the Explorers' information booth.  He'd been sitting there for a good half-hour with nothing but sweat-soaked fur to show for it.  So far, not a single civilian had taken interest in the set-up, and he couldn't really blame them; since the supplies at hand weren't very extensive, the structure wasn't much more than a wooden box with a banner proclaiming the guild's name tacked onto the front.  This, combined with the foolish decision to not bring any books along on the trip, had led to the Furfrou's currently incurable boredom.  The fact that he had only taken up this job out of boredom made the situation even worse.
  Perhaps I should have tried helping with the barbecue or joining the patrols.  It's not like I can cook or fight, but anything's better than sitting here and waiting to die of heat stroke or skin cancer.  The Normal-Type glanced up at the cloudless blue sky, wishing that the sun would move faster.  His shift would be over once it reached its zenith, but at the current speed that it was going, that time was a long way away.  Okay, so it's technically the planet that's moving, not the sun, but I'm not really in the mood to care right now.  Oh, why must boring events always seem to take so much longer?

  "Um, excuse me?"

  Quincy abruptly jerked his gaze away from the azure expanse above him to look at the speaker, feeling a spark of hope as he wondered somewhat foolishly if the Guild had called off the task due to the heat and sent someone to relieve him from his shift.  Instead, a small, unfamiliar Vibrava was hovering in front of the stand, fidgeting nervously in the air.  The Furfrou sighed.  It looks like I'll have to talk about this goody-two-shoes Guild after all.  Better than nothing, I suppose. "Can I help you?"

  "You're one of the 'mons visiting from Andalusst, right?  If so, I was wondering if, uh, if you guys brought any letters or packages with you.  I have a sister who moved relatively close to that city, and it's been a while since I've heard from her.  Before, that was to be expected, but now that there's a direct route from there to Geoda, I figured maybe-"

  "Sir, this isn't a postal service," the Normal-Type interrupted, aggravated by the idiocy of the Ground-Type's request.  Hadn't he read the booth's banner?  "The Pokémon who came here did so to verify that the newly found route was safe, not to deliver mail."

  The Vibrava edged back a bit, irked by what he saw as an unexpectedly petulant response.  "I-I see.  Well, what's this stand for, then?  Are you… soliciting something?"

  If you actually read the sign, maybe you'd have an idea, Quincy thought, biting back an irritated growl.  "This is an information booth for the Explorers' Guild, one of the three groups that came here from Andalusst.  They're- we're interested in spreading our influence to Geoda, and decided that this was the best way to do it."

  The Ground-Type frowned, his vibrant green eyes examining the simplistic set-up.  "You must not be all that interested, if this is the amount of effort you-"

  "I'm not the one who organized it, thank you very much!" the Furfrou snapped.

  "Okay, okay!  Geeze," the Vibrava grumbled, moving backwards again, "there's no need to be so snappy."

  "Well, if you were forced to go on some dangerous mission to a place with an unbearable climate to promote something you couldn’t care less about simply because there's absolutely nothing better to do, then I'm pretty sure you'd be 'snappy', too!  Especially if you had to waste your time with idiots who don't even bother to read what's in front of them!" Quincy barked without thinking, claws digging into the countertop.

  The Vibrava made a small noise that was toned somewhere between hurt and disgust.  Immediately, the Normal-Type realized his grave mistake, but the Ground-Type had flown off before he could do anything to fix it.  The Furfrou lay his forehead on the counter with a loud thunk and let out a low groan.  "What is wrong with me?"

  It was the second time he'd asked that question, the first being after a similar scenario with Benedict at the Iaponese ambassador's party.  At least then, his outburst had made sense.  It had been planned- albeit partially- and aimed at a Pokémon he loathed.  That wasn't proper justification, of course, but it was still fairly logical.  There was nothing logical, on the other hand, about yelling at and insulting a complete stranger with practically no provocation.  Granted, there was probably some fancy psychological explanation for it, but emotional analysis had never been one of Quincy's strong points, and he was far too sweaty and frustrated to figure it out now.

  As he sat there, head on the edge of the countertop, eyes staring absently at the patterns in the wooden surface, his mind wandered from the events of several weeks ago to those of the previous night.  Then, it had not been him making wild and angry accusations, but Mirage, of the Hunters' Guild.  Just as his exaggerated words were based on truth, Mirage's argument, as out of character as it had been, still had a solid point.  Looking back on the many, many, many arguments the Normal-Type had had with his partner, he realized that, while Benedict was often acting out when they began, it was never with malicious intent, either to him or anyone else.  Instead, it was the Furfrou himself that responded with open negativity towards such behavior, which invariably led to conflict.  There were exceptions, as there are in any case, but the overwhelming majority of fights between the two Explorers were stared by none other than Quincy.  All this time, he'd believed that he was simply defending himself in those situations, only to finally see that he was almost always the one at fault.

  A lot of things, he decided with a long sigh.  A lot of things are wrong with me.

  But then how do I go about fixing them?


  Quincy abruptly pulled his forehead up from the counter, nearly bashing his nose against it in the process.  The Vibrava had returned, though judging by his expression, it had not been his idea.  No, that was more likely to have come from his two new companions, a Shedinja and a Shiny Scyther, both of which were now glaring at the Furfrou.  The latter pointed a dangerously sharp at him, holding it mere centimeters from his face.

  "I don’t care what kind of day you're having, buster," the green Bug-Type growled.  "No one calls my friend an idiot and gets away with it!  Either you give him an honest, sincere apology right now, or I'll shear every bit of fur from your body, understand?"

  "Jade!" the Vibrava yelped.  "I told you that if we did this, you can't say stuff like that!"

  "No, no, she's justified," Quincy muttered, earning him three very surprised stares from the other Pokémon.  The Normal-Type paused for a moment, preparing his words, then looked directly at the small Ground-Type.  "I… I spoke rashly and without thinking.  I lashed out at you without reason and insulted you undeservingly.  It was a mistake with no proper explanation or excuse, and I am very, truly sorry for it."

  The two Bug-Types glanced uncertainly at one another, apparently not expecting anything along the lines of an actual apology.  They then looked to the Virbrava, who stared back with an expression that clearly indicated his desire to get the ordeal over with.  With a huff, the Scyther lowered her arm and glared at Quincy.

  "W-well… apology or not, I still don't trust you!  Stay away from me and my friends or else, got it?"  Not giving the Furfrou a chance to respond, she turned and walked off, her two companions trailing behind her.

  Quincy sighed.  Not exactly the best response.  Ah, well.  It's a start.
See?  Worse than nothing.  Granted, Quincy's life hasn't been the best lately, but that's still not a very good excuse for lashing out.  Well, at least he's aware of it now.  But how much will he try to fix?  Who knows?!  Even I am not entirely set in the details!  See how brilliant of a writer I am
Also, new characters!  Well, they're technically old characters that I was going to use in PMD-e before it shut down, but hey!  They're new to you!  Get hype!  I... I guess.  If you want.  I am!
Results: Gained Expedition Hat (I don't know why; he didn't really contribute to the Guild but whatever) and +1 Strike
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