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 "This is ridiculous!" Benedict spat, his lashing tails upsetting the hospital bedspread.  "What right to do you have t'keep me from goin' on that rescue mission?"

  The Krokorok sighed, desperately clinging onto their last scrap of patience.  "Sir, I have been put in charge of your welfare by the head of this hospital, who is currently working with your Guild Leaders.  Therefore, I have every right to restrain you from tasks that you would not be able to complete in your condition."

  "Oh yeah?" the Water-Type challenged.  "And how do you know what I can and can't do?"

  The nurse managed to refrain from rolling their eyes, but was not so controlled with a contemptible sneer.  "Because common physiology dictates that a Pokémon of your size and level of injury couldn't walk to the Thirsty Cacturne from here, let alone go into the desert looking for lost merchants."

  "We'll see about that!"  The Buizel promptly hopped off of the bed and stood as tall as he possibly could-

  -until his legs buckled about one and a half seconds later, sending him sprawling onto the sandy floor.  The Krokorok hoisted him up by the back of his neck float and fixed him with an angered 'I-told-you-so' stare.

  "I can still-"

  "No, you can't," the Ground-Type huffed, shoving him roughly back onto the bed.  Normally, they would be more careful, but this particular patient had gotten on their last nerve too many times for them to really care.  "Now stay here and rest, before I'm forced to chain you to the bed."

  "You can't do that!"

  "I can, and I have."  With that, the Ground-Type quickly exited the room and locked the door behind them before the Buizel could say anything else.
Hello yes I am here with last minute submissions
I actually finished most of the things I'm about to upload in the next few minutes a while ago, but then somewhat foolishly decided to finish everything before uploading stuff.  It's not the soundest practice, and I probably won't do it again.  Anyway, have Benedict doing basically nothing.  Up next: Quincy doing even worse than nothing.
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