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February 13, 2017
Squarriors: Summer #1 Variant by WittA
Featured by PixlPhantasy
Suggested by Ero-Haru
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Squarriors: Summer #1 Variant


On Tumblr -…

Not only is there a comic about warring Squirrels (and various woodland creatures) there's also an upcoming card game.

We're preparing for our Kickstarter sometime next month, Check it out on Krowdster here -
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KeIIion's avatar
epic fight want to see more of it 
Dragonskull041's avatar
W-where the blood coming from? èué'
Curse-Never-Dying199's avatar
Ratatoskr's job is never easy.
E153N's avatar
Rakkety Rakkety Rakkety Tam,/the drums are beatin' braw./Rakkety Rakkety Rakkety Tam,/are ye marchin' off tae war?/A warrior from the borders came,/a buckler o'er his shoulder,/a claymore swingin' at his side,/there's no' a beast who's bolder!/O Rakkety Tam has sold his sword,/Ah scarce believe he's done it./He swore an oath untae a fool,/who took his pledge upon it!

- Brian Jaques "Rakkety Tam"
Faguya's avatar
damn this looks awesome! well done!
Trenin's avatar
So much love for this! :heart: revamp 
Jomir's avatar
so damn cool!!!!
caroprettyplace's avatar
Is it me or little brown squirrels are always enraged against big black squirrels?XP
Jimminy-Crocket's avatar
I won't look at squirrel fights the same
zae1X's avatar
Doooope! congrats on the DD!
sketchy40's avatar
lol the funny part is I can see that happening. and I like the detail work you did on your warriors.
wahidubaidillah's avatar
tatlntael's avatar
Red wall. I will read a comic about squirrels. I'm so glad Im not the only one. We need more squirrely things. 
mea00's avatar
Very nice! Congrats on the DD
Buga-Wuga's avatar
Some serious squirrel fights xD
oddsbodkins's avatar
I'm gonna bet someone is a Red Wall fan. 
AVA-core's avatar
U are insane 🎨😉
Jo3-R6e's avatar
I can feel the heat from their battle tendencies from here!

Very powerful drawing!

And Squarriors might be the next badass thing I've ever read!
ClaudeN9NE's avatar
Very cool, looking forward to some Sqar-lording.
UDtheAesir's avatar
wolverine959's avatar
This. Is. Awesome! :D
LeviaDraconia's avatar
:deviantart: Congrats on the DD! :heart: :clap: :deviantart:
carnival's avatar
incredible detail! \8D thanks for sharing!
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