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The Wizard of Oz [80th Anniversary Tribute] by LolliDoodle
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The Wizard of Oz (drawing challenge.14) by LolliDoodle
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The Wizard of Oz by FleM-Cartoons

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The Wizard by Surenity
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Mechanical Tin Man by InsomniousMachinist
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The Wiz


Hamtaro and the wizard of Oz.
The special starts when Laura was picking flowers for her mom in the front yard while Hamtaro playfully chases a butterfly. Then suddnely, Hamtaro and Laura saw a tornado coming. They went inside the house and hide inside Laura's closet of her bedroom. The house lands in Hamunchkinland in the Land of Oz. Glinda the Good Witch of the North (Kylie) and the hamunchkins welcome her to the land of Oz. After telling Glinda about going back home, Laura was given with magic, red shoes. Suddenly, bad witch Glitter and her hamster witch Sparkle arrives to get the shoes. But Glinda traps them in a bubble, which causes them to fly away. Glinda tells Laura to go to the wizard of Oz in the Emerald City so he can take her and Hamtaro home. To do so, they must follow the pink, dotted path.
On her journey, Laura meets a scarecrow (June), who wants a brain, the tin boy (Travis), who desires a heart, and a lion (Ash) and his Pikachu, who wants to be king of the jungle. Laura invites them to accompany her
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Scarecrow by betcherow Scarecrow :iconbetcherow:betcherow 30 3 Munchkin Oz card deck by spiderxand Munchkin Oz card deck :iconspiderxand:spiderxand 1 0 Dorothy and Co by spiderxand Dorothy and Co :iconspiderxand:spiderxand 4 0 Boris and Bela from the Oz Kids by Gloverboy23 Boris and Bela from the Oz Kids :icongloverboy23:Gloverboy23 12 1 My Collection of Oz by spiderxand My Collection of Oz :iconspiderxand:spiderxand 6 0
A Child Fit For A Lion chapter 3 mpreg
Chapter 3: Birth of Munchkub von Strauss
Several months passed as Molly recovered. Her recovery was slower than everyone had hoped, and she continued seeing Dr. Skeleton on a regular basis to help insure she didn't suffer a relapse. As for Mr. Lion and Ralph, it was time for Mr. Lion to have his baby. Ralph picked him up from his house and dropped him off at Dr. Skeleton's office. Scarecrow and Tin Man were there, too. When Dr. Skeleton was helping deliver Ralph and Mr. Lion's baby, Mr. Lion let out a huge, "ROAR!" and shrieked in pain. "It's all right! When the baby comes out, it will be all over!" said Ralph. "Come on, Mr. Lion! Show 'em your courage by pushing that baby out!" said Scarecrow. "Wait a minute! I see something!" said Tin Man. Once fully delivered the baby was about Ralph's height, with lion cub-like ears, a brown, curly tuft of hair, a pink cat nose with whiskers, and a very furry body with claws on his toes and fingers. He was crying. Mr. Lion was now looking at his ne
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A Child Fit For A Lion chapter 1 mpreg
Chapter 1: A Munchkin named Ralph von Strauss
There once was a munchkin named Ralph von Strauss. He was a fine looking man about 4'1 tall, with brown curly hair, auburn eyes, and a wide smile. He wore a green vest with a white collared shirt and brown corduroy trousers. One day, he, his wife, Helen von Strauss, and their twelve children were on a picnic when all of a sudden, the sky darkened and a tornado formed and was heading right towards them. Ralph hollered at his family to run and seek cover in a nearby ditch. Ralph's family all made it to the ditch, but Ralph, who was in the rear to insure no one lagged behind, was not able to reach the ditch in time. The tornado picked Ralph up and threw him onto a nearby hill. As suddenly as it had appeared, the tornado was gone. Ralph stumbled to his feet and desperately looked for his family. What he saw horrified him. The evil Wicked Witch of the East was using her magical powers to kill Ralph's wife and children! Ralph tried to run up to t
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Tin Man's Turn Chapter 5 (mpreg)
Chapter 5: Paying Respects
Two weeks have passed since Scareboy's death. Tin Man had been avoiding everyone because he was so upset. Today, Jack and Molly picked him up to take him to Emerald City. "I think it's about time you be open about your loss." said Jack. "Yea, I guess so!" said Tin Man. And so the three of them walked all the way to see the Wizard.
