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Token Start Orb with animation

By WittyDesign
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The original token orb is a little boring without animation, so I added some.
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This file has nothing inside except an .bmp (image)
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the installing is not working
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Thanks for this.  How do I install it?  (totally new to all this)
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Sorry - meant to say how do I install it if I have a blue taskbar?  It's showing a black box around the start button  :o/
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I really like this, great job ! 
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good work! ^^
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Does this have a small one?
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when i click the download button,instead of downloading the file,it will just redirect to this page again,can anybody help me?
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first login and then try to download any thing you like.......
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Quite necessary to point out that you did not include the other pictures in the zip file. There's no animation without it. And with it, it'd be awesome.
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Is there anyway to move the base position? As I use 'use small icons' setting and it sits a bit too high. Cheeers.
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Good job!
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Animation doesn't work, anyone have a fix? This is EXACTLY what I'm looking for.
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How to install it?
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TuAmorCreadorHobbyist General Artist
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it's very cool, but the animation doesn't seem to be working? well at least i see none. what is meant to happen?
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I thought so too, but then I looked closely. It's there, it's just not very noticeable
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how do i download it?
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You have 'Download file' with green arrow under pictures by right.
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