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Technetronic Brush Set

A Set of 13 wonderful Vector/Tech Bruhses, Made with the pen tool in Photoshop CS.

These aren't the typical, boring circles and shapes though! They're an interesting mixture of lines, smoothly connected to circular and other vector shapes, making great extras which can stretch across a whole large piece or signature. They're nice pieces by themselves too :D

Download these and try them out! The preview really doesn't give them justice! :D

© 2006 - 2021 Wizard-Studios
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how can i download these?
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I had fun with these in this pic I did. Thanks for the upload!
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thanks so much for uploading these!!
I used them here: [link]
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wow, more amazing brushes!! I want to try making things just to try them out!
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I haven't even tried to make anything yet and I already am loving what I see.
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Thanx for brush!!!
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they are great thanks ;)
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Thanks for a download. :)
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These are quite possibly my favorite vector brushes ever, I had a blast with them! Made some profiles for a site called Fuzz Academy recently and your brushes were the focal point. Thank you so much for sharing! =D
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Very original brushes. I'll credit you if use. THANKS!
Cool stuff. Very art deco and very unique. Nice work!
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thanks for the brushes
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Used your brushes! :)
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Used them here. Awesome brushes. : D So many uses for them, too; they make great borders.
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I love Wizard~! Especially Wizard of Oz~!
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Very nice set of brushes! Are there any restrictions for using them? I was thinking about using some in a website banner
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Yeah go on, I'll let you use them for your banner. :)
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