"Ah, Mr. Tin Man! I heard about your son. Mr. Scarecrow was just telling me!" the Wizard said sympathetically to Tin Man. "Yep! It's very sad. Was very hard for me and my family when my brother died." Molly chimed in. Glinda then came in. "Hello, Tin Man." she said. "Scarecrow and Mr. Wizard here were just telling us about how Scareboy died of poisonous spider bites. That is really sad! I remember when my father died. The Wicked Witch of the West blamed me for it and made it look like I had killed my father. So she banished me to a graveyard, until the Wizard found me." "Yeah. Death is pretty hard. T'was when my big brother was kill
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Tin Man's Turn chapter 4 (mpreg)
Chapter 4: Catastrophe at Tin Man's House
The next morning, Dorothy and Molly heard Tin Man crying hysterically. Dorothy was the first to approach him. "What's the matter, Mr. Tin Man?" she asked him. Tin Man walked up from his room, into Scareboy's room, and showed him to Dorothy. "Oh no!" she said as she saw bites on his neck and how his face was really pale. "What is it? What's wrong?" asked Molly, coming from the guest bedroom. Toto was following her. "Look at Scareboy." said Dorothy. Molly studied him and said, "Oh. He's dead. It looks like some poisonous spiders had bitten him." "I'm so sorry, Scareboy!" said Tin Man, still crying hysterically. Then he blew his nose with a handkerchief and stopped crying long enough to say, "I never really went into that room to often. Not until Scareboy was born. Had I known there were poisonous spiders in there, I would have rid my house of them before he was born!" Next, Tin Man went into his restroom and got out a bug-proof potion that he had
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Tin Man's Turn Chapter 3 (mpreg)
Chapter 3: Dorothy Comes Back to Oz
The next day, the Tin Man had arranged to meet Dorothy, who was supposed to be waiting for him near the corn field where she had met Scarecrow when she had first came to Oz. Her dog Toto was supposed to be waiting with her, too. Before going out to the cornfield, Tin Man went to Molly's home to pick her up. "Where exactly are we going?" she asked the Tin Man. "Shh! We're picking up a friend of mine!" the Tin Man replied. "A friend of yours? Where?" said Molly, starting to get excited. "The Yellow Brick Road. And we are going to pick up a girl named Dorothy, and her dog Toto." said the Tin Man. "Oh. Is she a bad witch?" asked Molly. "No, no! She isn't even a witch! And she certainly isn't bad. She is a good person. In fact, she once dropped a house on the wicked witch of the East and she melted the Wicked Witch of the West." explained Tin Man. "Oh." Molly said "THAT Dorothy!"
Soon, they got to the yellow brick road, where they both met up with Dorothy
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Tin Man's Turn chapter 2 (mpreg)
Chapter 2: Tin Man's New Arrival
So Scarecrow kept his mind wide open for another 9 months. When he went to pick up Tin Man at his house, he asked him, "Are you ready to have your baby?" "Why, I'm as ready as my baby is to be born!" Tin Man replied jollily. So they skid addled off to Dr. Skeleton's office.
"Come on, Mr. Tin Man! Push!" Scarecrow encouraged his friend as he was trying to push his baby out. While Dr. Skeleton was trying to help Tin Man push, Tin Man's bottom hatch opened (the way that Tincrow's had opened when he caused the flood of poo to come out) and out came a bald scarecrow-like-figure that had a silver nose. "Aww! He looks just like me!" said Scarecrow. "But wait! He has no hair! He looks scary. Like a scare man." Tin Man laughed and cradled his newborn son. "Well, Scare Man it is." chuckled Tin Man." Or, Scare Boy rather, because he's not fully grown yet." said Scarecrow. "THEN when he gets older, we'll start calling him Scareman."That sounds great!" said Tin Man.
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Tin Man's Turn chapter 1 (mpreg)
Chapter 1: Tin Man's Good News
Just one day after Scarecrow gave his son, Tincrow to Glinda, Dorothy, Toto, Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion are all taking a walk together. Tin Man starts to feel a little bit ill and is looking a little bit green, which is very unusual for a man made out of tin. "Scarecrow, I'm feeling a bit ill. I hope I'm not coming down with something." he said to his friend Scarecrow, who replied, "Well, I'll take you back to the Wizard of Oz and then he can take you-" but before he could finish, Tin Man started to throw up. "Oh, Tin Man! Are you all right?!" said Dorothy after Tin Man was finished being sick. "Yeah. I'm fine." he said weakly. Toto whimpered and looked up at Tin Man. "Tin Man. Maybe you're expecting, like Scarecrow had been!" said Cowardly Lion. "Maybe, but sometimes we can't exactly be sure." said Tin Man, thinking that he could also have the flu. So everybody went off to see the Wizard. When they got there, the Wizard was surprised to see them. "Back
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Wizard of Oz Horror Theme by funnyfuse1 Wizard of Oz Horror Theme :iconfunnyfuse1:funnyfuse1 14 1 Oz by OSuKaRuArT Oz :iconosukaruart:OSuKaRuArT 3 1
And so the adventure begins: The Flight to Oz
I can't believe I am doing this-a new Oz novel! My wife was always the big Oz fan but as of late I have been delving into the stories and the characters-especially Ozma, Dorothy, Betsy, and Trot, Tik Tok, The Wizard, and Glinda. All I can say for now is that the first story is planned to be 130 years, circa AD 2030, since Dorothy first entered Oz. Since in Oz age is what you decide, Dorothy and Trot are in their late teens with Trot being "18", Dorothy being 19 and Ozma being "23".(Betsy is "20")And, yes, Dorothy and Ozma have a love/relationship that is stronger than friendship yet is purer than can be imagined. Picture it as Romantic Friendship taken to an Nth degree.
Wish me well as I start this journey of many miles one yellow brick at a time...
"Just because, in Oz, every day is an adventure."
J.W. Krych
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